BRAUN Series 7-790CC Shaver (Review) – The Best Series 7 Shaver

Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System

‘’It’s only a few years back that Electric-Shavers were very expensive yet their performance fell far short from giving a close-shave. Many men considered electric-shavers as a total waste of money but then, Braun came up with series of innovative shavers that really changed the concept of electric-shaving forever. ‘’ The Braun series 7-790cc Pulsonic is the most advanced shaver in the Braun Series-7 collection whereby it was engineered to deliver nothing less than an ultimate-grooming experience for any man. 


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This Braun electric-shaver also comes with a revolutionary Pulsonic-Technology that uses more than 10,000 micro-vibrations which ensure that more hair is captured in every stroke you make.

In addition, the 3 Personalization Modes coupled with a powerful linear-motor will offer you with a clean and comfortable shave . For added convenience, after the shaving process, the shaver’s advanced Clean and Renew System will automatically clean, charge, lubricate and dry the shaver just with a touch of the button.  With that in mind, any man will be pleased with the performance and quality of this Braun 7-Series shaver and in-fact it has become a popular Braun electric shaver brand today not because it is powerful and efficient but because it gets down to the smallest detail while fixing almost every shaving problem yet it remains at a reasonable price.


[box] Braun 7-790cc Pulsonic shaver system was released in 2013 but it has managed to be the best foil shaver of all time. Many models have been released since that period but none of them has managed to out-compete it. However, recently Braun released an upgraded version called 799cc wet & dry shaver. The new version can work as a wet shaver & dry shaver; it was created for men who prefer wet shaving to dry shaving. In terms of performance, Braun 790cc has a customer rating of 4.5/5 and that is almost 95% customer satisfaction.  I have no doubt about its performance because I just got a piece after landing on a weekly deal on Ebay. Even up to now the shaver still goes at a discount price. Its price has been slashed down from $269.99 to $160.97 (40% discount). If you act now, you will have a chance to get this model at a very good price.[/box]

Braun Series 7 Shaver - Best Braun Series 7

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  • Good on sensitive skins:- The Braun series-7 is an attractive & well-built electric shaver that will provide any man with a very close shave without causing skin irritations or razor burns even to those with sensitive skin. In fact, after shaving with this electric-shaver, you just have to place on the cleaning system and it will clean itself very well. This makes it a convenient shaving tool and that is why you should give it a try.
  • Build quality: – I have used various shavers from Braun, Panasonic & Norelco, but this Braun feels substantial and its ergonomic shape makes it easy to use & hold in hands for a longer period of time. The shaver’s head pivots very well so you can shave from any angle of your choice. I also own Norelco Series 9700 but it has the same flexibility and build quality though it shaves in a circular motion.
  • Dry Shave: – I have tried both Braun 7-790cc & Norelco Series 9700 on dry shaving, but I have to accept that Braun gives the best dry shave. It does not cause any irritation around the neck as a rotary shaver would do and it mows through a thick beard in just minutes; though when it comes to neck shaving, you have to make a few passes to get a real close shave.
  • Shave neck without causing any irritation: – Skin found on the neck is very soft and tender so you have to use a skin friendly shaver like Braun 790cc. It features ultra-thin foils which maneuver over your neck area without causing any pain / irritation. This shaver also features an active lift cut technology which lifts up flat-laying hairs / beards on your neck and expose them to inner blades for shaving.
  • Closeness: – This is what every man wants to get from an electric shaver. Truthfully, no electric shaver will give you that pure close shave, but when you use Braun 790cc you will get a relatively close & clean shave. I have used a manual razor in the past but it gives a real close shave, when I tried 790cc I got 95% closeness and I’m pretty sure that is the best an electric shaver can do. If you have doubts, try out other models and see.
  • Maneuverability: – I guess this is what makes 790cc the best shaver for sensitive skins. Its ultra-thin foils will maneuver over your skin smoothly and the optfoil will capture all hairs which grow to different directions for precision cutting. This shaver will also adjust to different facial contours easily hence leaving you with an even close shave.
  • Auto Cleaning: – Much as it costs money to use this auto cleaning system, your shaver will always be new. This system cleans, renews, lubricates, kills germs and dries your shaver hence making it new all the time. On your first order you will get free cleaning cartridge which works for at least 2 months. Once this cartridge gets over, you have to buy new cartridge and cleaning solution. I like the smell of Braun’s cleaning solution, it is better than that of Panasonic & Philips.



