Philips Norelco 1255xtr/45 Review – Best Norelco Shaver For Bald Head

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PHILIPS NORELCO 1255XTR-45 SENSOTOUCH 3D REVIEWThe PHILIPS NORELCO 1255XTR/45 electric-shaver gives the most advanced shave yet and this due to its Gyroflex 3D system that ensures an incredibly close and comfortable shave. This shaver is even equipped with several innovative technologies which work together to provide an ultimate shaving experience without sacrificing skin comfort and convenience.

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Additionally, this shaver will let you shave wherever and whenever you want because it’s powered by strong lithium-ion battery that enables it to operate cordless. Overall, this electric-shaver is very powerful and will shave any facial-hairs easily without pulling or tugging. In fact, it comes with a travel-shaver which ensures that you continue enjoying a comfortable and convenient shave while travelling and this is actually a great addition that can be found in few high-end electric-shavers.


  • PHILIPS NORELCO 1255X SENSOTOUCH 3D Electric Shaver offers ultra-close shave with optimum comfort. It’s capable of doing so because it has an in-built 3D Gyroflex 3D system that follows all the contours on the face / head and it will shave hairs with just a few strokes taken.
  • This shaver is very quiet and fast when trimming facial hairs. In fact, it slightly buzzes while shaving and this makes it far better than most electric-shavers on the market which tend to make some irritating noise while shaving.
  • Another great feature on this shaver is the beard-trimmer extension that is placed at the back of the shaver whereby this trimmer pops-up to trim and style your beards and sideburns in order to achieve a nice look.
  • Lastly, this advanced electric-shaver also comes with stand-alone travel-shaver that uses a USB power adapter for charging whereby you can simply plug it into a USB-port for charging hence making it a convenient and efficient tool for travel especially when going to different parts of the world.


  • This electric-shaver has a flimsy dock or charging-stand which can easily drop down when slightly knocked and you have to make sure that it’s not placed at the edge of the sink while charging the shaver in order to avoid accidents.
  • Secondly, this Norelco shaver is of poor build-quality because it has plastic-body which is not that durable and this implies that you have to be extra careful while using it to shave so that it does not drop because it will actually break into pieces.




Features overview:

  • Philips Gyroflex 3D system: This shaver actually features Gyroflex 3D, contour-following heads that are capable of adjusting seamlessly to every curve on the face / head when shaving while minimizing pressure and skin-irritation. With this system, any man will enjoy the most comfortable shave including those with extra-sensitive skin-types.
  • UltraTrack-heads: The PHILIPS NORELCO 1255X shaving-head features 3 specialized tracks which include: slots that trim normal-hair, channels for shaving long or flat-laying hair and holes that capture or trim the shortest stubble on the face. Overall, these UltraTrack-heads will catch every facial-hair with just a few strokes taken in order to ensure that someone gets a close shave with minimized skin-irritation.
  • Super Lift and Cut Action: This Philips shaver is designed with an in-built dual-blade system which plays a role of lifting hairs so that they can be cut comfortably below the skin-level for an ultra-close shave. This feature is actually found on most advanced Philips shavers and it’s meant to improve on the precision and closeness of the shave without compromising skin comfort.
  • Aquatec seal: The Aquatec wet and dry seal on this NORELCO 1255X electric-shaver lets the user choose from how he prefers to shave. This implies that you can get a comfortable dry-shave or a refreshing wet-shave while using shaving gel or foam for extra skin-comfort. The Aquatec seal also makes this electric-shaver fully washable under clean water after usage hence facilitating for quick and easy cleaning.
  • A Smooth, low-friction SkinGlide surface: The low-friction, SkinGlide shaving-surface on the shaving-heads of the NORELCO 1255X electric-shaver slides smoothly along the skin so as to facilitate for a close and gentler shave with minimized skin-irritation. This shaving-surface will actually ensure that the user achieves total comfort while shaving hence reducing on the occurrence of skin-irritations that usually occurs with using shavers that lack a SkinGlide surface.
  • An ergonomic grip: The shaver is designed with an easy to grip handle that has an ergonomic-shape coupled with an anti-slip coating which ensures close-control and a firm-grip in order to achieve an extra comfortable and precise shaving experience. In fact, the shaver-handle is designed to handle long periods of shaving and you feel any discomfort using this electric-shaver for longer hours.
  • A Skin-friendly precision trimmer: the PHILIPS NORELCO 1255XTR/45 comes equipped with a unique skin-friendly, precision trimmer system that is built to avoid unnecessary skin contact while styling any facial-hairs. The main job of this precision-trimmer is to trim, groom or style your moustache and sideburns perfectly and it’s even very easy to use whereby it just pop-out when you need to use it and pop-in after usage.
  • Travel Shaver and Case: It also comes with a unique stand-alone travel shaver which Philips suggests that you can leave in your car or travel with when going trips. This travel-shaver has a USB power-adapter and this means that a person can use while plugged into any USB-port like on your laptop or car hence making it a perfect travel companion. Additionally, this shaver is also delivered with a travel-case in which you safely store it when traveling.


