Parker 91R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor Review

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Parker 91R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety RazorParker double-edge safety-razors are one of the newest brands on the wet-shaving market today.  These razors have actually gained popularity amongst wets-shavers due to their attractively styled models and lower retail prices than other brands like; Merkur razors. The Parker 91R is a genuine Parker safety razor that is amongst the newest Parker models.

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The Parker 91R is a traditional 3-piece safety razor that feels extremely heavy in the hands when shaving and also features a non-slip handle that is perfect for men who like shaving in wet conditions. It also happens to be double edge safety razor and this actually means that it fits any standard double-edge razor in order to offer any man with a closer shave but at just a fraction of the price. with all this being said, i will conclude by saying that this is a premium quality safety-razor that looks very stylish yet functional and incase it is perfectly cared for, it may last for a lifetime.


  • This safety razor is capable of offering any man with a shave that is exceptionally close to the skin. This is because it is very aggressive and if used with right blades, it will leave the skin very smooth and clean. But to achieve this close shave, it is recommended to first apply some shaving soap or lotion in order to make the skin soft and ready for shaving.
  • The Parker 91R Safety-Razor feels hefty in the hands and also provides perfect balance while shaving though it’s a bit lighter than other safety-razor brands. This is because the razor has a long, heavy handle with some good knurling that actually offers a firm grip even when shaving wet in the bathroom.


  • This safety razor is not actually a good choice for those new to double-edge shaving and it’s advised to stay away from it incase you are one of them. This is mainly because the safety-razor can be very aggressive due to its wide blade-gap that is almost 4-mm. This blade-gap is not just an indicator of aggressiveness but it also means that this safety-razor can be very dangerous to men with sensitive skins because it can easily irritate your skin. In fact you should try to use little pressure while using this razor and it should only be used with a forgiving blade for men that are still learning how to use double-edge safety razors.
  • The Parker 91R Safety Razor makes it difficult to change the blades for some users. This is because it has a three piece design that is not user friendly like 2-piece or butterfly door design safety-razor. In fact, this design entirely exposes your fingers to the blades and this means that you have to be little careful when changing them.

Parker 91R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor

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Features overview:

  • It has a brass frame: this safety razor is built with an all brass frame that is extremely solid and hard for one to break. This brass frame is in turn coated with either nickel or chrome that gives the razor a nice finish while protecting it from any rust and other damages. This means that the parker 91R is very durable and is capable of lasting for a life time if cared for properly.
  • Heavy-weight safety razor: the parker 91R razor actually weighs about 3.0 ounces and implies that it carries a substantial weight in the hands while shaving. This will in turn allow for easy passes since one has to apply little or no pressure when shaving thus facilitating for irritation-free shaves which are close enough to the skin. But the fact is that this safety-razor is fairly hefty but too heavy to make someone uncomfortable while shaving.
  • The parker 91R features a 3-piece design: this is a 3-piece razor which can actually be disassembled into 3 different sections which include the handle and a 2-piece head. This implies that one can easily screw off the handle from the head in order to replace the blades or to clean the safety razor easily and after screw back the entire razor. This design even helps to hold the blades securely into the razor’s head in order for one to achieve a comfortable and irritation-free shave.
  • It is double-edge safety razor: the 91R is designed to use any standard double-edge razor blades which actually provide a smooth and close shave but at an affordable price. Double-edge blades are also readily available on the market today but it is recommended to acquire high-quality blades for best shaving results.
  • A long textured handle: this Parker 91R Safety Razor has slightly longer handle than other safety-razors. This handle has a criss-cross pattern that provides excellent grip even when this safety razor is wet. This handle really looks nice, feels heavy and also offers good balance while shaving even in extreme conditions.
  • It comes with 5-shark blades: this quality safety razor comes well-packaged with 5 shark chrome blades included. This makes the parker 91R shave ready but when these free blades get used up, you probably have to purchase new ones by yourself.

Product Quality:

  • Quality wise, the parker 91R looks modern and stylish though it is a traditional double-edge safety razor. This safety-razor is actually perfectly balanced with an all metal construction that makes it feel heavier than most safety-razors thus offering perfect balance that is required for one to achieve a close shave. The long handle on this razor that features a criss-cross pattern ensures that any man achieves an excellent grip even when shaving under wet conditions with soapy hands. This handle also feels hefty but not too heavy for one to maneuver while shaving.
  • On the other hand, this is a 3-piece safety razor that can be disassembles and assembled by simply screwing the handle from or onto a 2-piece head. This in-turn makes changing of blades quite simple and even makes it easy for one to thoroughly clean this razor after using it. The parker 91R also fits any standard double-edge razor blades and if coupled with a nice, rich lather, any man will be capable of achieving a satisfying shave that can out-perform other shaving tools. All in all, the parker 91R safety-razor has all the features that make it of typical quality, that’s why men used to double-edge razors should try it out.

Who does it benefit?

  • The parker 91R is an excellent safety-razor for experienced double-edge users: this is mainly because this safety razor is extremely aggressive whereby it has almost a 4-mm blade gap. So, one will have to master shaving blade-angle before using this master-piece incase he wishes to achieve a close and irritation-free shave. This implies that the parker 91R is not a perfect choice for beginners or anyone timid but razor rather a perfect choice for experienced double-edge shavers.


  • A good safety razor for men with fine hair: this safety razor will offers a great shave for men who don’t grow beards because it’s designed to short stubble from the face. In fact, this razor will give you a smooth, comfortable shave with no razor burns or bumps in case you are found of shaving every after 3-days or every day. However, this safety razor is very aggressive and you have to be careful while using it.


What I need

  • A razor and brush stand: this is an important tool that can be used to hang on your safety-razor and badger-brush after using and cleaning them in order to drain any water from them hence protecting them from any bacteria development. This stand is also a good storage item that can be used to keep the razor and brush in shape.


  • A safety-razor and shaving brush travel case: this protective casing can be made of leather or metal so as to securely keep your safety-razor and brush while travelling. However, this travel-case may depend on the size of the razor or brush and that’s why you should take note of that while purchasing one of these.

Parker 91R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor

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