  • Heavy on hands:- This shaver is a somehow bulky and it seems a bit hard to hold firmly in the hands when shaving. The travel case can only hold the shaver but not the charging cord. It is bulky with its cleaning base that takes up a lot of space. This means that this shaver will somehow inconvenience constant travelers hence it would be better if it’s only used at home.
  • Noisy:- I have used Norelco 3D shavers but they’re quiet and perfect, however, this Braun 7 790cc is a little bit noisy, though it’s not too loud like some Panasonic shavers. But some people they can’t deal with noise, no matter how small it can be.
  • Not very fast:- I know this might shock you, but that is a fact. Braun 790cc is not as fast as Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5. I say this because I have tried both shavers. Braun Series 7 uses 10,000 RPM yet Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 uses 140,000 CPM. The motor speed of Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 is very fast, so blades move at a very fast speed and this guarantees you with a clean quick shave. I’m not degrading our favorite shaver, but you will need to make more than one pass in certain areas like the neck to get a real close shave. Overall it is the best Braun series 7 but that speed thing has to be fixed.
  • Does not Wet Shave:- When you use this model, you will not be in position to switch from dry to wet as it is with other premium shavers. This leaves Braun 790cc in a few hands (only for men who do well with dry shaving). I don’t recommend this shaver to beginners because you have no idea on what works best on your skins. Good news is that Braun has revised this version and now we have Braun 7-799cc-6 wet & dry shaver which I recommend to all beginners and wet shaver lovers. The new model works well with gel / soap and it also comes with a clean & renew system.
  • Not easy to manual clean:- I own Norelco SensoTouch 3D shaver but it’s very easy to clean with a brush / soap and running tap water. Detaching Norelco’s head is very easy yet Bruan 7-790cc has a single cutter block unit which makes it difficult to manual clean the shaver. So the best option is to use an automatic cleaning system which consumes cartridge & cleaning solution.
  • Beard trimmer is blocked by the head:– Look at the picture below, do you see that pop-up beard trimmer in-front of the shavers head. It is placed in a wrong position. Other shavers like Panasonic & Norelco have their trimmers at the back but putting it at the front does complete the equation very well. The head blocks the view so you can’t see what you’re doing.


Braun 799 Series 7 Shaver


Braun Series 7 799cc-6 Wet - Dry ShaverThere has been an update of this 7-790cc series, in the first place, it was made as a dry shaver, so it favored only men who do well with dry shaving, but those who prefer wet shaving to dry shaving where left in space and I have been reading various forums and customer reviews posted on stores like Ebay, many clients have been asking for a model which does both (dry & wet shaving). At last a solution has been provided, we now have BRAUN SERIES 7 799CC , it is a dual purpose shaver from Braun, all features we have in the old model have been integrated in the new model, but this time you will have the opportunity to wet shave. Leather up with the best shaving gel and enjoy a close & clean wet shave without switching models. However, the price of the new model is a little bit high compared to that of the old model, but it has managed to get a good customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 and that is a good indication that the machine does some good job. If your budget is still limited, you can give it some time and see if the price will drop down during the course of the year. 2015 has a lot to offer, so we should keep our hands crossed and hope for the best, never know I might give this Braun Series 7 799cc-6 Wet & Dry Shaver as a gift to any of my readers.



Now that we have seen pros & cons of 790cc, let’s see how you can take advantage of its design & features to get a real close shave.

  1. Avoid pressing the shaver on your skin when shaving. If you use too much force, you will irritate your skin. Pressing to hard does not guarantee closeness. I suggest you wash your beards with warm water and dry them well before shaving. Warm water softens beards and lifts them up making it very easy to shave with an electric shaver.
  2. Always shave against the grain when using Braun 790cc (foil shaver). I know I always campaign for shaving towards the grain, but when it comes to shaving with foil shavers, you have to go the other way around. When you shave against the grain (direction to which your hair grow too) you make a few passed and get a close quick shave.
  3. Men with very soft skins I suggest you stretch your skin when shaving with this Braun 790cc foil shaver. When you stretch your skin, it becomes flat and the shaver will maneuver over it easily. Also when you reach the neck, do the same thing because this is a very difficult part to shave.

