The Best Single Blade Razor – vs Multi Blade (Detailed Review)

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Feather WS-D1S Stainless Steel and Wood Double Edge Safety RazorWHAT IS SINGLE BLADE RAZOR?

For those who don’t know what a tickSingle blade razor is; It is a type of razor which uses only one razor blade to give you a clean close shave. They vary in types; we have butterfly / open / slant / 3 piece and 2 piece. But all these types of razors  use one single blade which you can easily replace by detaching the head of the razor & handle.

Most prominent male grooming companies like Gillette use persuasive adverts to push the popularity of Multi Blade Razors, and I’m sure majority of men including me have owned one / two of these razors. They’re cheap to buy but expensive to maintain, because you always have to buy new cartridges and the price of a single packet of razor cartridges is more expensive than a packet of single blade razor blades. If I leave the expense issue aside, their is another issue with Multi blades razors, they are too aggressive and not friendly to sensitive skins like single blade razors. In this post, I will cover both similarities and differences between single blade and multi-blade razors, after that I will give you my own verdict and at the same time suggest some of the best single blade razors you can use. Feel free to tell us your experience with any of these manual shaving tools by using the commenting box below this post.

5 Best Single Blade Razors:

  1. tickMerkur Long Handled Razor – Check Price on Amazon****best choice****Offers you with an extra close shave that multiple blade razors can’t provide…..It features a Long Handle – which is great for individuals with large hands. Its chrome finish gives it a unique and long lasting look. You can use it to shave thick / long beards. The handle balances very well to give you a steady grip when wet shaving….(does not rust because of it is made of stainless steel… feel free shave while in the shower) ***Great for Women Too***
  2. tickParker 99R – Long Handle Super Heavy Weight Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor – Check Price on Amazon****Just like its name – SUPER HEAVY WEIGHT – apparently the best butterfly open razor for thick beards. Its chrome plated brass frame is durable and nice looking. Grip is absolutely good – you can use it with wet hands. Weighs 3.4 ounces and it comes with  5 Shark Super Chrome blades. ****User Friendly: 
  3. tickEdwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Single Blade Razor – Check Price on Amazon****It uses a single blade but you can shave from both sides because its a Double Edge Razor. It is smart and durable. Shaves as close as a straight razor and its head fits all Double Edge Razor Blades.****It is Perfectly Balanced and Beautiful*****
  4. tickMerkur Heavy Duty Classic Razor – Check Price on Amazon****Features a short handle and its extra weight makes it possible to have a real close shave. Can be used by beginners and wet shavers. ****It is so much better than all multi-blade razors on the market**** NO BUMPS***its built to last for a lifetime…..all beginners should start with this razor….
  5. tickParker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor – Check Price on Amazon****It has a textured handle for a sure grip – so you can use it while in the shower. It also has a long handle just like Merkur Razor 180 – this makes it a good razor for people with long hands. Get a close and comfortable shave with Parker 96r…****It is an excellent razor – WORTH YOUR MONEY****you will also get free 5 super chrome blades****

How To Wet Shave With a Safety Razor 2





A single blade razor is very easy to use, you don’t need a user manual to grasp the techniques, however, practice makes perfect, so the more you use it the better. When using these manual shaving tools, make sure you leather up with a very good shaving soap, this will soften your beards / hair and at the same time open up skin pores making it very easy to shave.

When you wet shave with a single blade razor, that shaving cream / soap will clog the head & blade making it difficult to get a close shave, so you should always dump the razor in a mug of water and remove shaving cream / hair and then continue shaving.

Always make sure that you follow the grain, this is the direction to which your hair grows too. Shaving against the grain can give you a quick close shave, but it exposes you to so many risks like cutting your skin, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.  If you have a soft wrinkled face, I suggest you pull the skin as you shave, this will create a flat surface making it easy for the razor to maneuver over your skin easily…continue reading here>>>>>







This Merkur Long Handled razor has rocked the market for a while and it has become every man’s best choice. It is very easy to use and it fits both short & large hands. Its handle is well studded, you can easily use it while in the shower, it can’t slip off your hand because of a very strong grip.

Pro:- Ideal for men with large hands

Con:It’s interior sections can rust once water is left on them for long.



  • Does not rust:- This is a stainless razor with a chrome finish sturdy making it resistant to rust. So if you always like to shave while in the shower, feel free to do so. The razor will remain in its original condition, however, it is advisable to clean it well after shaving, disassemble it and let it dry properly before storing it.
  • Long Handle:- If you have been using disposable multi-blade razors, you will find it very easy to adjust to this single blade razor because of its long handle. On the other hand, men with large hands will prefer this model to other models because it fits in large hands very well.
  • Comes with one Blade:- When you place an order for this model today, you will get a free Merkur blade to start with, the blade is sharp enough and it can shave for quite long, however, you need to buy a full packet of  blades, check out these cool double edge razor blades for this Merkur.
  • Good on skin with Pimples / Acne:- Teenagers have problems with pimples and acne, so they always have issues using manual razors when shaving. This merkur is the best single blade razor for skins with pimples / acne. However, leather up with a good non sensitive shaving soap / cream, this will reduce on skin irritation, also let your strokes be light to avoid hurting your self.
  • Great Weight:- Merkur 180 has a great weight which improves on your shaving experience. It weighs 2.1 ounces (60 grams), it’s not too heavy / light, it’s very easy to use and hold for a longer time.

