6 Best Safety Razors 2019 – Rated By Brand (Detailed Review)

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Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety RazorIn your quest for the best safety razor”, we shall look into the benefits of using a safety razor, these tools are very easy to use but at the same time if you use them wrongly, you will stand a high chance of getting razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

Even though these bumps and ingrown hairs can be treated, the pain and discomfort that comes with them is unbearable. On this list, I have featured top rated safety razors on the market and I will keep on updating this list.

Choose from any of these top 7 manual razors and have a real clean close shave. Please, use brand new blades to avoid skin irritations and infections.

Always lather-up before shaving with these manual tools. If your skin is too soft, stretch it a little bit so that it becomes flat, this will enable the razor maneuver smoothly on your skin. If you have ingrown hairs / bumps, let them heal and shave at a later stage, because going over an infected area can make things worse.






  • Advanced Butterfly Razor VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor – Check price on Amazon **** Premium Butterfly safety razor****- very easy to load as compared to 3 – piece models like Merkur & Edwin Jagger. It also has a very good grip – you can easily use it with wet hands, High quality build-up (Durable & Nice looking), Heavy duty butterfly razor, Enjoy effortless shaving with VIKINGS





  • Length of the Handle: – On this list, I have featured some of the best shaving tools, but not all of them can work for you. So, before buying any of them, you need to know which length and size is suitable for you. For example, if you have large hands, a long handled razor will be the best option for you, because it’s handle will fit very well in your hands.


  • Double Edge Vs Single Edge :- While shopping for a safety razor, look out for double edged razors, these perform better than single edge, because they leave no hair behind, a single razor blade can miss out on some hairs especially when the area has a sharp angle.


  • Cost of Blades / Cartridges: – All these top 10 razors featured here use blades not cartridges. I didn’t feature Gillette razors because they require special Gillette cartridges which cost more than a packet of razor blades. If you buy a razor which requires you to replace cartridges all the time, in the long run, it will be costly and expensive.


  • Weight: – This is factor which most people don’t pay attention to, these tools are manual, so everyone will go in for a light weight tool. But there is one thing that you all forget, ” the weight of a razor determines its performance. If it’s too light, you will need to pull it with force to get a close shave, but if it’s a little bit heavy, your hands will use less force to pull the razor hence reducing on the shaving time and at the same time reduce on skin irritation….Read more here>>


Benefits of Using Safety Razors:

Best safety razors

  • Closest shave possible :- Hopefully you have owned one of these pieces, if not, use any of the links in this post and grab one at a discount, other wise, you have been missing out on something great. These shaving tools feature curved blade head which allows the razor to reach each and every strand / hair on your body. If you have a very soft skin, you might need to stretch it because the blades might cut your skin, I don’t take that as a disadvantage because majority of men have strong skins, except the old ones who have wrinkles. But if you want to shave your balls or below them, you have to lather up with baby powder and then stretch the skin so that you clearly see what you’re cutting.


  • Cost Effective :- On this list have featured two low priced safety razors and these include (Merkur & Parker ) these two shaving tools for men cost less then $35, when i compare this to the price of Braun 7 79cc, I shade tears, I guess some times we spend too much money to look handsome.


  • Friendly on sensitive skins :- If you use multiple-blade razors, you will experience some pulling and irritation while shaving. I know of companies which promote multiple-blade razors, in their commercials, they show men having close smooth shave after lathering up, their is no way you can prove the performance of a shaving tool in a commercial, the best way to tell the truth is to test it by your self. My first interaction with multiple blade razors was not good, the blades are too sharp and they stretch the skin while shaving which leads to cuts and nicks, sometime this results into ingrown hairs. However, a DE razor has a curved head, the blade is curved when inserted into this head and this reduces on the irritation yet at the same time give you a close shave.


  • Double Edge Safety razors are perfect and sturdy compared to cartridge / disposable razors :- A good example for this point is Merkur 34c, it’s short grip and heavy weight makes it sturdy and ready for business. Most cartridge / disposable razors are light, they have plastic handles so they can even break while shaving a thick beard….continue reading….



