Philips Norelco PT730/46 Shaver 3500 Review

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Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Electric Shaver

Over the last few years, electric shavers have steadily increased in popularity whereby their technology has improved but also their prices have fallen.

This PHILIPS NORELCO PowerTouch730/46 is among-st the new and best electric-razor’s that will offer you with a convenient and quick shave that you have been expecting to experience from Philips. This Philips electric shaver incorporates a super Lift and cut technology that allows the electric-shaver to lift all hair and cut it below the skin level hence offering you with the best and closest shave ever.

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This electric shaver is also capable of shaving both long and short hairs effectively because it features a well-built patented blade system. The dynamic contour and response flexing-heads on this trimmer automatically adjust to every contour on your face and neck while its patented dual precision blade-action will help to eliminate any stubborn short-stubble offering you with a clean and smooth shave. because this electric shaver is rechargeable and fully-washable, it will make your shaving routine very easy whereby you will just have wash it under clean water and after recharge it for the next usage. In conclusion, i think any man should try to manage his beard with a reliable-precision trimmer like the Philips Norelco PowerTouch730/46 electric razor.


  • It offers a very close shave: This Philips Norelco Shaver will make your face feel and look very smooth and this is because its blades are capable of catching more hairs in a short period of time. In fact this electric shaver will not even nick or even cause irritations after trimming your beard or face.


  • It seems this shaver was built with a slightly weak motor whereby it will not do good job when it comes to shaving really heavy beards or whiskers. So, in case you have a very thick beard, then try to get another Philips trimmer with a stronger motor to achieve best results.


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  • Dual-Precision heads: The Dual-Precision shaving system on this trimmer is designed with both slots and holes to quickly and comfortably trim hair. In other words, the slots in the shaver’s head allow the blades to clip longer hair while the smaller holes are capable of shaving even the shortest stubble.
  • A Flex and Float System: this carefully follows all the contours on the face in order to catch more hairs. In fact, the results are a closer and fast shave because this shaver is able to maintain constant contact with the skin with reduced skin-irritations. For men with sensitive skin types, this system will ensure that you don’t get any irritations and this why you should try out this electric-shaver.
  • An integrated pop-up trimmer: this is a perfect tool for trimming the sideburns and moustache. This trimmer also has sharp blades which are capable of catching more hair in less time without causing any bumps or irritations. This trimmer makes the shaver very convenient to use because it’s in built within.
  • A patented Lift and Cut System: it helps to gently lift hair in order to comfortably cut it below the skin-level. This system will ensure that no hairs are left behind as you trim your face hence offering any man with a very close and smooth shave without even causing any irritations to the skin like ingrown hairs.
  • It’s equipped with a Lithium-ion battery: the shaver comes with an inbuilt, strong lithium battery that can keep it running for up to 45-minutes of shaving after charging the battery for 8 hours. A three minute quick-charge of the battery will offer the shaver with enough power for one cordless-shave. With such a good battery, you will be able to move with your shaver when going for a trip because of its convenience.
  • The shaver is fully washable: for long-term sanitary use, you will have to simply rinse this electric shaver under faucet for easy cleaning. In fact, the Quick-rinse system on the trimmer helps to rinse it in less time so that you can store it safely when it’s completely dry.



  • The trimmer is well-designed with an ergonomically built body which allows the hands to rest comfortably and firmly onto the shaver even when wet-shaving. The shaver is also made of quality materials which include hard-plastic, and stainless heads which can really last for quite a longer period of time. In fact this shaver is fully washable with a quick-rinse system that dry’s it in less time.
  • This shaver is built with 3 circular dual-precision cutting heads that cover a wider surface area when shaving for a quicker shave. These heads even contain slots that do a great job when it comes to shaving long or normal hairs and holes that help to shave even the shortest hairs on the skin. the heads can even flex and float over the skin as you shave while following all the contours on the face hence catching more hairs for a closer and fast shave.
  • When it comes to the battery, this trimmer has an energy-efficient, powerful lithium ion battery that will offer you with several shaves after charging it for 8-hours. You can even plug this shaver into a power supply for only 3-minutes and it will be able to provide you with enough power for one complete shave.

Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Electric Shaver

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  • Works great on men with short beards or stubble: this rotary shaver will offer any man with a closer and smooth shave incase he has light to medium length whiskers. This trimmer will even ensure that no hairs are left behind during the shaving process and it will leave your skin free from any irritations.
  • Great for men who are new to electric-shaving: this shaver will do a good for men who have just been introduced to electric shaving because have very sharp shaving-blades that offer a closer shave with no skin-irritations. Its strong battery even makes it more convenient whereby you can use it for several times after charging it for once. This shaver also has a well streamlined, high gloss plastic and light body with a rubberized handle that makes it to feel very comfortable in the hands as you are shaving.


What I need

  • PhilipsNorelco replacement shaving heads: the shaving heads on this shaver will become worn out after period of at least 1 year and that’s why its recommended to purchase a replacement shaving head so because you will have to use it after 1-year when the shavers heads become old and blunt.
  • Pre-shave oil: it is a very good product that should be applied to the skin before you begin shaving because it will help to soothe the skin while softening the hairs to be trimmed hence offering you with a quick and close shave that is irritation-free. However, it’s recommended to buy a pre-shave that contains only natural ingredients because it tends to be gentle on almost all skin types.
  • Shaver cleaner and lubricant: this is a spray that will help to add some extra-shine to your shaver while cleaning it and it can even work as a lubricant if applied into the blades hence making the shave more efficient while protecting it from becoming rusty.

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