Merkur Classic 1904 Safety Razor Review – Open Comb Razor

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Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor Review

In case you are fan of double edge safety-razor shaving then must be able to instantly recognize Merkur safety-razors because of their quality craftsmanship, excellent construction and even their superior shave.

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TheMerkur 1904 classic safety razor is certainly no exception because has several outstanding features and in fact comes both open and closed comb designs. In this article,am specifically focusing on the open comb design which features a safety bar with some little ridges that resemble a comb. The ridges in this comb actually expose more of the blade thus offering a more aggressive shave. This safety razor is well-balanced and this makes it to feel great when held in the hands though it is a bit short, but still it offers great control and it’s also very easy to use. All in all, in case you wish to have a solid safety-razor that can provide you with years of great performance, then it’s recommended to acquire at least one of the Merkur 1904 classic safety-razors in your lineup and you should also remember that this safety razor is a replica of the 1904 Gillette safety-razor.


  • This safety razor is very easy to maintain or clean because it is made of 3-pieces that can be completely taken apart. This also means that changing of blades will be made easy and there will also be less chances of injuring yourself while replacing these blades.
  • The Merkur classic 1904 safety-razor is a great tool for removing tough, coarse and heavy beards. This is mainly because its open comb head provides more blade exposure hence offering one with a slightly more aggressive shave that can remove tough hairs.
  • The other good thing about the Merkur 1904 is that it is small enough for one to carry when travelling yet large enough for home use. This is a versatile razor that will out shave your current favorite safety-razor and you can even take it with you anywhere.


  • It comes with a short handle that makes it feel tiny or smaller especially for men with larger hands. This implies that keeping hold of this razor while shaving will be a big problem for some men and that is why it is recommended to purchase one with a longer handle in case your hands are large.
  • The other disadvantage about the Merkur 1904 classic, open-comb safety razor is that it was designed to be used by experienced wet-shavers and this means that if one is new to wet-shaving, then he should go for a closed comb design in order to avoid getting skin irritations.

Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor 2

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Features overview:

  • It has a double edge design: the Merkur 1904 razor uses double-edge blades as replacements thus providing the user a closer and a comfortable shave. These double-edge blades are very affordable and even readily available on the market.
  • This is a 3-piece safety razor: the Merkur 1904 is a 3-piece razor and this implies that its head unscrews from the handle. The head also separates into 2-parts which include the safety bar and the top itself. In fact, with this safety-razor, you simply turn the knob at the bottom of the handle in order to unscrew of screw the head and this actually makes it very easy for anyone to replace the blades and also clean this safety razor.
  • It has a perfect weight: the Merkur 1904 is not so light but also not so heavy that you may have to restrain yourself while using it. This means that it offers great balance, control and also feels great in the hands while shaving hence making it very easy for one to use.
  • It features an open comb design: this open comb design offers more exposure to blade while shaving and this means that the safety razor will provide a more aggressive shave than a regular closed comb, safety-bar razor. Infact, this open comb design makes the Merkur 1904 safety-razor a perfect choice for men with coarse, tough and heavy beards. But it is suitable for use by someone who has some experience in double edge shaving.
  • A 6-sided faceted handle: this classic safety-razor features a 6-sided, quality, diamond patterned handle that provides the user with firm and superior grip even when shaving wet in the bathroom. However, this handle is a bit short and may not work for men with big hands and that’s why it’s recommended to order this safety-razor with a longer handle for best results.
  • Chrome plated finish: the Merkur classic 1904 comes in a stylish chrome plated finish that gives a shiny and elegant look while protecting the razor from harsh conditions like rust. But you can choose from any other plating depending on what you like.
  • Its package includes one double edge razor-blade: the Merkur classic comes well packaged including one free Merkur super platinum double-edge razor blade that can get you started. However, the replacement blades after this one is worn out are sold separately.

Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor 1

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Product Quality:

  • The Merkur 1904 classic safety razor is a superior shaving tool with chrome plating that makes it look stylish and outstanding. This is also a sturdy razor that is designed with open ended teeth that offer more blade exposure while shaving facial hair thus providing any man with a more aggressive shave that is required when it comes to removing thicker beards. The razor also comes with a 3-inch, 6-sided diamond pattern handle that facilitates for a firm grip when shaving and this works well for men who like shaving under wet conditions.
  • On the other hand, the Merkur 1904 is a 3-piece safety razor whereby its head can easily be unscrewed from the handle by simply turning the knob at the bottom of the handle. Because its a 3-piece razor, the head can further be separated into 2 parts and this actually makes blade replacement and razor cleaning extremely easy. In conclusion, the Merkur 1904 is a well-made razor that offers great balance while shaving and this actually makes it a perfect tool for men who wish to venture out in the double edge safety-razor world.

Who does it benefit?

  • Great for men with tough and heavy beards: because the Merkur classic 1904 has an open comb design, it will provide a great shave for more experienced wet and double edge shavers because it offers a slightly more aggressive shave. This means that one will need to take his time and also use the proper technique inorder to get a comfortable and smooth shave out of this open comb safety-razor.
  • A good choice for men who are looking for solid razor but with a bottom price: this safety razor offers great balance and it is even well made yet it can be acquired at affordable price compared to other open comb safety razors on the market today. This actually makes it a perfect choice for men who looking for greater value for their money.

What I need

  • Merkur super double-edge blades: you will need to acquire a pack of quality double edge blades while purchasing this safety razor because you actually need them with time as replacements. These are very affordable and can also be purchased from any local or online store.
  • Badger shaving-brush: if you are going to use a safety razor, then you need to acquire a pure badger brush because it can help you to lather up the skin before shaving and you can even use it to clean the razor after shaving.

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