Philips Norelco 1150x/46 Shaver 6100 Review

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1I will not be shocked that this Philips Norelco 1150X/40 Shaver 6100 will remain men’s favorite shaver even when new models like NORELCO S9311/84SP SHAVER 9300 rub shoulders with it.

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In my opinion, there is a very little difference between this legend brand and the new 9300, when I compare the shape and the size of the head on these two models, the difference is not that big, yet this particular model comes at an affordable price, actually, you can get it a discount price and save more money which is a pretty good thing.

If you’re a beginner in this electric shaving world, I would recommend this     Norelco 1150X/40 Shaver 6100 , not because of its affordable price, but its functionality and performance is unbeatable, but on your first attempt, your skin will take a while to get used to this shaving machine, if you have been using manual razors and out of the blue you decided to  switch to electric shaver, your facial skin will not adapt to the new change on instant, so you might get a few irritations during the first days, but after a week, your facial skin will get used to the new technology and everything will go in smoothly, so as a new user, don’t get discouraged when things go south during the first 7 days of using this Norelco 1150X/40 Shaver 6100.



  • Shaves Neck Hair Well:- So far, this is the best shaver you will ever find on the market, I know I have promoted lots of shavers on Yosaki, but the fact is that most of them are not that good when it comes to shaving the neck and below the jaws. Philips has crafted this Norelco-1150X-46 model in advanced manner, the heads are quite slim and sharp, so you can easily get a close shave around the neck and below the jaws. Many electric shavers can’t do what this Norelco-1150X-46 model does, so you better grab one for yourself while it’s still on discount and tell us what your results are. But you can as well read about its reviews on Amazon you will see that most men recommend this particular model simply because of this functionality.



  • You have to go over the same area many times: – Basing on my experience with rotary shavers, they all take a while to give you a close shave, so I will not put a blame on this model only, but the it’s a general fault for all rotary shavers, however, you will do like 2 – 4 passes basing on the thickness of your beard.





  • Gyroflex 2D contour-following system: – This features improves on the performance of this shaver, it will maneuver over your skin in an amazing way without causing any irritation or pressure. Basing on this feature, I will recommend this electric shaver to men with very sensitive skins / ingrown hairs. Also the design of its head and blades make it easy for the shaver to reach any curve on your face, and this explains why it’s the only shaving machine you can use to remove neck hair.
  • AquaTec:- Since we have different skins, you might find that your skin does not do well with dry shaving, so the only option you will be left with is to wet shave. Philips Norelco 1150X/40 featured both Dry & Wet shave options, all you have to do is to use the best shaving gel so that you get extra protection while shaving. When you leather up with shaving gel / soap, your beards / hair will become soft making it easy to shave and at the same time it will easy for the shaver to maneuver over your skin smoothly.
  • Dual Precision: This Norelco-1150X-46 features dual-precision to ensure that no hair / beard are left standing. If you have longer / shorter beards, this shaver is equipped with slots which can trap / capture any short / long beard and expose it to dual blades for cutting, if one blade misses the other won’t miss and that guarantees you with a clean shave.
  • Skin Glide shaving surface: – The only way you can prevent bumps and ingrown hairs, is by using a friendly smooth electric shaver, its head has to slide on your skin smoothly without irritating it. This Norelco-1150X-46 features a Skin Glide technology; this enables the shaver to maneuver over your skin easily without pulling / stretching the skin.
  • Easy to hold design: – There is one thing Philips shavers have, its shape and design. I guess you might have used Panasonic shavers, they do the best job but when it comes to design they have wired big heads, so when it comes to shaving your neck or below the jaw, Panasonic and related brands might not be the best just because of their design, but this Norelco-1150X-46 has a perfect sleek design which is easy to hold, look at the shape of the head, it’s slim and sharp, so you can easily twist the shaver and shave sharp angled areas with ease.
  • Super Lift &Cut: – Sometime your beards might lie down. Making it difficult to shave when using an electric shaver, however, when it comes to this Norelco-1150X-46 model the story is different. Forget about those days you never used to get close shave with an electric shaver, this Norelco-1150X-46 features a Lift & Cut technology; this dual blade system will lift hairs / beards and cut them without pulling or irritating your skin.
  • Strong Battery: – If you always travel, you will need a shaving machine which charges very first and at the same time stores power for a longer period of time. You can pack the power code just in case the battery runs after a few days. Once plugged into power, give it only 1 hour, it will be fully charged. A fully charged Norelco-1150X-46 will offer you with 40 minutes of non-stop shaving time, but it’s motor is too fast, so you will shave a very thick beard within 5minutes, so if you shave one  a week, you will have more 35 minutes of shaving time without plugging it in power.
  • Cordless Convenience: – You don’t have to be bothered when using an electric shaver, these machines are supposed to be user friendly. With that in mind, also Philips crafted this particular model with users needs in mind, it can be used when it’s in a cordless mode, this will give you the convenience of shaving from anywhere., be it a train / a plane. We have already seen that the battery can last for at least 40 minutes that is an A+. If the battery is running out, you can use its two level battery indicator to know its actual status and charge it before it drains out completely.
  • Easy-Clean: – You can run water over the shaver via the tap; it also comes with its own cleaning brush which you can use to remove clogged hair.
  • Travel-Friendly Design: – This electric shaver has a built-in hair chamber which traps / captures hair as you trim, so even if you’re on plane / in a hotel or a train, you can shave via the sink and leave it as you found it without lifting your finger to clean it.



  • You will get a brand new SensoTouch 1150X/40 electric razor, its charging stand to help you charge the shaver before using it, a protective cap for securing the blades & the head from damages, power cord used for charging the shaver when battery is low and a free cleaning brush which you can use to remove clogged hair from the shaver.


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  • Men with beards below the jaw and on the neck: – Not all men have beards on the neck; I personally don’t have them, but if you have them, use this well crafted electric shaver. It features a slim head which reaches any difficult to shave area. It has a super lift & cut which feature which will pull and shave beards / hair and leaves you with a super clean face. This feature will also help in shaving below the jaw.
  • Men with sensitive skins: – Sensitive skins don’t do well with dry shaving; you need to leather up so that you reduce on skin irritation when the shaver gets in contact with your skin. This Norelco-1150X-46 is a Wet & Dry shaver, it works very well in wet conditions, so you can leather up with the best shaving gel / cream, and this will make your beards / hair soft, hence making it easy to shave.
  • Beginners: – As a new user of electric shavers, all you need to do is to charge the shaver for a full hour so that it gets fully charged. After that, you have to determine which shaving condition is best for you (WET / DRY), if you have no idea, you better start with wet shaving, it’s safer than dry shaving.



  • Rating: The product has been on the market for a while, but it has managed to gather a rating of 4.1 out of 5, this makes it the best electric shaver for men. When a shaver’s rating shots 4 out 5, it qualifies as the most liked model. I have looked at its reviews on Amazon, it has scored 2,266 customer reviews, but 1,294 of these are 5 star, now if we do some math, 1,294 5 star rating is more than half of 2,266, which is a very good performance.

PLEASE NOTE:- These ratings and reviews will change over time, so you have to check Amazon for latest ratings using product links in this post.



Philips Norelco RQ11 Replacement Head for SensoTouch 2DPhilips Norelco Replacement Head for SensoTouch 2D :- It will take like 12 – 14 months without replacing shaving heads, but it is advisable to have some on the side just in case something happens. If you wait for last minute orders you might get disappointed, so own one now.    


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