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Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream BowlEvery man out their gets confused when it comes to wet shaving, many of them ask themselves this question from time to time…(What Is The Best Shaving Cream?)…it’s a pretty tricky question to answer because we have many of them out there, some are good, others are just fair and the rest are bad and irritating. The main purpose of using a shaving cream is to reduce skin irritation especially when shaving with a safety razor, it will smoothen both the skin and hair follicles making it very easy to shave with either a safety razor / electric shaver, however, shaving creams used on electric shavers tend to differ from those used on manual razors, but I will tackle this as we go on with this detailed review.



  • Ingredients:- Before buying any shaving cream out there on the market, I argue you to read product description details and look out for ingredients in that shaving cream. Creams with natural ingredients are very good and friendly to the skin.
  • Easy to apply:- This can be very tricky to determine especially when shopping online, however, read through customer reviews and see what other customers say about that cream.
  • Smell:- Still this can be determined when your shopping offline, however, sites like Amazon list ingredients in a product, read through product ingredients, if you see an ingredient which smells good, go ahead and buy that shaving cream, it will not bother when using it.
  • Customer rating and feedback:– This factor applies on each and every grooming product you would like to purchase online. Advanced stores like Amazon equip their users with tools to enable them rate and post reviews about products they have used, so if you’re shopping for a good shaving cream, make sure you look at its rating & customer reviews.

To me, that is what I consider when buying a shaving cream, if you have any suggestions please use the commenting box below this post.





Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl

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On this list of the best shaving creams for men, Taylor Old Bond Street Sandalwood has ranked as the best selling shaving cream on Amazon. Over time, it has scored a rank of 4.5 out 5, that is a very good rating compared to the number of men who have tested it. It’s price is pretty good and it contains some natural ingredients which make it skin friendly.


  • Scented Scadalwood & Cedar
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Jasmine and Rose which make the cream smell nice


  • Leaves the skin soft without any irritations; I told you before that if you choose to use cheap shaving soap it is you and only you that will suffer the consequences because it is your skin that will get irritated at the end of the day. that is why it is much better to spend on something however expensive it may seem to be but as long as it will leave your skin super smooth juts like it was before you used the shaving soap or even much better than it was.
  • Makes a light feeling and silky lather; lather that feels heavy or too thick on your skin makes you feel uncomfortable and can even make you shave badly because it feels funny on your skin. that is why sandal wood has come up with amazing shaving soap that will forms lather that feels very light on your skin, you almost feel like you did not apply anything at all. The lather it produces also feel silky not just on your skin but also when you start to shave it makes the shaver glide really smoothly all over your skin hence leaving you with no irritations.
  • Great for people allergic to strong smell; for those of you that are allergic to any kind of strong smell, this is this is the perfect shaving soap for you to buy because it is not made with any irritating smell. Sometimes you do not need to be allergic to the smell but shaving soap that is too strong can be really annoying, sometimes it even causes headache so it is always more recommended that you buy shaving soap with just a slight scent.
  • Great performance; maybe you are now wondering how shaving soap can be of great performance but yes it can be. the shaving soap makes a thick lather that is silky smooth so that when you start shaving it is just a walk over and on the other hand shaving soap with poor performance is that shaving soap that will take really long to lather up and when it does the lather dries up in just a few seconds.

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  1. Truefitt & Hill Shave Cream Tub 

Truefitt - Hill Shave Cream Tub

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This is a glycerin-based cream tailored for all skin types. Glycerin is a neutral non sensitive ingredient which is very friendly your skin, it also makes the cream soft and easy to apply. I’m sure many of you have used Glycerin products, so this should not be new to you. The citrus ingredient gives this shaving cream a soothing smell making it very friendly to use.

What To Expect:-

  • Strong thick lather:- This shaving cream creates a very thick foam which is very easy to rinse off. It will leave your skin smooth and smelling nice. The rose scent mixed in this product gives it a nice smell and I’m sure every man who has tried it gives it credit because of its smell.
  • Easy to use:- Truefit Hill Shave Cream is very easy to use, it’s not like Edge Gel or Barbasol which require you to read a manual to use them. With Truefit, all you need is a badger hair brush and a small bowl for mixing the cream, you can warm the cream while it’s in a bowl because glycerin can become thicker when it’s cold.
  • True Luxury: – If you have been used to ordinary shaving creams, it’s time you try out something unique and luxurious. Truefit Hill Shave is a luxurious shaving cream, it is one of those high quality shaving creams which really work, so your money will be well spent.
  • Good on sensitive skins:- Voted as the best shaving cream by British royal family, I guess that means something to you, I would have mentioned this in the ”Luxury” section, but either way, you get the point. I have been reading through customer reviews, Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar works very well with double-edge safety razors and it’s very friendly on a sensitive skin, it will save you from getting skin irritations / nicks and razor burns.


