Merkur Short Handle Double Edge Safety Razor With Comb Guard #Mk333c

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Merkur Short Handle Double Edge Saftey Razor Review

For decades, Merkur has been providing its customers with some of the best shaving tools and this is the reason as to why it has become very popular in market today. The Merkur #MK333C short handle safety razor is one of the best shaving tools from Merkur which will provide any man with clean and comfortable shave.

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This safety is designed with a 3-inch, slim handle that also textured allover in order to provide a firm grip to anyone shaving under wet-conditions.

Additionally, this amazing safety-razor has a comb guard which ensures that the blades don’t entirely access the skin when shaving and this helps to reduce on the level of getting skin-irritations thus achieving clean and comfortable shave even when you have a very sensitive skin. Lastly, this safety razor is fairly priced yet it’s equipped with some of the best features that will ensure one gets a very close and comfortable shaving experience. In conclusion, it think the Merkur #MK333C safety-razor will be a good option for men who are tired of using disposable safety-razor or those who tired of using electric shavers because they want to achieve a traditional double edge shave which is closer and more comfortable.


  • The Merkur Short Handle Double Edge safety-razor provides a close, clean and comfortable shave compared to disposable razors. In fact it will even offer you with a comfortable shave because it’s equipped with comb guard which protects the blades form the skin.
  • This safety-razor is also fairly priced and this makes it a more economic option for men looking shaving tool that is affordable. So it’s best to buy this safety razor than buying disposable razors.
  • Merkur Short Handle Double Edge Safety-Razor is of exceptional build-quality whereby one will be able to use it for a long period of time. It is even very easy to change blades on this razor and that’s why I would recommend to anyone looking for double-edged safety razor.


  • This first drawback about this safety-razor is that it will take someone new to double-edge shaving getting used to it. In other words, there is a wide learning curve whereby it takes figuring-out the angle and figuring-out blade replacement when it comes to using this safety-razor.
  • The other bad thing about using this safety-razor is the occurrence or cuts and nicks in case you are using it quickly. This means that you will have to be careful and even take your time while using this safety-razor which is quite inconveniencing for some men.


Merkur Short Handle Double Edge Saftey Razor Review


Features overview:

  • Nice and slim handle: this MERKUR Double-Edge Razor is designed with a slim, 3-inch and 1-cm thick handle with a textured grip that offers a firm grip even when shaving wet in the bathroom. This handle also fits perfectly well into the hands because it’s not too long like with other safety-razors.
  • It’s made of stainless steel: the Merkur MK333C safety-razor has a quality stainless steel construction which makes it very durable. In fact, even if you drop this razor on porcelain and tile on several occasions, it will not get any dents. In other words, this Merkur safety-razor could last for a lifetime.
  • Double-edge safety-razor: it uses standard safety-razors which can easily be placed into its shaving head. However, this safety-razor is fairly unforgiving when used with less quality blades and one may experience nicks with some blade brands. This is why it’s recommended to use quality blades like: Feather, Astra, Sharks, and Merkur blades because they are friendly to the skin while shaving.
  • Wide head with comb guard: This is a fairly aggressive safety-razor because it has a comb guard that sits a farther distance from the blade than any other milder safety-razor. This means that you can get an incredibly close shave without any skin-irritation on the underarms, legs and even in the bikini area.
  • Chrome plated: this classic safety-razor is chrome plated allover and this actually helps to protect razor from getting rusty hence you can use it even under wet conditions when having birth. On the other hand, the chrome plating on this safety-razor gives it a nice and classy look that is pleasing to the eyes.

Merkur Short Handle Double Edge Saftey Razor Review

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Product Quality:

Quality wise, the Merkur MK333C is double edge safety-razor with a slim and textured handle that feels great when held in the hands even under wet conditions. This shaving tool is made from stainless steel which makes it very durable coupled with chrome plating allover which gives it extra protection and even gives it a classic, brilliant appearance. additionally, this Merkur safety razor is designed with a wide shaving head with a comb guard whereby it will enable anyone to achieve a close and comfortable shave with minimal skin irritation because the  blade does not has too much access to the skin. However, it may take you some time to get used to the shaving angle but once you have learnt, you will always enjoy your shaving experience.  In terms of blade replacement, it’s very easy to remove and place new blades into this razor and best part is that it even uses any standard double edge razor-blades which are very common on the market today.

All in all, this is a very durable safety-razor with a great handle and that’s why it will enable any man to enjoy a comfortable and close shave even when shaving dry or under wet conditions.

Who does it benefit?

  • For guys looking for an environmentally friendly shaving tool: in case you are a kind of man who is interested in buying an safety-razor for environmental reasons then the Merkur Short Handle Double Edge Safety Razor with Comb Guard #MK333C is good choice. This safety-razor will give you a close and better shave yet it’s very cheap and easy to maintain since it uses standard double-edge safety-razors.
  • For men new to double-edge shaving: this is a great shaving tool for guys new to double edge shaving because it has short learning curve of mastering the right shaving angle and this means that in just a short period of time, one will be able to enjoy a comfortable and irritation-free shave with this safety-razor.
  • A good safety-razor from men with sensitive skins: this is mainly because this razor is fairly aggressive on the skin when shaving because it is equipped with comb-guard that is placed farther from the blades in order to reduce on direct accessibility of the blades onto the skin when shaving. This implies that one will achieve a closer and comfortable shave without worrying about getting skin irritations.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Double edge safety razor-blades: the Merkur #MK333C fits any standard double edge razor-blades and these happen to be readily available on the market. But always try to go for high-quality razor blades like Merkur, shark, derby or feather blades in order to get a clean and comfortable shave.


  • Shaving-cream: purchase a shaving cream that is of high quality in order to achieve to enjoy a comfortable shaving experience. There are many shaving cream brands on the market today and some of the best creams include: Taylor of old bond street, proraso and many others.

Merkur Short Handle Double Edge Saftey Razor Review

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