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MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver with 2 Shock Absorber Flex Heads 2The newly introduced ultimate Pro Back Shaver has the potential to save so many from getting frustrated over having to shave distant fur from their backs. This shaver is a do it yourself tool since one takes care of his own hair without asking for extra help from a wife or friend.

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This shaver was developed with a variety of advanced features that enable it to be effective. It is a quick or fast rechargeable shaver that shows different lights to alert the user on the status of the shaver like it lights green when it is fully charged and then red when charging.

It has the capability of locking in one place using the button that comes from the handle and here one is able to get full access to the far points of his back for example the middle and the lower parts of the back. It has an ergonomic and rubberized design for the handle that has an extension lock button which is used to lock the shaver in one place. It is able to absorb shock and this is done by the two attachment shaving heads that come with the shaver.



  • The mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver is the latest invented shaver which is considered as a onetime purchase due to its functional advantages. This shaver is easy to use since it has a light weight advantage that does not other the user and the user does not have to seek for extra help to have a shaving done. This shaver allows one to do away with the disturbing hair found on the back under his own privacy at home without worrying of being interfered with by anyone.
  • This shaver is completely painless on one’s skin and it cannot be compared to the other models. It can also easily fold up such that one comes up with a compact and neat size that can easily be traveled with or even stored when not in use. One can carryout the shaving at his own time and there is no need for water or any sort of cream for shaving since itis a standalone shaver.
  • It has a design which gives one an opportunity to extend or even adjust the shaver’s handle locks such that he can acquire the required length that can enable him shave even the hardest parts to reach of the back just like the lower and middle of the back. This shaver is also rechargeable thus an extended valuable feature for the user to shave even in absence of actual power supply.


  • This great tool does not seem to have reasonable side effects but a little advice for the poor users. Those that want to do things the rough way because it will also get rough and tear off their skin like never before.

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver with 2 Shock Absorber Flex Heads 2

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Features overview:

  • The Shock Absorber flex necks: This shaver has two shaving heads that are used for cutting the edges when shaving. These come as attachments to the shaver and can be interchanged accordingly and each of them has got flex necks that do the shock absorption task for the shaver.These flex necks are able to move along the contours of one’s back so as to create a mutual connection between the skin and the blade. This is done at any angle which then leads to a comfortable and a close shave being done. The blades are non-irritating on the skin and offer a soothing feel for the person since they are made from some stainless steel.
  • The Power Burst Button: The presence of this power burst button was set to simplify shaving when it comes to shaving of really thick or coarse hair that is concentrated. All one needs to do is press this button each time he gets into the rough and extra thick hair growth that may inconvenience the shaver’s proper shaving functionality.
  • Charge Light Indicator: The shaver also comes with light indicators that are able to alert the user and it will use the red and green lights only for the indications.
  • It has a long adjustable and extendable handle: The mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver was invented to ease one’s effort involved in shaving of the back hair. The user here will no longer have to seek for any help from anyone to have his back shaved off. This is because this shaver was made to be extendable and adjustable to the far areas of the back. These could be the middle part or the lower parts of one’s back and here one is able to reach all these places with less effort thus having a clean and smooth shave.It is adjusted by pressing the button of the handle so as to lock the shaver in an angle that will favor him reach the distant areas of the back.
  • Power Hinge Easy-Push Lock: This shaver has go additional features like the power hinge easy lock button that is there to enable one press the lock button and lock the shaver at an angle that will favor him reach the back of his back without any difficulty. One will be able to do a complete shaving when the lock is in the desired position.Furthermore, one can also lock it up when it is not in use for example it can be locked when it’s going to be stored or when one is going to travel. This puts it in a favorable position to fit in the storage case

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver with 2 Shock Absorber Flex Heads 4

Product Quality:

  • The shaver has quality features that have enhanced its way of shaving; the adjustable reach of the shaver is one of the qualities that make this shaver superb in its shaving ways.It can easily be adjusted and extended to reach the far areas of the person’s back. Here one does not have to seek for help to be shaved but will personally do the shaving himself which saves one from any embarrassment that could have been brought by calling someone to do the shaving. One can reach the middle and lower parts of his back with ease and less effort.
  • The rubberized handle of the shaver is another quality feature. This handle locks into one place at the set length in a given angle.  It even has an improved fast charge battery that can easily get re-charged and also takes long to run out. This is accompanied with the alerting lights that indicate the status of the shaver each time a power related activity goes on.This shaver has 2 interchangeable shaving heads which are attached to the shaver. One of these is capable of deal with the large areas of hair and also deal with the long hair.

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver with 2 Shock Absorber Flex Heads 3

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Who does it benefit?

  • The shaver is beneficial to mostly those with so much hair on their body but most especially on their backs.This is because it comes with all attachments that are suitable to deal with this sort of hair and will make one’s task of shaving easy hence one will be able to gain public confidence especially in certain places like at the beach.
  • It can also benefit anyone who has been undergoing public treatment options. This time round, one will not have to attend such places but rather take a personal shave privately at his place with ease and painlessly?


What I need

  • Easy lotion applicator: this is an easy reach handle that you can use to apply a lotion over your back. But make sure you get one with PVA sponge applicator and a protective head cover. Most of these applicators are very easy to use and to clean.
  • Gillette body men’s shaving gel: this is a quality gel that is meant to groom the male terrain. This gel is applied to your body before you begin shaving and it’s also great for use in the showers.

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