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Product Quality:

The PHILIPS NORELCO 1255XTR/45 is a high-quality shaving-tool that is also referred to as the SensoTouch 3D. this Philips shaver actually uses its advanced features to provide the user with an extremely close and comfortable shave and some of these features include; a Gyroflex 3D system, ultratrack shaving-heads and a SkinGlide surface which all work together to offer you with extremely smooth and comfortable shave with just a few strokes taken. Likewise, with the 3-dimensional contouring structure, the Philips SensoTouch shaver is capable of following every curve on the face and neck so as to facilitate for close and precise shave. The ultratrack heads on this shaver help to remove long-hairs, flat-lying hairs and the shortest stubble while shaving and the smooth SkinGlide surface enables the shaving-heads to glide gently over the skin in order to minimize on the occurrence of skin-irritations.

On the other hand, this shaver features an ergonomic handle that is very easy to grip and even has an anti-slip coating that ensures a firm-grip for more control while shaving even under wet-conditions. Additionally, the precision-trimmer placed on this shaver is skin-friendly and makes it easy to trim and groom your mustache and sideburns in order to achieve a more detailed look. Lastly, the aquatec seal facilitates for a smooth and easy shave whether you are having a wet-shave with shaving-cream or a convenient dry-shave. Overall, achieving a close and comfortable shave is not that difficult while using the PHILIPS NORELCO 1255XTR/45 shaver and I highly recommend it.


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Who does it benefit?

  • Nice product for travelers: since this shaving-unit comes with a stand-alone travel-shaver that uses a USB power-adapter, I think it’s a good catch for guys who are always travelling and you can even use it in your car, office or when at the gym. In fact, this travel-shaver is has a good size that makes it very easy to carry around and even the provided travel-pouch provided ensures that the entire shaving unit is kept safely while travelling.
  • It is a great shaver for wet-shavers: this electric-shaver actually happens to be a nice shaving tool for men who like wet-shaving because it designed with aquatec technology which enables it to be used under both wet and dry condition. On top of that, it features an anti-slip coating that ensures firm grip and close control even when shaving under wet-conditions.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Philips Norelco RQ12 Replacement-Head for SensoTouch 3D: every electric-shaver requires a replacement-head in order to maintain optimum performance while shaving. However, you have to be keen and careful when purchasing the replacement-head so that you can the one that fits perfectly onto your electric-shaver.
  • Philips Norelco Shaver Cleaner and Lubricant Spray: after using your shaver, you will need to clean it and you can do this by spraying over the shaving blades with this amazing cleaning and lubricating spray to keep the shaver in good shape and performing well. This spray will work perfectly for men who hate washing shaver under water because with this spray, you simply mist it over the shaving-blades and you’re good to go.

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