When it comes to shaving, the quality of shaving tool you’re using matters a lot. We have many brands of razors on the market, but their performance differs, and this explains why some brands / models are successful yet others are failures. To put that aside, I have compiled a list of the best manual razors , all of them have positive reviews and they have scored a 4.4 out 5 customer rating, but without wasting your time, I have picked 3 best models, check them out below:




Merkur-Long-Handled 180

If you have been searching for the best double edge razor, look no further, because this Merkur 180 was crafted with care, without doubt you will get an extra close shave if you use this 180 Long Merkur.

 Judging from its reviews, this Merkur is rated as the best razor for men with sensitive skins. It’s a two piece razor so you can easily remove and replace blades. The long handle makes it easy to use especially when you have large hands.The chrome finish will prevent the razor from rusting and it gives it a glow and shiny look. 

Since it’s a double edged razor, you can shave in all angles without getting any kind of irritation, but still, don’t forget to shave towards the grain. Men with very thick beards, this Merkur will cut through that hard to shave beard with ease and give you the closest shave of your life


  • It does not rust: – If you always shave while in the shower and you always keep your shaving tools there, one of your biggest worries is finding those tools in a bad state. Wet conditions can make metals rust, however, water cannot damage this merkur razor and that is to why I give it a thumb-up in this post.
  • It’s Durable: – If you have been using disposable razors for a while, you will notice that most of them are not tailored for long term use. Even though they cost less, in the long run you will do the math and notice that you actually spend more than $100 a month on disposable razors. But when you invest in this Merkur, it will work for years and years, all you need to do is to replace blades every after 2 – 3 months basing on on how often you use it.
  • Good for Beginners and Friendly on Sensitive Skins: – If you’re shaving for the first time, you will find it easy to use this manual razor, not only is it easy to use, it is also easy to replace the blades. But as a beginner, you have to know the basics when it comes to shaving with manual razors. For example, you need to apply shaving cream before shaving, if you don’t have any of these two, then opt for baby powder, it will make both the beards & skin smooth and easy to shave.
  • It’s Great on Women:- I will not put all the emphasis on Men only, also women need to use this De razor while shaving their legs, bikini area, armpits and pubic areas. Many companies have invented all sorts of shaving tools for women, but this Long 180 Merkur has proved to be the best safety razor for women. When you search around the internet, you will notice that majority of ladies give it a thumb up. When it comes to its durability, I can’t compare it with most brands

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Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor 34C

This heavy duty double edge razor scores position number 3 on this list of the best safety razors. I like the thick short handle, it looks heavy, but that gives it the possibility to cut through any hard to shave beard.

May be what you shouldn’t forget is that this HD Razor comes at a very good price, you will save almost 6%, but that offer might change any time from now, 

The weight of this Merkur 34C HD razor is all applied to the beards / pubes, so you don’t have to apply too much pressure while shaving. However, men with large hands, you will not like this heavy duty short handle, it will not fit well in your hands. In that case, I recommend the long handled Merkur razor featured in position 1, it has a longer handle compared to this HD Merkur.


  • Gives a Clean Smooth Shave:- Even though it ranks number 3 on this list, this Merkur razor will give you a good clean shave just like its competitor featured in position 1 & 2. However, to get better results, you need to wet your beards or pubes before shaving; this will make them soft and easy to shave. After having a shower, please dry your beards / pubes with a thick towel; make sure they stay wet free and soft. If you have a sensitive skin, take it as a must to apply shaving cream / gel, this will reduce on the irritation hence prevent razor bumps. I highly recommend this heavy duty razor, it is good for beginners.
  • Clears Thick Beards:– If you have a very thick beard and you want to shave it off completely, you need to use a heavy duty razor like this Merkur. The only reason why it’s categorized as a ”heavy duty” razor is its ability to cut through any thick / hard to cut beard. On the other hand, if you want to shave your head using a razor, this is the best tool for you.
  • Friendly on Sensitive Skins:- I will not say that when you use this heavy duty tool you will not get razor bumps, but the chances of getting them are not very high compared to most razors out there. However to stay on the safe side, you need to apply a shaving foam / baby powder. If you notice any uneven shaving, replace the blades with new sharp blades, a full packet costs only $6.99, that is almost $7.
  • Maneuverability:- This is determined by the length of the handle, the shorter the handle, the better. But don’t forget to shave towards the grain, not against it, because if you do so, ingrown hairs will be on the next door.

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Merkur Classic Safety Razor

This classic Merkur features a short handle and a double edge design which makes it easy to shave in all directions. it’s related to Merkur 34c, but this one isn’t as heavy as 34c.