Braun Series 7


  • A contour adaptive shaving head: This Braun series 7-790cc is designed with a pivoting head that really makes shaving a breeze. This pivoting head easily adapts to all the contours of the face and neck hence leaving no spot unattended to. In fact, you don’t need to make more than one pass to get a close shave and this prevents skin irritations and razor burns / ingrown hairs .
  • Features 3 personalization modes: All men have different types of hair and skins. This is why men require a shaver that adapts to their needs like this Braun series-7 shaver which offers three personalization modes. These modes enable the shaver to adjust according to your skin or beard type whereby one can choose from extra-sensitive, normal or intensive mode when using this shaver in order to achieve the best shave with extra comfort.
  • Has a charging and cleaning dock: It is a good practice to clean the shaver after using it because this maintains its performance and looks. However, the cleaning process can at times be tedious and time consuming hence this is where the clean and renew system of the Braun series 7 comes into play by automatically cleaning, lubricating, drying and even charging the shaver just at the touch of a button. This cleaning system will even enhance the performance of the blades and extend the durability of this electric-shaver.
  • It has a precision long-hair trimmer: The shaver was also designed with a long hair trimmer that helps to trim the sideburns, beards and mustache . This trimmer comes out from the shaver’s head when you are going to shave and its not as wide as the trimmers in the previous models yet it does a great job. So, if you have been planning to use a manual razor for your side burns, throw them away, stay safe and use this well studied electric shaver’s inbuilt pop-trimmer.
  • Triple action cutting-system: The 3 special cutting elements within this shaver’s head will help to shave long hair as easily as short-hair thus offering you with a clean and closer shave in short period of time.
  • It is fully washable: Braun 790cc electric-shaver has a fully sealed body, it is 100-percent waterproof and this implies that it can be rinsed quickly under running tap water. However, for better results, I suggest you use soap and a brush. Make sure it dries out very well before storing it.
  • Features an LCD display: This helps to display the battery-charging level and hygiene status of the shaver. This will let you know when you need to charge or clean your electric-shaver.
  • It comes with intelligent Pulsonic-technology: It enables the shaver to deliver up to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute.This is just enough power to capture and cut more hairs in each stroke taken thus providing any man with a quick and close shave.

Braun Series 7 790cc Review 2


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This detailed comparison chart features all Braun Series 7 shavers. If you look closely, you will notice that these shavers have almost the same features. Don’t get confused by Braun 790cc-4, it is the same as 790cc so does 760cc-4, it is the same as 760cc. The only outstanding model is 799cc which is commonly known as 799-6 / 797cc-7. This model is wet and dry, it replaced Braun 790cc.

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Braun series 7 790cc vs 760cc:- These two models have almost the same features though 790cc is categorized as a Pulsonic shaver. Some of the differences between 790cc and 760cc include; Hygiene status indicator and a 6 level shaver status indicator. The only essential feature is the hygiene status indicator, this alerts you when the shaver is dirty and it helps you know when to use that automatic clean & renew system. Some users of Braun 790cc have reported that this indicator goes on when you make a few shaves. I doubt if 5 shaves can make a shaver very dirty but I guess it’s a trick to get you buy Braun’s cleaning cartridge & solution.

Braun series 7 790cc vs 799cc:- I have looked at these two models and I have noticed that they have the same design and features. However, 799cc is a wet & dry shaver. It gives you the convince to wet / dry shave. At least this makes 799cc better than 7-790cc. As a new user of electric shavers, you can’t know how your skin will react when you dry shave, so it is better to have a wet shaving option and test both options to find out what works best for you.


Braun series 7 790cc vs Panasonic Es-la93-k

Now that we have finished comparing Braun 7-790cc with its related Braun shavers, it is time we cross boundaries and do a comparison between 7-790cc and Panasonic Es-la93-k. I want to make this comparison very simple with a chart.

Braun series 7 790cc vs Panasonic Es-la93-k

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  • This electric razor really delivers a close and remarkable shave and this makes it one of the best shavers on the market. It is capable of offering such a close shave because it uses an optifoil that is designed to trim hair deeper to that desired shave. The holes in this foil do the shaving task effortlessly with extra-comfort. This optifoil will even capture more hair in just a few strokes hence reducing on the time spent shaving.
  • The shaver also uses Pulsonic technology which gives-off 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute for a quicker and closer shave. This electric-shaver is even amazingly comfortable to use on the any skin type or beard and if you have a sensitive skin, then this is the best shaver to rely on and it also feels very comfortable to hold during the shaving process.
  • Finally, the Braun series 7 will handle problem areas like the jawline and neck with ease without leaving any cuts bleeding because it has contour adaptive shaving head. Its active-lift middle trimmer will also do an awesome job when it comes to cutting flat lying hair  and the best feature about this shaver is the clean and renew system that cleans up the whole mess after using the shaver just by pressing a button, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning that sink after shaving off that thick beard.



