Philips Norelco S9311/84SP Shaver 9300 Review

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Philips Norelco S9311 - 84SP Shaver 9300

There is a very big competition between Rotary shavers and Foil shavers, because once a user get’s used to any of these two types of electric shavers, it might be very difficult for them to shift / change to another type, putting that aside, not all rotary shavers can give you that clean close shave simply because the shape of their heads hinders them from reaching some parts.

However, Philips has crafted this Norelco S9311/84SP  in amazing manner, Philips takes care of its consumers and they know what people need when it comes to shaving.  (1st)…they take care of their shapes and designs, you won’t find an augly Philips shaver even when its cheap, and (2nd) they put emphasis on functionality to make sure the end user gets the best out of their products.


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Let’s look at the design & shape of this new Philips Norelco S9311/84SP Shaver, its sleek and beautiful, each shaving head has been crafted with care and it can move in 8 directions which enables it to reach each and every section. I will talk more about its functionality in the features section, so keep on reading until I close this review.


Philips Norelco Shaver 9300


  • Dynamic shaving heads: – Unlike most rotary shavers whose heads move in just a few directions, this particular Norelco model’s shaving head moves in 8 directions, this functionality enables you to get a real close shave even in areas that seem difficult to shave with an electric shaver. To me that is a plus and it actually explains why this Philips Norelco S9311/84SP Shaver 9300 has scored a rating of 4 out of 5. So, if you want a premium electric razor which offer a super clean close, this is the best shaver for you, don’t even hesitate. The last time I checked on Amazon, this product had a 20% discount, this offer might expire very soon, so you can use our (get price button) and grab this offer.



  • You need to go over the same area twice to get a real close shave. I like its design and high end features, it’s true you will get a close shave, but all rotary shavers take a while to offer you that clean shave, and they don’t do well on very thick / long beards. When you use this particular model, expect a close & clean shave, but you will do more than one pass, and this my waste your time especially when you have to shave every morning before work. Let’s say you waste 3 Minutes on each pass you make, if you need to have everything off, you will need to burn more time to get the best results, and that is so disappointing. But if you can be patient enough, this New Norelco model is the best for you.

Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 Special Pack Features

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  • Difference between Norelco Shaver 9300 & Norelco Shaver 9700:- When I look at these two models, they both look the same and also their features are the same, however Norelco Shaver 9700 has a Pro Clean system which has a digital indicator to show you what the cleaning system is doing. Also Norelco Shaver 9700 features a Digital user interface which makes it more user-friendly.
  • Voltage: Many customers have been curious about the voltage of this Norelco S9311/84SP Shaver 9300, at least none of them wants to invest in a machine which can’t perform in their locations. Good news is that S9311/84SP Shaver 9300 has a global voltage of 100 – 220v. This means it can work from any location of the globe, so place your order with comfort and get ready to enjoy a close clean shave.
  • Smart clean system: – I have talked about this in the feature section, but I will still throw more light to it. This smart clean system will always take care of your S9311/84SP Shaver, you don’t have to do most of the cleaning and maintenance by yourself because this smart clean system has an alcohol free cleaning solution to keep the blades of this shaver clean, it even vibrates at a very high speed to shake all clogged hairs & shaving foam in the blades. When you place your shaver in this smart clean system, it will lubricate the blades, dry them and at the same time charge the shaver making it ready for use the next time you want to shave.
  • What is Included in the Pack:- After placing your order today, Amazon will ship this Norelco S9311/84SP within 24 hrs from now, however, the pack box will include; S9311/84SP shaver, 2 free Smart Clean cartridges and a free well designed SmartClick beard styler which you can use to trim and shape your goatee / mustache.
  • Personal Comfort Settings:- It’s time you get a personalized shave, you need to be in control of your looks. This shaver 9300 comes with 3 comfort settings; you can choose a desirable setting and increase on the speed and performance of the shaver. Men with very thick course hair, you might need to opt for the fastest speed, this will ensure that you get a clean shave in no minutes. On the other hand, if you have fine beards / 5 o’clock stubble, you can opt for the slow speed; this will be very friendly to your skin and hair.
  • Mustache & Sideburn Trimmer:- Since this premium Norelco shaver costs a little bit more than most Norelco’s, you will get a free mustache & side burn trimmer, so you don’t have to spend any coin buying a beard trimmer. This is an all-in-one grooming machine for men.
  • When to Change cleaning solution & cartridge? This will depend on how often you use this shaver, some users take like 1 – 3 months to change cleaning solution and cartridge.
  • V-Track Precision Blades:- By default, all rotary shavers cut hair in a circular form, however, there is a possibility of missing some hair in certain parts, that is to why Philips modified this version, it’s newly designed V-track precision blades can capture hair in an optimal shaving position and this will result into a close, clean and comfortable shave. These self sharpening blades won’t miss any hair no-matter how hard it is.

