5 Best Body Hair Groomers 2019

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”Without wasting too much of your time ‘Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100 -BG2040/34  is the best body groomer for men (it can be used on chest, balls, butt, back, legs and so much more.This multipurpose shaver worth your investment, it has a dual design which enables you to shave in any way you want and it comes at a very good price.

”Guys you might think that having a hairy body makes you look cool, but that is not true. According to a survey conducted by Remington, they discovered that majority of women prefer a man with a well groomed clean body to one with very a hairy body.

Others would suggest that a man should leave on some short hair on their chest but shave the rest of the body. Truthfully, I can’t speak for all ladies, but my wife does not like my body when it’s hairy. So guys, if you want to attract the opposite sex, I suggest you get a full body shave by using any of these tools”.








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Wet shaving is my best choice, I have a very sensitive skin, so I can’t risk dry shaving. Let’s see how you can wet shave with a body groomer.

  • Use a water proof body hair trimmer / groomer:- Not all electric groomers are water proof, but models like Norelco BG2040/34 , Norelco BG2030 , Norelco BG2020, Norelco BG2028/42 are wet & dry shavers, so they can do very well with this option. If you use an electric body groomer which is not 100% water proof to wet shave, it will get damaged by water and shaving foam.


  • Take a shower:- Before wet shaving your body, I suggest you take a full body shower, this will make your body hair very soft and easy to cut. Wash each and every part you want to shave and I suggest you shower with warm water because it will open up skin pores and make hair follicles wide.


  • Trim your hair:– Most advanced electric body groomers like those from Philips Norelco have both a foil head and a trimmer. Use the trimming section to reduce on the length of your hair to at least 2 inches. After that, you can turn the groomer and use the foil head to get a close shave.


  • Lather up:– This might be tricky especially when you want to shave the all body. You can’t leather-up the all body, but apply shaving soap to s all areas and shave them on instant. For example., you can start with the chest, this is a very wide area which harbors lots of hair, apply enough shaving cream / soap on this area and start shaving it immediately, don’t let the foam to dry.


  • Move the body groomer against the grain (direction to which your hair grows too), however, do it gently because shaving against the grain is somewhat risky.


  • Try shaving from different angles, this will help you get a close shave on certain contours. But the best shaver movement is (up and down), it is a basic movement but it gives better results.


  • Have another full body shower:- After getting better results, that’s not the end of it, you have to get a full body shower and wash off that shaving cream / soap. Use cold water, because it helps in closing skin pores. Dry your skin very well with a clean towel.


  • Rinse the shaver under running water to remove clogged hair and shaving cream.





Philips Norelco BG2040/34 

Philips Norelco BG2040-34 Bodygroom 7100

It has not been a very easy job to rank these body groomers on this list, because each of them has something unique and all of them are popular. But it seems Philips Norelco has dominated this listing, it seems to feature more body groomers than most brands. Norelco BG2040/34 is a 2-in-1 product, it can  work as a beard trimmer or body trimmer, whatever you want to use it for, it will give you the best results.

Now, let’s see why this body groomer has 4.1 out 5 start rating and over 1730 customer reviews, those ratings are not fake, real people have bought / used and appreciated its performance, hope you  also get a chance and test drive it out. So far it’s the best selling body groomer online.


  • Round Blades:- I guess when I talk about this feature, what comes in your brain is (safety), yes, it’s true, these round sharp blades will not irritate, nick or cut your skin. Simply enjoy a close shave throughout and feel clean. This body hair groomer was designed for men who want to get clean close body shave. It can be used to shave the chest, butt, groin, abs, under arms, legs, shoulders and the back.


  • 3D Pivoting Head:- Flexibility is very important when using a body groomer, I ‘m sure you can’t stand a stiff body groomer, it will limit you from making certain strokes. With all that said, Philips Norelco BG2040/34 Body groom 7100 has a 3D Pivoting head which rotates in more than one direction; it will follow each contour on your body and give you the best shave of your choice.


  • Charges in 1 Hour:- This is a great feature because it out competes Norelco BG2030 & Norelco BG2020 Body Groomers, these two premium models charge for 8 hours, yet Philips Norelco BG2040/34 charges for only 1 hour. I know it did not make it in Position 1, but still it’s among the best body groomers.


  • Dual Sided Design:- One side has a built-in trimming comb yet the other side has a foil head shaver, so if you want to trim your body hair, you can use the other side with a built-in trimming comb, adjust the comb to get a good shave. However, if you want to clear off everything, switch to the other side which features a foil, blades  are beneath the foil but they have the capability to capture and cut every single hair on your body.