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Every beginner should opt for this single blade razor, it is a very forging model, very friendly to sensitive skins and it requires you to make just a few strokes to get a clean close shave. It is a well balanced razor and can accommodate all types of DE blades making it user friendly and affordable at the same time. It has a medium length handle which contributes to its balance. If you have ever used a straight razor before, you will appreciate the performance of this DE89Lbl because it shaves just as close as a straight razor.

Pro:- Very easy to use / Can use any DE Razor

Con:- Does not have a strong grip like Merkur 180, this is due to its smooth handle


  • Excellent Balance:- You can easily get a close shave if the razor you’re using has an excellent balance. With this DE89Lbl, you will get results as you need them in a very short period of time.
  • Smart and Durable:- This chrome plated DE razor is nice looking / smart and durable. If it slips off your hands while in shower and falls onto the floor, you will pick it up when it’s intact and in good condition, so you don’t have to worry about its durability, DE89Lbl, was made to last for years and years, even your grand kids can use it.
  • Lined Pattern on the handle:- This DE89Lbl has a detailed lined handle which makes it possible to shave while in the shower.

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Merkur Heavy Duty 34c is a very nice razor, it looks exactly like Merkur 180 Long, however, the only difference is the length of the handle, but the rest of the features are the same. This Double Edge Single Blade razor has a stainless steel finishing which makes it durable and rust free.

Pro: – Strong grip provided by a knurled handle…..this makes the razor easy to use even when in the shower

Con: – Handle is for people with short hands, so those with large hands are left out.


  • Loads easily:- Changing and cleaning blades is very easy, all you need to do is to screw off the handle from the head and place the razor where it’s supposed to be and screw back the handle.
  • Its Weight:– Merkur 34c is very hefty and it feels well when held in hands, it’s weight is well balanced guaranteeing you with a quick close shave any time you need it.
  • Good on thick course beards:- Since the razor is heavy, you don’t have to use to much force when shaving a thick beard, its weight will be inserted on the beard and guarantee you with a quick close shave.

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Parker 99R - Long Handle SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

If you have never used an open single blade razor, you should give this Parker 99r a try, it’s an extra ordinary razor with very unique features. When it comes to changing / inserting a new blade, all you have to do is to switch the knobs on the side and the head will open up like a butterfly’s wings, once the head is open, you will see where the blade goes and after inserting it in, you will switch off the knob so that the head closes-up.

Pro: – It has a very excellent grip enhanced by its detailed long handle.

Con: – This twist to open razor requires a person who has been using single blade razors for a while, otherwise a beginner might find it difficult to use.



  • Solid Metal:- Forget about those light weight razors which require you to use too much pressure when shaving a thick course beard, Parker 99r is a custom solid metal razor, it weighs 4.0 ounces / grams and it is very good at shaving long thick beards.
  • 4 Inch long textured handle:- This type of handle gives the razor a nice grip and makes it possible to shave while in the shower. Men with large hands you can opt for this razor, it a direct competitor for Merkur 180.
  • Rust Resistant:- The chrome plated brass frame is durable and 99% rust resistant. However, before storing it, I advise you to wash it well and let it dry before storing.

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  • PARKER 96R

Parker 96R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 96R is also an open razor shaver, it has the same design like Parker 99r though their is a slight difference in its weight, it’s not as heavy as 99R, but still its weight is not too bad. It’s a Genuine Parker single blade razor with all necessary features to guarantee you with a clean close shave. It comes with 1 free blade, but you can buy these replacement blades from AMAZON or any nearby store.



  • Looks Nice:- If you have been used to silver finish razors, you should change to something unique and cool, the black long handle gives this razor a new look. It’s well made.
  • Butterfly Opening:- Sometimes replacing and changing blades is never easy. If you have owned a 2 / 3 piece single blade razor, you will agree with me that it takes too much time to replace / insert a new blade in any of these razors, however, when it comes to this 96R, all you have to do is to snap the knob and the head opens up, insert / remove an old razor, and then snap of the head so that it closes, its that simple and time saving.

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  • Advanced closeness:- If you use any of these two manual shaving tools, you will get a close shave. It does not matter of you have a fine / thick course beard, these two sharp shaving tools will maneuver through that beard in no seconds.
  • They Shave in all angles:- Unlike electric shavers which rotate to specific directions, these two manual shaving tools can be twisted and used from any angle, that is to why they’re in position to offer you with a clean close shave anytime you need it. For example, you can easily shave your neck or below the jaw using any of these two manual shaving tools.
  • Wet & Dry shave: – You can use any of these two grooming tools to either get a dry / wet shave. However, it is safer to opt for the wet shave option because it reduces on skin irritation and at the same time guarantees you with a very clean smooth close shave. Majority of black men have very sensitive skins, so they do better with the wet shaving option. You can use the same shaving soap / cream with any of these tools.