Double edge razors are safe because their head is curved, so the razor won’t have direct access to your skin, you can shave from any angle and get the best results, it does not matter if you want to shave your neck , armpits, butt, below the balls ,legs and so much more, this classic DE razor will do the job perfectly. Judging from its design, you can use it to shave your head as well.


  • Its Performance is great: – What do you really expect from a top razor brand like Merkur. This company has made its name through crafting easy to use & high performing razors. Judging from customer reviews on Ebay, this product is rated as the best single razor. It is well crafted and its appearance is cool, you can clean the blades via running water in the shower.  If you hold it in your hands for the first time, it feels solid, but it is ideal for people with short hands.

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Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

If you have been spending too much time learning how to shave with a safety razor, that means you have been using the wrong razor. I like the simplicity of this DE89LBl shaving tool , this particular brand is considered to be superior to the Merkur 34c HD.

Once you use it for your first time, you won’t think of any other option, because of its shinny look and solid weight which makes shaving with razors much simpler.

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl” has a detailed lined chrome plated handle which makes it easy to hold while in the shower. It’s a double edge razor, meaning it can shave from both sides, however, you have to be very careful when tweaking it, the blades are too sharp, if you’re not careful, you might end up cutting yourself. When you buy this DE89Lbl, you will get free 5 blades, but if they get finished, you can replace them with new ones which you get from any grocery store nearby.


  • It shaves as a Straight Razor: – I’m not sure if you have ever used a straight razor, if yes, then keep on reading, if not, then give it a try but get back to manual de razors immediately. Straight razors have very sharp blades and if used wrongly, you might end-up with serious wounds and this explains why most men shy away from them. However, Edwin Jagger devised a razor which cuts through any stubborn beard just like a straight razor. For a small price, you will get the best results.
  • It’s Smart: I guess you know that saying which states that (never judge a book by its cover). Sometimes I agree with that statement, but this time, I will oppose it, not in a bad way though. The shaver has a silver chrome plated lining which makes it adorable; the blades are clean and safe on sensitive skins.
  • It’s Perfectly Balanced: – I’m sure you have used all sorts of razors in the past, but I doubt if you have found one with a perfect balance like this Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl. The handle and head are well balanced; it’s not heavy on hands, but tough on beards and pubic hair. Unlike the Merkur which has a long handle, this Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl features a moderate length handle which fits well in all types of hands, be it small / large.
  • Hassle Free Shaving Guaranteed: – You don’t need a user manual to use this  DE89Lbl razor. It is a manual razor, all you have to do is to fit a new blade in its head and start shaving. It’s very easy to to fit in new blades, all you have to do is to unscrew off the handle from the head, put the blade where it belongs and screw-back the handle. It’s that simple.  

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This particular model competes with its sister ”DE89LBl”, I guess this competition is healthy, because it gives us a choice on what to opt for. I love its design and chrome plated finishing.

But judging from the length of the handle, people with large hands will not find it cool, though those with small hands will love its grip..When you purchase this razor, you will get free DERBY stainless blades, but when they get finished, you can replace them with SHARK blades or any other good brand of your choice.


  • It’s Well Balanced: – Since it has a big short handle, it balances very well with the head. It might feel a little bit heavier while in your hands, but all that weight will be inserted on your beards. Some times it can be challenging to shave / cut a thick beard while using a long handled razor, because the longer the handle, the more energy you have to use to get a close shave, and In most cases when you use too much energy while shaving, the skin gets irritated and sometimes it can result into cuts and nicks.
  • It’s Smart & Durable: – I’m sure you can tell that this razor is durable just by its looks. The chrome finishing prevents it from rusting, so even though you leave it in the shower for a month, you will find it in a good state, my be the only thing you have to do is to change the blades, and this can be done every after 2 – 3 weeks depending on how often you shave.
  • Quick Shave: – Some men have to shave every morning. This can be frustrating especially when you use a fake shaving tool, However, this DE Razor by Edwin Jagger features very sharp blades which cut through any beard / pubes within minutes. If you want to see how perfect this razor is, try to use it on a wet shave, it will maneuver through that beard in seconds 

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  • Edwin Jagger De87bl Faux Ivory:According to E-Jagger, this de razor shaves as close as a straight razor. I agree with that because it’s well balanced and the closed comb can capture even underlying hairs and expose them to the blade for cutting without causing any skin irritation.





