How to Burn Fat While Running

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I’m going to write this post basing on my experience. I managed to lose weight within 30 days (1 month) by doing only two three things. (1) Running long distances, (2) reduced on eating fats and could have my supper 7 hours before bed, (3) run on a daily basis for 30 days by changing routes every time I run to avoid getting bored. I know many people are bothered by weight issues and I’m sure you have been told all sorts of things you can do to lose weight but none of them seems to work. I will not promise heaven on earth in this article because some hard work is required and our bodies react in different ways. Some people can lose weight so fast yet others might take a while, so the 30 days I took to get to the right size might be 60 days for you.


  • Find a suitable route:- On your journey to burning body fats, you will need to map out your routes very well. When I’m doing this, I always get routes with different terrains. They always have hills, valleys and flat plateaus just like a treadmill. When you run from a route with different trains, you get a chance to test your body with different challenges. I have noticed that whenever I reach a hill, the level of intensity increases and my body has to use too much energy to climb over the hill, but when I get to a slope, the intensity lowers down so does the energy and I get some relief, however, when it comes to a flat plateau / area, I tend to use the same amount of energy; not too high & not too low.
  • Use a Fitness tracking device to calculate burned calories:- Motivation is the only fuel you need to burn fat while running. I say this because I have seen it myself. I have a small group of 7 fat ladies, we run together for a few days in a week and after that everyone is on their own, however, when we meet after the weekend they tell me that lacked motivation so none of them workout. It is understandable because I also get through the same thing a few times in a month. We always get motivation when we set goals and see our achievements in real-time. That is we how humans are wired. However, you won’t have that running buddy all the time with you, so the best solution is to buy a fitness tracker like Fitbit Surge / Fitbit Charge HR. These two fitness trackers will help you monitor your heart rate as you workout and this will help you know when to increase the intensity of a specific exercise basing on heart rate readings. The same trackers will show you covered distance, time, steps taken, calories burned and your achievement of the day. In my own point own point of view, I think Fitness trackers (wearable technology) have become part of our lives, they replace that running buddy who’s always busy somewhere.
  • Create a Music Playlist: – I have to admit to this. I once tried to run without music, the all process became boring, since then; I prepare my playlist during the weekend. I try to change my playlist at least twice in a week, but I make sure I have all top rated hits so that when I feel like stopping, a new hit plays and it pushes for more hours. If you don’t enough music, you can buy more hits from iTunes and sync them to your smartphone or iPod. Buy the right size of ear phones and set your smart at a normal volume so that even when you’re listening to music, you can hear a car behind you.
  • Get the right sneakers and clothes:- Some of you might have designer sneakers but most of those shoes are not tailored for running. So I argue you to buy the right pair of sneakers. I have Asics sneakers, these are so far the best running shoes on the market and they come at affordable price.

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Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband 5


  • Start slowly: – I’m sure you can’t wait to get into action, that is pretty good thing because without action there is no way you can burn those fats. However, if you have to start running slowly so that your body warms up and gets ready for the challenge. You have to run a long marathon and the only way you can achieve that is by starting slowly and increase on the speed as the body gets used to the all process. Avoid sprinting too fast because you will burn to much energy and get tired so fast. Hope you have watched Olympics, you will agree with me that men who run long marathons are thinner than sprinters. Reason being that marathon runners run for long hours so they burn lots of fats than sprinters.
  • Opt for longer workouts:- Make a plan and set goals you can achieve in the short run & long run. This is what I did to burn fat while running in just 30 days. Week 1 is set a goal to run 2 miles and I could run for only 3 days in a week and skip 500 times on the 4th day. Week 2, I increased on the distance by 1 mile making 3 miles, however, this time my route had hills and flat plateaus, hills increase the intensity of the workout but I carry a bottle of water so that I don’t burn out easily, in Week 2 I also increase on the number of skips to 1000. Week 3 I maintained the same miles but increased on days. This time I ran for 5 days (Mon – Friday). In the fourth week I increased on the distance to 5 Miles but I reduced on the total number of rope skips to 500. I guess you have seen my work plan, you can make a better one but I don’t guarantee quick results because our bodies are different.
  • Persist and do it often:- I will not say a lot about this, because it’s a fact, if you don’t persist on something, you can’t get anything out of it. The only I managed to burn fat while running in just 30 days, I persisted, never gave up or lost enthusiasm.

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