  • Men with coarse hair or thick beards: The Pulsonic technology enables the shaver to deliver up to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute and this implies that more hair will be captured and cut in every stroke taken. The active-lift and optifoil on the shaver even makes trimming coarse hair a breeze. It will pass through that thick beard without making any noise, giving you a relaxing and soothing shaving experience.
  • For men with sensitive skin types: If you have a very sensitive skin, then just purchase this shaver because it feels very comfortable on the skin while shaving. This is mainly because this shaver comes with a contour adaptive shaving-head that adapts to all curves on the body even in problematic areas.

Braun Series 7 790cc




  • How often do I need to change Clean & Renew Refill cartridge?

This will depend on how often you use that clean & renew system. But according to Braun, you should change your cartridge once in a month. You will also get a notification when the cleaning solution is ready to be changed.

  • When should I change shaver head?

Braun 790cc is a durable shaver but they recommend head replacement every after 18 months. This will guarantee you with good results throughout the next year.  This shaver has a replacement part indicator which notifies you when to change specific parts.

  • Does 790cc’s battery have a memory effect like that of cell phone batteries?

This model uses Li-Ion battery that has no memory effect. However, you can recharge the shaver any time you want. It also has a quick charge option of 5 minutes (1 hour of nonstop shaving). Don’t worry about the durability of the battery because by default Li-Ion batteries are the best & longest-lasting batteries.

  • Is it possible to get a close head shave with Braun Series 7 790cc?

Yes, you can shave your head with this shaver, it is a great shaver. No stubble will be left on your head however, if you have too much hair on your head, I suggest you cut it short with a hair clipper and then clean shave with this electric shaver.

  • Is 790cc good for African Americans (black men)?

Yes, African Americans can use this shaver comfortably; it is skin friendly and good on dense beards. But remember to always shave against the grain and don’t use too much pressure when shaving.

  • How to clean this Braun Series 7 manually?

If you don’t want to use its auto clean system, you can take off the top of the shaver and tap it into water or use running tap water (this has more pressure and cleans better than sink water). You should clean the head with a brush and some little soap. Let the shaver dry very well before storing the shaver. But at the end of the month, use that auto renew system to lubricate, sharpen blades, renew & clean the shaver.

  • Is it possible to use it in the shower?

Yes, it is 100% waterproof, but it is not a wet & dry shaver, so don’t use shaving cream / gel. If your beards are wet, they become very easy to shave that is to why most men prefer shaving while in the shower.

  • Can this shaver clear a thick and fast growing beard?

Yes. Braun 790cc is the best shaver for thick beards. It features an Optifoil which captures hair growing in different directions and exposes them to inner blades for cutting.

  • Is it better than Braun Cooltec Shaver?

Yes, 790cc is more powerful and fast compared to Braun Cooltec. However, It does not cool your skin after shaving as CoolTec does.

  • What is the best shaving speed for a person with a thick long beard?

This shaver has three personalized shaving modes, but choose the fastest shaving mode if you have a thick beard.

  • Once the battery is fully charged, how long can I use it before charging it again?

This shaver can work for 50 minutes on a full charge. In a day you can use 10 minutes when shaving with Braun Series 7, so it will take you 5 days to drain the battery. That is if you shave on a daily basis. But men who shave once in a week, you might take a full month without re-charging this shaver.



  • Braun Series 7 – 790cc shaver (best shaver of all time – good on sensitive skins)
  • Clean & Renew System (for keeping the shaver brand new all the time.)\
  • Cleaning brush (use this when manual cleaning the shaver)
  • SmartPlug (100V-240V) – (dual voltage)
  • Clean & Renew Cartridge
  • Protective travel pouch


What I need

  • Braun clean and renew cartridge-refills: the shaver comes with a cleaning system thus you will have to purchase the clean and renew cartridge refills for replacement purposes when the cleaning solution is used up. It’s recommended to use cartridges designed for Braun shavers for best results.


  • Braun Series 7 Single Pack 70S Cassette Replacement Pack:- According to Braun, you have to replace blades at least every after 18 months, this will improve on the performance of your shaver. When I look at this duration (period of time), it gives me a clear impression that this 7-790cc is really a good electric shaver, because spending 18 months without making any blade replacement saves you a lot of cash. However, It is better to have them on standby just in case your blades get damaged by accident.

Braun Series 7

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