Parker 96R Review – Long Handle Butterfly Open DE Safety Razor

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Parker 96R - Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety RazorThis Parker 96R goes to men who don’t want to shave so much. I know that process is quite irritating and annoying especially when you’re using a wrong shaving tool. However, when you try just for one time to shave with this long handled butterfly razor, you will like the experience.


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The other great thing about this manual shaving tool is that it’s much cheaper than most modern shaving tools you see in commercials, actually then main reason you have been paying too much money for most shaving tools is because the vendor uses too much money to reach you, so they have to get it back by charging you heavily, In that case, you don’t pay for the razor / shaver as a product, you pay for the expensive commercial the vendor used to make you love their product.  This is the kind of razor our grandfathers used to get super clean close shave and they used to really look nice, but now days you find men jumping on to new shaver models, some even cost an arm and a leg, but they can do is to leave cuts and bumps behind.


So, think no more, this is a freaking amazing butterfly safety razor worth trying, when you try it tomorrow, you will know why grad dad loved it so much. But remember to leather up like Grand dad used to before using this sharp safety razor.



  • Heavy weight & Durable:- This great razor feels hefty and comfortable when held into your hands as you shave and this is because it’s designed with a long nice handle coupled with a heavy weight which makes it perfect for men who have big or larger hands. This razor is even well-made and solid hence it offers a nice heavy feel and that’s why you will feel the weight of the razor doing the work.


  • The Razor head is Big: – This is a disadvantage and an advantage to some people. A big head covers a wider area meaning it saves you time while shaving, however, the con of having a razor which has a big head like this Parker 96R is that some areas like below the jaw, upper lip might be difficult to shave, you just can’t shave around your nose with this model unless when you twist the head to cover a small area.

Parker 96R

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Features overview:

  • A textured long handle: this safety-razor comes with an excellent, long handle which is nicely weighted and solid. This nice looking 2-colored will offer any man with a sure grip because it features textured patterns on top hence this implies that you don’t have to worry when shaving under wet conditions with this safety razor.
  • Twist-to-open butterfly doors: The butterfly-opening mechanism that is placed on this razor makes changing of blades super easy and you will also have to twist the razors handle to close the doors after placing the blades but also these doors are tight enough that you do not have to worry about the razors shaking or coming out as you shave.
  • Solid brass frame: the Parker 96R features a frame that is all brass or metal-construction and this is particularly built to offer many years of service before you buy a new safety-razor. This brass frame offers the razor with the weight required to provide a close and clean shave without the need of pressing it into the face as you shave hence preventing the formation of razor-burn and skin-irritations.
  • nickel plated head: The head on this safety-razor has been designed to offer a very smooth and comfortable shave while the nickel plating protects the razor from getting rusty and it also gives provides a shiny look. This razor-head is strategically angled and this helps to position the blades well hence offering you with a smooth and closer shave.
  • Open double edge razor: double edged razors tend to offer a very close and clean shave than single-edge razor. This is because they cover a wider shaving area and also feel very comfortable on the skin as shave. The other good thing about double edge razors is that their replacement blades a readily available on the market and at a very affordable price but this may also depend on brand or quality of the blades that you prefer using.



Parker 96R - Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

  • It features a brass-frame throughout and this material is just hard enough to enable you use the razor for a longer period time. The weight of this razor is just perfect for achieving closer and smooth shave without need of pressing too hard but you will still have to use this weight as you shave. The black knurled or textured handle on this razor is very comfortable to hold whereby it prevents the razor from slipping in your hands as you shave and it provides you with a hefty feel.
  • The safety razor is also very easy to use as you shave because it seems to find the correct angle against the skin automatically hence this means that you will get a clean and close shave without any cuts or nicks. This razor also has a butterfly opening which enables the user to easily insert the blades, holds blades straight and firm and it also closes up well afterwards.
  • Parker-96R is a great safety-razor with a newly redesigned shaving-head couple with a sure grip handle. The razor’s frame is made of brass while its head is nickel plated. The razor will offer any one with an incredibly smooth and clean shave if used with quality blades and it even weighs about 3.0 ounces hence this makes it a perfect choice for both novice and expert wet-shavers. If you have been looking for an economical and traditional butterfly, double-edge Safety razor, then the Parker 96R is the razor you have been looking for though some people think it wasn’t being made any more. I strongly believe that this safety-razor will rival any other razors on the market because it of the close and comfortable shave it provides without need to press it too hard into the skin when shaving your face.




  • Wet experienced wet-shavers: This shaver works well for men who love wet shaving because it offers a smooth, clean shave and it also features a handle with a diamond like engraving which makes it very easy to hold when shaving under wet-conditions.
  • Beginners: – The parker 96R is also an excellent razor for men who are new to double-edge shaving because it somehow finds the shaving angle automatically as you shave hence this means that its learning curve is short and also it also offers a weight that is just perfect for shaving without pressing hard onto the skin as you shave.

Parker 96R Safety Razor

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  • Extra Clean Close Shave: This razor will provide you with a clean shave that is also enough without causing any irritations and this because it features a redesigned, nickel plated head that contains a guard bar which protects the skin from directly accessing your skin and also the blade gaps are perfectly even hence this means you get a closer shave with less irritation. this razor will also offer a perfect shave in case you hold its handle vertically away from the face and trust me you feel the blades grabbing all the hair on your skin. However, try not to use pressure as you shave but just use the weight of the razor and also try to stretch the skin when shaving rigid areas in order to avoid skin-irritations. The extra-long handle makes this safety-razor to feel hefty and conformable as you shave under wet conditions.

What I need

  • 1Shark Double Edge  Razor Blades:When you buy Safety Razor, you will get a free pack of Shark stainless double edge razors, one pack has 5 blades, but once they get done, you will need to shop for more. That is to why I suggest you buy like 10 packs and get even a bigger discount of above (46%)
  • pArt of Shaving Unscented Pre-Shave Oil: This should be applied to the skin before you begin shaving in order to achieve an effortless, smooth and irritation-free shave. Apply just a small portion to your face immediately after washing it with warm water.


  • sSafety-razor stand: it helps to keep your razor safe and clean at the same time. It’s not good to place your razor anywhere after shaving because it might get infected with bacteria.

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