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Merkur Futur Safety Razor Satin FinishThe Merkur brand is well known amongst wet-shavers for it quality razors. although most of the safety-razors currently produced by Merkur are traditional 2-piece and 3-piece designs that can be unscrewed in order to change the blades, the Merkur futur happens to be a more contemporary and elegant looking razor that is far apart from other models.

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The Merkur futur feels hefty when held in the hands while shaving and this is mainly because it is a bit heavier than its counterparts and this weight ensures that one applies almost no pressure while shaving thus reducing on the levels of skin-irritation. In fact, it is well-balanced and it will work perfectly for men with big hands. The Merkur futur is precisely engineered and it is even advertised as an environmentally compatible razor because it is completely made out of steel with no plastics or any other materials and it is even available in several finishes which include satin, chrome and gold.

In conclusion, the Merkur futur is amongst the best safety razors in terms of durability and it will even offer one with a wonderful, smooth shave. so, in
case you are a man looking for a larger safety razor that can provide you with a superior shave every day, then the Merkur futur was designed for you.

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  • This safety razor actually feels hefty when held into the hands while shaving because of its awesome weight and larger size that is well-balanced hence this makes it perfect for those with big hands. Its weight even allows one to apply almost no pressure while shaving even on the shortest hairs and this means that one can actually achieve a clean and close shave with just a few passes.
  • The Merkur futur has a snap on its head plate that can be easily removed from the rest of the razor in order to insert the blades. This design actually makes changing blades quite easy while using this safety-razor.
  • This razor does a great job when it comes to shaving flat areas of the face like the cheeks, neck and it even feels comfortable to maneuver around the curves of your jaw-line.


  • The razor features a sleek, stainless-steel handle that offers no grip especially when shaving under wet conditions with wet hands. In fact, the large size and weight of this razor can even make it more difficult to maneuver.
  • It even has some design issues like: the method used in blade replacement involves pulling the entire head off the razor and this can this can actually bring the fingers in a dangerously close proximity with the blades.
  • The other big issue about this razor is that it comes with a bulky shaving head which makes it difficult to shave certain angles or areas on the face without cutting yourself. You will notice that it will be somehow difficult to shave areas like under the nose because of its size.

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Features overview:

  • It features a double-edge design: this 2-piece safety razor uses any standard double-edge blades for replacement. The method used in installing these blades into the razor-head is very easy since one has to just snap off the top plate of the cutting head rather than realizing it with a screw mechanism like in most razors. This method may seem awkward but after changing the blades for a few times, the process will become simple.
  • Beautiful smooth finish: the Merkur futur also features a smooth finish throughout its entire body without any knurling or patterns on the gripping surface of this razor. in addition, this safety-razor is available is several finishes which include polished or satin chrome finish and polished gold finish but you can actually purchase one with the finish you prefer.
  • Longer handle: this safety-razor has a longer handle compared to any traditional short-grip razors. This handle offers plenty of space for men with larger hands thus providing them with a firm and comfortable grip while shaving.
  • It weighs 4-ounces (122grams): the razor is made of quality stainless steel and it weighs an overall weight of 122-grams. This actually provides it with a nice hefty and solid feel while shaving which is usually preferred by most traditional shavers.
  • Large cutting head: the Merkur futur features a large and bulky shaving head that can even extend past the width of the double-edge blade itself. This head also has a Snap-On top plate which is secured in place by 2-pins and these help to hold the blade securely or in place while shaving.
  • Adjustable razor-blade angle: it has a dial with 6 adjustable settings and this helps the user to adjust the razors aggressiveness while shaving. The razors handle is numbered with adjustable settings from 1-6 and by turning the handle, the user is capable of lowering or raising the cutting head inorder to create a large or small blade gap. This implies that those with lighter hair or sensitive skins may use the lower setting inorder to achieve a less aggressive shave and men with thick beards or coarse hair can use the highest setting for a more aggressive shave.

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Product Quality:

  • The Merkur futur is a new, amazing safety-razor that will allow one to change the angle of the blade inside its head by simply twisting the upper section of the handle in order to find the setting that provides you with the closest and most comfortable shave. In fact it is designed in such a way that the turning action of the adjustable feature is very tight in order to prevent accidental turning or changing of the blade gap while shaving. This safety razor also features a long handle that feels hefty in the hands while one is shaving and this actually means that one will be able of achieving a clean shave with extra comfort. In addition, this safety razor can be used with any standard double-edge blade which makes it compatible and cheap for any man to use.
  • On the other hand, the Merkur futur is also a precisely engineered razor that is even advertised as environmentally compatible since it’s made out of steel without any combination of plastic or other materials and this is sealed up with an attractive smooth finish that is available in different types. The razor’s design is also visually appealing and offers a great level of functionality. In conclusion, i think the Merkur futur is one of the best razors as durability is concerned yet it can even provide any man with a close and smooth shave.

Who does it benefit?

  • Good for experienced wet-shavers: the Merkur futur razor is highly recommended for men who are experienced wet shavers because it is adjustable safety razor that requires alot of experience for one to use correctly. In case you are a beginner, it would be best for you to buy another double-edge razor that emphasizes control like the Merkur HD then advance to the futur later after gaining some experience.
  • Best razor for men with sensitive skins or with lighter hair: this can be a great razor for those of you with sensitive skins or fine hair but to achieve great results, you will need to use the lower setting inorder to get a less aggressive shave.
  • Wonderful razor for men with thick beards and coarse hair: this safety razor can also be a great shaving tool for men with thick facial hairs incase it is set at the highest level where it is capable of providing a more aggressive shave.

What I need

  • Merkur razor blades: these are double edge razor blades that you can place into your safety razor incase the old blades are worn out. However, there other cheaper brands of double-edge blades that you can acquire from the market.
  • Shaving cream: the cream is applied to the skin to make the hairs soft and prepare them for shaving with the safety razor inorder to prevent any skin irritations. But make sure you purchase a cream that works well for your skin for best results.
  • Pure badger shaving-brush: this is used for lathering up your skin with a shaving cream or soap before you begin the shaving process. But remember to keep this brush clean inorder to prevent any bacterial infections.

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