How to Shave Your Butt – Removing Hair from Your Butt

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How to Shave Your ButtThis is a very interesting topic, I have been waiting to tackle this topic for weeks, but today, I will dig deep and see how you can remove hair from your butt. However, before digging deep, you need to know that by default your bodies should have hair; it maintains our body temperature and at the same time prevents foreign particles from finding their way onto our bodies.

Not all men shave their butts because no one really cares about your butt unless when you’re a GY. But majority of women shave their butts, a woman’s body is expected to be clean and perfect. With that in mind, many ladies wax their butts because hair takes really long to grow back as compared to shaving it.  Today we have many products which claim to be perfect hair removers, some of them work but others are just fabs. In my opinion, you should use a body hair groomer / Permanent Laser Hair Removal device/  safety razor and a disposable razor to shave your butt.


  • Choose the right shaving tool:- When it comes to shaving your buttocks, you need to use the right tool. I know we have many of them out there, but not everything sold on the market works, don’t even fall for those highly priced grooming tools. In my opinion you can use a safety razor / a body hair groomer like (Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro – BG2040/34 7100 or MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Body Groomer). These two shaving tools are friendly to the skin and they really give a close smooth irritation free shave. When it comes to choosing safety razors, you have to opt for a long handled razor like Merkur 180 Long Handled Razor / Parker 96r. These two razors have long handles and they have some weight on them, so you don’t have to use too much pressure when shaving that butt / a*s*s.
  • Get a Mirror:- You will need a bathroom wall mirror to see the upper butt and a small hand held mirror for viewing below the butt. Ladies, you have to be very gentle when shaving below the butt because it’s close to other sensitive parts which I might not talk about here. I will explain how to use any of these two mirrors as we go on with this post.
  • Take a Shower:- This is a basic step which I assume you know of, but still, I can’t take that risk because most men will ignore this part, so I have to stress it out very well. It doesn’t hurt or consume lots of time to have a full body shower. Make sure you clean your buttocks very well. You can set shower water to a warm temperature, because warm water can open skin pores and also make hair follicles very soft and easy to shave. Using warm water while showering will also kill any germs around your butt. After taking that shower, use a clean dry towel to remove water on your body, that butt has to be wet free.
  • Use shaving Gel:- After getting rid of shower water from the butt, apply shaving cream / soap to the butt. This will make hair on the butt very soft. If you use soap, try to mix it with water to make huge foam and then apply on your butt. Wet shaving is very safe because it will save you from getting ingrown hairs & razor bumps on your butt. However, avoid using very sensitive shaving gels / soaps.
  • Start Shaving:- I don’t want to waste anybodies time, because you can here to learn how to shave your butt and I want you to get started now. If you have decided to use a safety razor, wet it by running tapping water over the razor, and then make your first stroke. However, hair on your butt grows to a different direction, so make sure you follow the grain, otherwise, shaving against it will result into serious painful ingrown hairs & bumps. Add more shaving gel / soap until the all but is shaved.
  • Rinse your Buttocks:- Rinse off the shaving gel using cold water, this will help in closing skin pores and at the same time  help you notice areas left with hair. If you have some parts with hair, apply shaving gel / soap on them and shave them clean. If the razor gets clogged by the hair & gel, rinse it in water and clean off the obstacles and then go ahead with shaving that butt clean.
  • Apply Antiseptic: Use an antiseptic product to sooth your butt skin, it will also kill germs and prevent bumps and any other related infections. If you don’t use antiseptic, you will leave your butt’s skin irritated and prone to getting bumps. In this case, I recommend Cool Fix antiseptic solution, it’s very easy to apply and it reacts immediately after applying it.
  • Use baby Powder:- Ladies are more likely to use baby powder to soften and dry butt skin. For men, you can stop at an antiseptic, no one want to know if your skin is smooth, though it’s not bad to use baby powder on your butt.
  • Wear Clean and Dry pants:- Guys, don’t wear the same underwear every day, try to be hygienic, at least have 7 under wares with you, 1 clean underwear per day. Very few ladies wear the same underwear twice, at least they know how to stay clean down there, but guys, always take things for granted. Dirty under wears harbors bacteria & germs which might into a fresh shaved butt.




NOTE:- You should always allow hair to grow fully before shaving it, it’s very important to have hair on your butt, it keeps it warm and also stops / prevents foreign things from getting into your skin easily.



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