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MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

Majority of body groomers featured on this list can’t do a great job when it comes to shaving your back. This Mangroomer Unltimate Pro back shaver was tailored for that specific job. It also has a brother called MANGROOMER SKU 211-6 ELECTRIC BACK HAIR SHAVER  (DO-IT-YOUR-SELF) , these two models guarantee you with a close back shave. Both of them have long flexible handles which stretch very well enabling you reach each and every section of your back.

It comes with 2 Interchangeable shaving heads, you can use one at a time, until you get the best results. At least it’s a do-it-your-self product, you don’t need help from any one to shave your back. The handle is long enough and it has a lock button which allows you to lock the gadget at a specific angle.

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Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40-S Hair & Body Trimmer:

Panasonic ER-GB40-S

At first I wanted to leave out this body shaver. I will tell you the truth, to me it’s more of a beard trimmer than a body groomer. I know it can groom a very hairy body very well, but I doubt if it can reach those hard-to-shave areas like the back and underarm. May be you can use it to shave hair on your chest / abs, but other than that, I can’t put it close to Philips Norelco BG2030 Norelco BodyGroom. However, lets see what makes it really worth our dime.


  • 19 length settings:- Let me say this is the best feature that I like about this Panasonic ER-GB40-S, otherwise, other features where tailored for other functions not body grooming / shaving. Choose between these 19 length settings and get a custom body shave. Men with very thick / course hair, you have to trim your hair first before opting for a close shave, this will prevent clogging of the shaver and at the same time it speeds up the grooming process.


  • Cordless Trimmer:- Enjoy the convince of shaving your chest hair with this cordless Panasonic ER-GB40-S shaver. After shaving, you can wash it with water because its water proof. This added feature makes it user friendly.

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Gillette Fusion ProglideStyler 

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1 Mens Body Groomer With Beard Trimmer

When Braun and Gillette bring together their grooming technology, their finial product is supposed to be good. I’m surprised that it costs less than $20 yet it performs better than most body hair trimmers / groomers. However, it will take you a while to cover the all body because it’s shaving head is not wide enough to cover a wide surface area. Let’s see what makes this Gillette Fusion Proglide styler unique and worth our money:


  • Three-in-One:- You will spend only $18 to get the best men’s body groomer and beard trimmer. This single purchase will save you lots of cash, yet the product its self is of a high quality. After trimming body hair, you can switch and start trimming your beard as well. This will save you from using more than one grooming tool and at the same time save you lots of time & cash.


  • Water Proof:- Majority of men prefer shaving from the shower, simply because it’s private and very easy to clean after shaving. On the other hand, for you to get better results, your hair has to be soft, and the only way of doing this is by having a warm shower before shaving. Water and soap will make body hair very soft and very easy to shave. Determine the length of your hair by using the 3 custom combs which come with this body groomer. But if you want a real close body shave, don’t use any of these combs.


  • Precision Edging Blade:- This is a great feature borrowed from Gillette Proglide razor. It will help you get a clean close safe shave.


  • Slim and Easy to Use: – This body groomer has a very slim design which makes it easy to hold and use. It can maneuver over your body smoothly and reach each and every part of your body.

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Philips Norelco BG2030 BodyGroom Plus

Philips Norelco BG2030 Norelco BodyGroom Plus
According to most users, Philips Norelco BG2030 Norelco BodyGroom is the best electric body groomer / shaver for men. Not only does it shave off hair, but it also leaves you with a clean shave, so no one will tell that you actually grow hair on your body. In this brief review, I want us to look into some of the reasons why this body groomer stands out as the best body hair trimmer for men because we have many of them out there, but why should one model dominate the market, what is so special about it?


  • Better Performance:- You might be skeptical at first, but when you use this body hair groomer / trimmer, you will like its performance. The end results will mark the end of your skepticism and that will mark your attachment with this model. This Norelco body groomer has 5 Lock in Length Settings which allow you to adjust shaving length of this body trimmer, if you want a super clean shave, you can adjust it to the last length settings, but if you want to leave on some stubble, choose the 2nd / 3rd last length settings.. This shaver can be used to shave your chest and other parts of the body, it’s so forgiving on the skin and very tough on body hair. But I’m not sure if it can reach all sections at your back, give it a try and see, if it refuses, use a good back shaver like Mangroomer 211-6.