  • One blade vs Multiple:- When you use a single blade razor, you will use only one razor blade and this will reduce on the aggressiveness of the tool. A single packet of safety razor blades costs only $15 and it has over 100 blades which you can use over time. On the other hand, a multiple blade razor uses multiple blades which come in form of cartridges, these razors are very aggressive and in most cases they end up cutting hair under the skin which results into bumps & ingrown hairs.
  • Durability:- All single blade razors are tailored to last for long, they have chrome / steel finishing which ensures that the razor survives all conditions, so even when it drops from the sink to the floor, it will stay intact. On the hand, multiple blades are made out of plastic, a very nice multiple blade razor like ‘Gillette Fusion Proglide” will cost you $31, its cartridge costs $15 and it works for a few weeks, if I make a total, I come up with $46, but once it falls onto the floor and you step on it by mistake, it breaks into two and you lose $46 investment in just minutes.
  • Flexball Technology:- Unlike single blade razors which have no advanced technology in them, a very good multiple blade razor like (Gillette Fusion Proglide) has a flexball technology which improves on the shaving experience. So I will give a thumb up to (Gillette Fusion Proglide) for having that feature, but I’m not sure of the other related brands / models id they have a similar feature.
  • Lubrastrip vs Curved Head:- A single blade razor’s head is curved, so once the razor is inserted inside, it will be curved, in that case, it shaves at a certain angle to avoid direct interaction with the skin, this design feature prevents skin irritation. On the other hand, a multiple blade razor like (Gillette Fusion Proglide) features a Lubrastrip which is infused with mineral oil, this enables the razor to move smoothly on the skin to prevent skin irritation. Now we have seen, both features where designed to prevent irritation and to improve on your shaving experience, so I guess we have a draw – draw.
  • Blade Stabilizer – vs Stationed Blade:- This feature is found in only advanced multiple blade razors like (Gillette Fusion Proglide), it enables the razor to adjust blades basing on the contours of your face, this feature sounds good, because our contours differ. On the other hand, a single blade razor’s blade is stationed in one position, it can’t adjust when the contour changes.



I have made these comparisons basing on (Gillette Fusion Proglide), it’s an advanced multiple blade razor, not all related models have those advanced features, but still it does not out compete single blades like Merkur Long 180.  Single blade Razors are affordable, durable, skin friendly, easy to use and easy to maintain, so they win this battle.




When you use a multi-blade razor, blades will maneuver over your skin so many times, the first blade will pull the hair up and the second blade will cut the hair. This process leads to a real close shave and I’m sure this is what every man wants. However, there is a possibility of pulling hair from the skin / cutting hair under the skin, this can irritate your skin and at the same time result into razor bumps / ingrown hairs which take a while to heal. Many times when a man gets swollen bumps / painful ingrown hairs, they give up in shaving for some time, because if they do this, bumps / ingrown hairs heal by themselves. Much as this option is good, it results into a fully grown beard and if they try to use a multi-blade razor on such a beard, they go back into the same cycle.

Using a multiple-blade razor is not good for your skin, I know Gillette and other related companies will continue selling them to you using persuasive adverts, but the fact will remain that they can’t do better than single blade razors.



In contrast to what a multi-blade does, a double edge safety razor maneuvers over your skin gently, the razor blade is curved to avoid direct interaction with the skin, it shaves at a certain angle which ensures that you get a clean smooth shave without pulling hair from your skin, it doesn’t cut hair under the skin, saving you from getting razor bumps / ingrown hairs. I see no reason why you should use a razor which pulls and cuts hair under the skin, a safety razor will gently lift hair from the skin and cut it gently leaving you with a very clean smooth shave.

When it comes to pricing, you might find that the price of some single blade razors is high compared to multiple blade razors, however, that initial investment is worth it, because in the long-run, you will spend very little money when using a double edge safety razor. A full packet of 100 blades will cost you only $10, if I do the math that is $0.1 per blade, this packet can take you for over 6 months, yet when you use a multi-blade razor, you will spend $2-$3 on each cartridge which is quite expensive. So when buying a safety razor, the price might seem high compared to that of a multi-blade razor, but in the long run you will save lots of cash.



The day you switch from multiple blade razors and try out a double edge single blade razor, is the day you will notice that grooming companies have been taking advantage of you. A DE Razor is so forgiving and skin friendly, it is cheap to maintain and easy to use. However, you have to shave slowly, and always follow the grain. If you try to go against the grain, you might get bumps / ingrown hairs which take long to heal. Companies like Gillette have tried to promote cartridge razors very well and every man thinks they’re the best, but that is wrong. I don’t say that you throw away your Gillette, keep it, but give a try to these single blade razors, you will see a very big difference by yourself, I’m not trying to sell to you, but I’m telling you a fact.

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