3. The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream

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This shaving cream was crafted for men who don’t do well with scents. If you’re the kind of guy who does not want to use scented shaving creams, then opt for The Art of Shaving Cream. So far it has scored a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars; which is a very good rating compared to most shaving creams out there on the market. After applying this cream, it will soften and lift your beards making it very easy to shave with a safety razor yet at the same time protecting your skin from any irritations / burns.

  • Rich Foam:- The Art of Shaving cream should be applied as directly. Use a badger brush and a bowl; mix the cream very well, if it’s too solid, try to warm it a little bit so that it dissolves a little bit. Wash your face very well and apply it, once applied, you will see a huge volume / foam of shaving cream on your beards, this will soften the beards and at the same time lift them up making it very easy to shave. You can use a straight / cut throat razor or a safety razor, none of them will nick you as you longer as you don’t apply too much pressure.
  • Shave after a hot shower: – If you want good results, I suggest you shaving during / after a hot shower. Warm water will open skin pores and at the same time soften your beards. Lather up very well, but do it in moderate amounts to avoid clogging that manual razor.
  • Unsented:- I have already talked about this in the description of this product. Not every man likes to use scented shaving creams or anything related, so if you’re one of those guys, take advantage of The Art of Shaving Cream. You can accompany it with The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm, Unscented, 3.3 fl. oz.

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  1. Coochy Rash Free – Pear Berry

Coochy Rash Free Shave Creme Slick Chic Pear Berry

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You might not be familiar with Coochy Rash, but it is a very good shaving cream. You might confuse it with a gel because of the way they pack it, but it’s a cream. Basing the number of reviews it has got, very few people have used Coochy Rash, but I’m surprised that whoever tested it liked it, I rarely find a 4.8 out 5 rating, it indicates that 95% of people were impressed by the performance of this shaving cream. Trust me, there is nothing better than this product, I know you might ask why it was not ranked number one, but that should not matter, the position of the product on this list is determined by so many factors. I can relate this product to Proraso Shaving Cream; I guess these two perform in the same way.


  • Skin friendly:- Coochy rash works on all skin types, including very sensitive skins and normal skins. After applying Coochy Rash, it will start moisturizing your skin and beards making them very easy to shave, you can use Coochy Rash on any part of the body, it could be legs, chest, face or any other part with hair, but don’t use it on open areas like Vagina or anal area.
  • Softens course think hair:- It does not matter if you have thick course hair, this shaving cream deals with all types of hair. Once you own it, you will have total assurance that you will get a close clean comfortable shave.



After covering some of the best shaving creams, let’s go through steps on how to use these creams, having a good product does not guarantee you with the best results if you don’t know to use it, that is why I highly recommend you to follow steps outlined below.

  • Choose the right shaving cream: – Shaving creams differ in type, some will require you to use a brush to apply them yet others are brush less. A good example of a brush-less shaving cream is Coochy Rash or Porarso shaving cream, these two come in a tub, so all you need to do is to press the tube, put moderate amounts of cream on your hands and spread it over your beards. Shaving creams which need a brush will require you to have a bowl; I will explain how to use this bowl / mug.
  • Buy the right shaving accessories:- Some of the things you need to stock including a badger brush and a mug / bowl. A badger brush will help you apply shaving cream from the bowl to your face, but make sure you but a badger brush with soft bristles to avoid nicking your skin. A shaving bowl / mug is used to warm and mix shaving cream. When you open that new shaving cream, it will be solid, so you have to warm it up in a bowl / mug using hot water / a warmer. But before warming it, scoop shaving cream you will use and put it in a mug, after that get a bowl of hot water and let your mug sit in that how water bowel.
  • Prepare your beard / area to be shaved: – As your shaving cream is getting dissolved / melted in a mug, start washing your face with warm water, this will open skin pores and at the same time soften your hair, making it very easy for you to shave. Remember to dry your face with a clean face towel before applying shaving cream.
  • Choose the right shaving tool: – I would have included this step in choosing shaving accessories, but it is better to tackle it on its own. After making a decision that you will wet shave instead of dry shaving, get the right grooming tool. It could be an electric shaver or a manual razor. If you want to use an electric shaver, choose a wet & dry shaver, I listed many of them on this list of the best electric shaver….., however, if you want to use a manual shaving tool, choose between a multiple blade razor or a single blade razor.
  • Apply shaving cream: – Get back to your mug, shaving cream must have melted by now, make sure it’s not too hot, grab your badger shaving brush and start applying shaving cream on your beards, make sure you cover the all beard, that is if you want to shave it all, but if you want that mustache to stay or to have a goatee, you might ignore the front part, work on the later.
  • Shave:- Once your beard is covered fully, get your shaving tool, could be a safety razor or an electric shaver, whatever your choice is, shave towards / against the grain, both ways will get you good results, though shaving against the grain will give you better and faster results.
  • Rinse off shaving cream: – After shaving off your beard, wash and rinse off that shaving cream, it is not supposed to be in your skin for so long. If you notice areas which have not clearly shaved, go over them but re-apply shaving cream to them fast and then shave them. Remember to rinse of shaving cream and washing your face with cold water.

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