  • Extra Large Trimming Comb:- The size of a body hair trimmer’s comb is very essential. Shaving your body is not the same as shaving a beard. The area to be covered when shaving a body is very wide, so if you use a body hair trimmer which has a small trimming comb, you will spend too much time trying to get a full body close shave. On the other hand this Norelco BG2030 Norelco BodyGroom Plus comes with an extra large trimming comb which covers a wide area, so you will shave that body / chest in just minutes.


  • Extra Sensitive Trimming Comb:- Men with very sensitive skins, you don’t have to worry anymore when it comes to shaving / grooming your bodies. Norelco-BG2030 body groom plus was tailored for sensitive skins, its trimming combs are very smooth and skin friendly. So you can shave under your arm without worrying about getting bumps or ingrown hairs.


  • Smooth Shaving Foil:- This is a very cool feature, it attributes to this shavers performance and uniqueness. The smooth foil head will maneuver over your skin smoothly, leave no hair on the body and won’t irritate your skin. Men who have used this body hair trimmer (groomer) have reported that they got better results without feeling any single pain / hair pulling. Blades are hidden beneath the foils, but this shaver can capture even underlying hairs and expose them to the blades for cutting.

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Philips Norelco BG2020 BodyGroom

Philips Norelco BG2020 BodyGroom

Both Norelco BG2030 and BG2020 have the same design and structure, however, there has to be a small difference which makes one premium and the other ordinary. But both body hair trimmers (groomers) are good. So, let’s see what makes Philips Norelco BG2020 BodyGroom unique.


  • Ergonomic design:- Before I go any further, I will comment on the design of Norelco BG2020 body groomer. Its ergonomic design makes it very easy to hold the shaver while in the shower. It has a curvy shape which  makes the shaver look nice and appealing to men.


  • Rechargeable:- By default, all Norelco body hair trimmers are rechargeable, at least I will give them a thumb up because you don’t have to buy new battery cells all the time. However, the charging time is quite long, you will wait for 8 hours for this model to charge fully, but once its full, you will get 50 minutes of cordless body grooming which is pretty a good deal. So , if you can’t wait for the 8 recharging hours, I suggest you charge it at night, by the time you wake up the morning, the shaver will be fully charged, ready to groom your body.


  • Trims and Shaves all body parts:- Judging from its design and length settings, you can easily groom any part of your body, be it a chest, legs, butt, underarm, back, stomach and so much more. It’s stainless blades are strong and sharp enough, so they have the ability to maneuver through any thick / course body hair.


  • Comes with 3 attachment combs:- Choose the right shaving length, the shaver comes with 3 attachment combs to enable you leave on some hair on the body. It is not advisable to get a full body clean shave, because hair found on your body is used to regulate body temperature, and so if you shave it all, your body will have temperature regulating issues.

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MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer with Power Burst

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer with Power Burst

I was a little bit biased with Panasoni ER-GB40-S, because it’s not 100% tailored for body grooming, even though on its description, I saw that you can use it to groom your body. I’m more interested in products tailored for specific tusks. For example; this MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer was created for body grooming / trimming, this makes a lot of sense to me as a consumer, because it’s description is just on point. Norelco BG2040/34  is somehow related to this Mangroomer, yet they’re both produced by different companies….so, let’s see what makes this Mangroomer special:


  • Tow-in-One:- This product is multipurpose and it comes at an affordable price. It’s a two-in-one male grooming machine, it combines both Ultimate Pro body groomer and trimmer functionalities, making it very easy for you to do more than one tusk without changing shaving tool.


  • Double Sided Trimmer:- This will give you the opportunity to shave from any angle making it very easy to reach any part of the body, even those hard to shave areas like underarm & the neck. The foil head shaver can be used when you want to get a close shave, it captures both long and short underlying hair without irritating your skin.


  • 7 Length Settings:- This is an adjustable body grooming tool for men, it has 7 length settings, you can choose between any of these 7 settings and get a custom shave. This groomer can be used to remove hair from the stomach, underarm, chest, shoulders and the back.


  • Power bust button:- This is a great feature for men with very thick hair. If you try the default motor speed and see no results, switch on the power burst button, this will increase on the speed and power of the groomer, making it very easy to shave thick course body hair.

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Philips Norelco BG2028/42

Philips Norelco BG2028-42 Bodygroom 3100I will close this body groom review article with this Philips Norelco BG2028/42 Bodygroom 3100. It somehow looks like Philips Norelco BG2020, but it lacks a few features, though it performs really well if you learn how to use it properly.

