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The Merkur Classic safety razor is a great shaving tool that is not only visually appealing, but it is also very well-balanced and comfortable to use when shaving under wet conditions.

MERKUR CLASSIC SAFETY-RAZORit’s designed with a short handle which is very beneficial when doing light touch-up passes as you wind up the shaving and particularly in the common troublesome spots like around the jaw-line and lower-neck. This safety-razor even features a traditional 3-piece design and this means that the cutting-head can be unscrewed from the handle for easy blade-replacement.

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This 3-piece design also plays a great role when it comes to the longevity of this razor because there are actually no mechanical-parts that are prone to wearing-out and it even makes the safety-razor easier to clean and maintain. In case you have been looking for a quality shaving-piece to add to your collection or upgrade to a razor with a classic look and feel, then the Merkur Classic safety-razor will be a great choice. This safety-razor is also affordable yet of high quality and trust me, it will give you the cleanest and closest shave ever.



This is a well-balanced razor which is very easy to grip even when shaving with wet or soapy hands in the showers hence this makes it a perfect choice for men who like wet-shaving. The quality of the shave provided by this razor is also great whereby it’s not too aggressive or too mild compared to some razors on the market.


The biggest drawback about this razor is blade replacement. When you place blades into the razor-head, these blades to stick within this head a little a bit and they can actually be a little hard or tricky to get off. This razor also has a short handle and this may not work for men with large hands because it will feel small and uncomfortable when held in the hands as you shave.


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Features overview:

  • Its chrome finished: this razor has a chrome-plated finish throughout and this enables the razor-head to move easily through any lather and across the face as you shave. This finish also enables the razor to maneuver well in those hard to get areas like along the jawline and around the chin. The chrome even shields the safety-razor from getting damaged or rusty and this implies that it increases on the longevity of your razor.
  • It features a double edge design: this means that this razor fits any standard double-edge razor blades which are available on the market and at a cheaper price. Razors with a double-edge design also tend to offer a smoother and closer shave than single-blades razor and this is because they are gentler on the skin as you shave.
  • Short 3-inch handle: the razor’s handle is noticeably shorter than those on most other safety-razors and in fact this handle features a beautifully engraved pattern on top which offers optimum grip as you shave under wet-conditions. This handle does have ample weight which provides good balance while shaving. This implies that the classic razor is evenly weighted and also easy to maneuver during use.
  • Nice solid construction: this is built with brass which literally a very strong metal and the chrome plating also make it much shiny and stronger. Though this razor is made of metal, it has a weight that is neither too-light nor too-heavy, so there is no need of applying excessive pressure with this razor against the skin as you shave. I conclude by saying that the Merkur classic is a reasonably made safety-razor that will be able to work for you for generations.
  • Three-piece design: This design enables the user to easily unscrew the shaving-head from the handle hence making blade removal and replacement very easyand quicker. This simple design will greatly help in the longevity of this safety-razor because it does not actually expose any mechanical-parts that are prone to damage and it also makes the safety-razor much easier to clean and maintain.


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Product Quality:

The Merkur classic is reasonably made safety razor with chrome plating on top which gives it a shiny look while protecting it from any rust or damage and this means that it be able to offer you wet-shaves for a many years.

The handle on this razor is a bit shorter compared to those on other razors but surprisingly this handle offers a firm grip when shaving because it’s well-textured on top. This handle also feels comfortable and hefty when held into your hands.

The head on this classic razor fits any standard double-edge razor and it is also a bit wide hence it will be able to cover a large section while offering you with a smooth shave.

Who Does It Benefit?

I think this safety-razor is the ideal shaving-tool for new or longtime wet-shavers with an average beard thickness and coarseness. This is because the razor offers great balance and right aggressiveness as you shave, it even feels well-made and will last for a lifetime.

This razor will also work perfectly for men with average sized hands because it has a short length handle which is also well-textured. If you have long or large hands, this razor may not work well for you because it will feel a bit uncomfortable in the hands.


The firm grip, balance and hefty-feel of the Merkur classic handle makes it very user friendly whereby it feels very comfortable to hold and use as you shave under wet-conditions. This razor is also light in weight and this means that you don’t have to use too much pressure to achieve a clean and smooth shave.

The Merkur classic safety-razor will offer you with a nice, mild shave without being too aggressive and this means that there will be fewer chances of getting skin-irritations during and after shaving your skin. When it comes to grip, the razor’s handle is textured with a nice looking pattern on top which provides a sure grip as you shave the skin under wet conditions.

What I need

  • Quality badger brush: this does a great job when it comes to lathering up your face before shaving. These brushes exist in different brands so you can pick one that prefer.
  • Merkur super double-edge blades: These are high quality blades that can fit perfectly into any double edged razor. These blades will also last for longer period of time compared to some other brands.

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