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The Merkur HD slant bar 37c is an amazing, beautifully stylish and high quality safety razor that has been carefully designed to slice rather than chopping your hair. This is mainly because slant bar safety-razors are designed to expose more of the blade and this makes them a perfect choice for tougher beards.

Merkur HD Slant Safety Razor 37C

In fact, once one learns how the technique required in using slant bar razor, he will be able to achieve the closest and smoothest shaves. on the other hand, this safety razor looks broken but it actually has a slanted bar that goes the contours of the face as you shave and that’s why it is advised to use it in case have a lot of experience in double-edge shaving because it is a very dangerous razor whereby only part of the blade hangs in the mid-air like a straight razor. However, in case you have been getting good results from a normal double-edge safety razor, then the slant bar razor will bring a whole new level of ease and closeness to your shaving routine.

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  • This razor provides an extremely comfortable and close shave compared to other normal razors because of tis slanted edges. As far as double-edge razors are concerned, this safety razor will get you close shave almost like that of a straight razor but you will have to slow down and take your time while shaving with this razor inorder to prevent any irritations.
  • The Merkur HD Slant Safety Razor is a great shaving tool when it comes to working on problem areas like around the nose and neck areas. In fact, it will offer you the smoothest shave that is close enough in such areas because of its slanting capabilities.


  • This safety razor is not that sturdy as it looks because the screws on it will eventually pull away from the head palate mainly due to metal stress that is caused by the slanting. Even its parts are somehow made of poor quality metal that may not be easily repaired.
  • The razor requires alot of attention and preparation before you begin shaving and this removes makes it a bad razor for quick shave. But in case you have the time and patience to treat this safety-razor with respect, you will be able to achieve a clean and close shave.
  • This razor is not good for use by beginners to double-edge shaving because part of the blade hangs in the air just like a straight-razor which is actually very dangerous for novice users.

Merkur HD Slant Safety Razor 37C - 2

Features overview:

  • Slant razor head: this actually implies that the bar on this razor is slated so as to provide a more aggressive but comfortable shave. This slated head exposes one end of the blade more than the other which is similar to the cutting angle of a straight razor. This means that it is an ideal tool of cutting through any thick facial hair. On the other hand, this head is also heavy and this implies that one will have to use little pressure to get the shaving done.
  • Chrome plated finish: the Merkur slant looks stylish and of quality because it has a hand-tooled, high-polish chrome finish that even helps to protect it from rust and scratches thus making it very durable. However, this safety razor can also be purchased in various finishes which include a gold-tone or milk-washed finish but this actually depends on what one may prefer.
  • It is a double-edge safety razor: the Merkur HD slant razor uses standard double-edge blades as replacements in its head inorder to provide any man with a close and comfortable shave. Thistype of blade is readily available on the market and at an affordable price but it’s always recommended to acquire the best brand for better results. However, the Merkur HD slant package includes one Merkur razor blade that you can begin with before acquiring new ones.
  • 2-piece safety razor: this is also a 2-piece razor and this actually means that the knob at the base of its handle can rotate to screw or unscrew onto the long screw that joins the handle and the shaving head thus allowing for easy blade changing and razor cleaning. This design is very simple to use and it’s liked by many traditional double-edge, wet shavers.
  • A heavy-duty,long, textured handle: it is designed with a comfortable handle that is approximately 3-inches long coupled with a thick textured, non-slip grip that makes the safety-razor perfect for use even under wet conditions. This heavy weight handle is thicker and it makes the razor to feel hefty and heavier than other safety razors on the market. in other words, this means that you will have to use less pressure while shaving your skin with this shaver.
  • It supports a blade gap of .81mm or .32-inches: this gap actually ensures that one achieves a close enough shave that is not too aggressive like with other razors. This makes this safety razor a perfect choice for men with sensitive skin-types who hate experiencing skin irritations each time they shave.

Merkur HD Slant Safety Razor 37C - 1

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Product Quality:

When it comes to quality, the Merkur heavy duty, slut safety-razor is amongst the most durable razors on the market today that can provide a close shave. This razor has a nice chrome finish that looks elegant whereby this finish plays a huge role when it comes to protecting this razor from harsh conditions. This safety razor is a 2-piece double edge shaving tool and this actually means that its handle can easily be screwed or unscrewed from the head to facilitate for easy blade replacement and razor-maintenance.  This safety razor even has a comfortable solid handle that is about 3-inches long that offers a thick non-slip grip while shaving and infact it feels weighty in the hands hence one will have to apply little pressure when using this razor against his face to shave any facial hairs.

One of the unique qualities about this safety razor is its slanted head that follows all the contours on the face inorder to provide any man with a more aggressive shave. This slanting head actually allows one end of the blade to more expose than the other thus offering a cutting angle similar to that of a straight razor which ensures that one gets a very close shave. Another quality feature about this razor is that it uses standard double-edge blades and these actually provide a very close and comfortable shave. Overall, this safety-razor is an excellent shaving tool that will change the way you groom your facial hair.

Merkur HD Slant Safety Razor 37C - 3

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Who does it benefit?

  • Best razor for men with thick, tough beards: the Merkur 37C HD safety razor is highly recommended for those with thick, tough beards because it has slanting head which makes one side of the raised higher than the other and this means that the blade edges will be able to slice away each hair-bristle as the razor passes through the beard thus offering one with a more aggressive shave than any other classic safety-razor. This slanted head even requires delicate pressure while shaving the face inorder for one to achieve a close and comfortable shave.
  • This safety razor is designed for more experienced double-edge shavers: this safety razor should be used by men that have a lot of double-edge shaving experience because its slanting head leaves part of the blade hanging in mid-air just like a straight-razor which is quite dangerous for someone new to double-edge shaving. This razor is not for beginners and that’s why it is even recommended to go for atleast 6-months of regular double-edge shaving before using this shaver.


What I need

  • Double-edge blades: since this safety razor uses standard double-edge razors, you must also acquire or buy this type of blades for replacement and these exist in different brands which include: Merkur, feather, persona and other brands.
  • Pre-shave oil:it’s always recommended to use a safety razor while wet-shaving and that’s where a good pre-shave oil comes in to help you. This oil will ensure that you get an effortless and smooth shave while shaving with a safety razor and it even helps to moisturize the skin while protecting it from skin irritations as you shave.

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