Even though it has been ranked last on this list, it does not mean it’s not cool; actually this is a list of the best electric body groomer for men, so any product featured here is good, though rankings and performance differ.  Philips Norelco BG2028/42 Bodygroom 3100 features:


  • Wet & Dry shaving options:- I know majority of men prefer wet shaving to dry shaving because wet shaving is safe and it saves you from getting bumps after getting a full body shave. Philips Norelco BG2028/42 Bodygroom 3100. is water proof, so even when used under running water, it will still perform as expected.


  • 3 Trimming Combs:- You can adjust shaving length basing on your needs and get a custom body shave.


  • Skin friendly foil shaver:- The Bodygroom 3100’s has hypoallergenic foil and rounded blades which maneuver over your skin smoothly and cause no skin irritation. The blades are self sharpening and they don’t need lubrication, which makes the groomer maintenance free.

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Electric body groomers are perfect body shaving / trimming tools, they are tailored to work in both dry & wet shaving conditions, now, lets see how you can use them without water / shaving cream:

  • Your skin is supposed to be dry, it’s not supposed to be dump.
  • Your hair is supposed to be trimmed to a stubble length, this will make it very easy to dry shave it with any of these body groomers. To trim your body hair, you can use a groomer which features more than 5 length settings, it has to be adjustable , some have built-in trimming combs while other have external combs. The main purpose of these combs is to help you customize shaving length, you will not get a close shave, but they help trim your body hair to a reasonable length.
  • Put a foil shaver head on the groomer, this will enable you shave that short trimmed hair. Premium body groomers like Norelco BG2030 have standard foil heads which cover a wide area, so you will get a quick close shave.
  • Stretch your skin when dry shaving. Let one hand stretch the skin and the other hold the groomer, move the machine slowly so that you avoid irritating the skin. Shave against the grain, because this is the only way you can get a close shave with just a few strokes, however, this method has its own drawbacks, if you use too much pressure, you will definitely irritate the skin and stand a high chance of getting bumps.
  • Glide the shaver smoothly but make sure it reaches each and every part of your body. However, you might not be in position to shave the back, so in that case, you will need a back shaver.
  • Wash your body after shaving. This will help remove shaved hair from your body, leaving it clean and smooth.
  • Wash the shaver very well and let it dry before storing it. Always make sure your body groomer is in good condition. This will guarantee you with good performance next time you need a body shave.



Best Body Groomer

I know majority of you are scared that when you shave your body, you will get bumps. It’s true you can get them if you use the wrong shaving tool and the experience is not that cool. The best way of avoiding getting bumps when shaving your body, is to wet shave. It does not matter if you’re using a manual razor or an electric body groomer. Have a full body shower so that your hair becomes soft and very easy to shave. You can apply some shaving soap / use ordinary bathing body soap; this improves on the shaving experience and reduces skin irritation, thus preventing bumps. Get more instructions below this post.



This is a very tricky question, but I will give you my opinion as a fellow man. Ladies are very unique people, their desires differ from time to time, today she will like a well groomed clean man, tomorrow she will fancy one with a hairy chest and well trimmed beard, the other day she will fall for a full beard guy. In my opinion, just be neat and well groomed, do it for hygienic purposes not for ladies, because when she falls for you, she will expect more than just a well groomed body. Just be a real man, look good , presentable, bold and focused, don’t pay too much attention to what women think of you, in that way, they will get attracted to you because they need your attention.



  • Body groomers are supposed to shave all body parts, but you can’t use it to shave facial hair. However, Norelco shavers have a smooth foil shaving head which can be used to shave the neck or below the jaw line. Models like Norelco BG2040/34 have a beard trimmer which features built-in combs making it very easy to groom your beard. So, if you use them well, you can get good stubble.



  • Hairy men always have issues when it comes to shaving their legs. Skin found on the legs is not that soft so it is not easily irritated, however, if you use a wrong shaving tool like multiple blades razors, you will stand a high chance of getting bumps on your legs. So the best solution is to use a wet & dry electric body groomer. Leather up your legs before shaving so that hair becomes soft and very easy to shave…..this will reduce on skin irritation and save you from getting bumps. May be the other thing you have to note is to shave towards the grain, but this process might require you to make more than one stroke. So if you decide to shave against the grain, try to be very gentle when moving the shaver over your legs, don’t use too much pressure when shaving.


In most cases, women are bothered by hair on legs; it is very rare to find a hairy woman, however, some ladies have hairy bodies and I’m sure you can use any of these body groomers to remove excess hair from your body. But when it comes to shaving hair under the arm, you can use a traditional safety razor; it might give you the best results.



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