Parker 99R Safety Razor

Make just one stroke with this razor and get the best close shave, it doesn’t matter whether you have a very thick / long beard, this tool will behave the same way it does when shaving short / smooth beards.

On this list I have featured the best brands when it comes to crafting manual grooming tools and they all come at an affordable price, so, I see no reason why you stick to disposable razors which will cost you a fortune in the long run yet this Parker 99R  comes at a good price and it give a real close shave without pulling your skin.

The long handle fits in large hands and the rough texture on the handle makes it easy to hold while in the bathroom. Don’t get confused by its length, this Parker 99R is only 3.4 ounces which makes it easy to hold while in the shower.


  • User Friendly: – I can’t say that the other top 3 razors are not user friendly, because when it comes to design, they all look the same like this Parker 99R, so the usability part of it is more of a basic to all razors. But its grip is quite different when I compare it with the rest of the brands listed here, the handle is longer than that of the Merkur razor and it fits very well in your hands. When it comes to aggressiveness, I will give it a 10/10, no thick beard can escape this sharp De razor, the long handle will provide you with accurate balance to cut through any thick beard.
  • Shave using soap:- Men with sensitive skins, you should always opt for wet shaving, it will give you the best and safe close shave. This Parker 99R performs very well in wet conditions, you should leather your skin with shaving soap so that the beards / pubic hair become soft and easy to cut. On the other hand, to get a continuous close shave, you need to change blades once in a week; you can get them cheaply on Ebay.
  • Fewer Chances of Getting Razor Bumps: – If you always have issues with razor bumps, try switching shaving tools, sometimes our skins get irritations when they get in contact with specific metals. However, judging from its style, the possibility of getting bumps is less. I have no guarantee about this; so, don’t forget the basics of shaving with a manual De razor.

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Parker 96R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

On this list I have featured two Parker Razors, this gives Parker a strategic position when it comes to who makes the best de razor.

I see Parker competing with Merkur and Edwin Jagger which still rocks in position 2 & 6. This Parker 96R is a long handled open double edge razor which comes with free 5 sharp SHARK blades.

If you look at the the Merkur featured in position 1, you will notice that it has a similar design like this Parker 96R, the only difference is that the Merkur has a silver chrome finishing yet this Parker 96R  has a black brass frame. Judging from its reviews, this Parker 96R does not come close to Merkur Long Handle Razor, but still, it will give you a close traditional shave like your grandfather used to have on 1880’s.



  • It’s an Excellent Razor: – Even though it didn’t make it to position 1, this Parker 96R will function just as better as the rest of the razors featured on this list. If this is your first time to use a safety razor, trust me, you will find it easy to use this tool. You will not get any nicks or cuts and the results will be tremendous.


  • Comes with Free Shark Blades: – You don’t have to buy new blades on your first purchase of this product. It comes with free 5 SHARK blades and so far these are the best blades on the market. Once they get finished, you can order a packet from Ebay for as low as $5.


  • It brings back traditional shaving:- With the advancement in male grooming technology, most men are using high-end shaving tools, most of these tools are expensive and sometimes they don’t even give you a close shave. I just can’t stand shaving tools which cost over $150, most of them are hypes, they have fancy designs and accessories, but can’t do any job. This Parker-96R is affordable, easy to use, it’s tough on thick beards / hair and it also brings back our traditional shaving techniques.


  • It’s good on large hands: – its long handle will fit in any hand, it does not matter what its width / length is. Unlike the Merkur 34c heavy duty razor, this Parker-96R will fit in a real man’s hand.

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  • Parker 45R HeavyweighI have reviewed many razors on Yosaki, but Parker 45R is just in its own class. It has this chrome finish which makes it look adorable. Ladies, if you’re looking for a valentine gift for your man, just buy them Parker 45R…..Continue reading….
  • Parker 65R Super Heavyweight: It might take you a while to get used to this razor, but once you master how to use it, trust me, you will not go back to those ordinary stainless steel razors. It has some weight on it which makes shaving thick beards so easy….continue reading….
  • Parker 91R Super Heavyweight:It’s made from heavy brass which gives it a great weight, making it easy to shave any think / course beard. You can as well use this Parker to shave your head or  butt. I like the chrome finish and studded handle, this razor looks exactly like Merkur 180 Long Handled.




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