Philips Norelco S9311 - 84SP Shaver 9300



  • Cordless: This model can’t work when you plug it on power, It will shut down and let the battery charge, which is a good thing, because when everything shuts down, the battery charges really first. When it’s full, you will see a signal at the front of the shaver showing that the battery is full, after that, unplug the shaver and start shaving your beards or hair.
  • Advanced shaving system: – This new model of Norelco shaver features a state-of-art shaving system which will give you a very clean close shave, the system will capture hair and expose it to sharp blades for cutting. This feature makes the shaver ideal for men with sensitive skins, because during the shaving process, your skin won’t be pulled / stretched, so you will feel nothing. But most men have reported better results on wet shaving, so you might need to apply shaving gel before using this premium electric shaver from Philips.
  • Speed Setting Feature :- Most electric shavers have default motor speed, however, Philips decided to give you full control when using this new Philips Norelco S9311/84SP Shaver 9300, you can choose the speed setting basing on the nature of your skin and hair type. For example, if you have a very sensitive skin, you can slow down the machine, this makes the shaver ideal for shaving ingrown hair.
  • Aqua Tec Technology:- It is time you enjoy a comfortable close shave for the first time. Take advantage of this shavers Aqua Tec technology and shave in way you want. You can have a dry / wet shave, either way, the machine will behave as you want.
  • Smart Clean System :- It is advisable to clean your electric shaver immediately after using it, don’t let shaving gel / soap sit on the blades for long, the chemicals in that cream / gel might be friendly to your skin but not friendly to shaver blades. However, you don’t have to be bother by this all cleaning process, everything has been automated, at the touch of a button; the smart clean system will start cleaning lubricating and sharpening the blades of the shaver, and this maintains the shaver and keeps it in good shape for a long period of time.



  • 3 Speed Setting: – When it comes to quality, you need to look at the usability and features of the product. Since we have different skin types, we all need to use an electric shaver which you can set and control and the same time. Some prominent shavers I know of don’t have this 3 speed setting feature, so if you get irritated by the default speed, you’re left with no options but to bear with the situation. On the other hand this model will grant you with the opportunity to set and shave at a desired speed, so if you have ingrown hairs, you set it to shave at a slow speed, this will ensure that you don’t get irritated or hurt during the process.

Philips Norelco S9311 - 84SP Shaver 9300-2

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  • Men who need a closer shave: – This 9000 series promises 30% close shave, I can back this up with the positive reviews posted about this product on Amazon. Majority of people who have used this particular brand report close shave results, at least that is good news for a rotary shaver because it is very rare to hear someone giving such a remark on a rotary shaver.
  • Men with sensitive skins: – In most cases, African American men have very sensitive skins and they always suffer from bumps and ingrown hairs. However, this premium wet & dry electric shaver is the best for your skin, its blades are smooth and tender on sensitive skins,

What I need

  • Norelco Shaver Series 9000 Replacement HeadSeries 9000 Replacement Head: It is better to be prepared just in case your shaver’s heads get damaged, buy a box of Norelco replacement blades, these are newly designed heads, they feature precision blades which will capture hair in a optimal shaving position to give you a closer shave.


  • Edge Sensitive Skin Shave Gel of MenEdge Sensitive Skin Shave Gel of Men :- Men with sensitive skins should opt for wet shaving, however, you need to use a friendly shaving gel because your skin might react negatively to some shaving gels. In that case, I suggest you use this Edge shaving gel for sensitive skins, it contains conditioners and other essential substances to help you get a perfect wet shave.

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