How To Prevent Razor Bumps

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When both men and women shave, they worry about one thing, it’s called Razor Bumps. They always come when you use the wrong shaving tool or method. If the skin gets irritated / pulled during the shaving process, you can get bumps. Experts advise us to check the status of shaving tools before using them, in most cases, we store our safety razors in wrong places and they pick up dust & germs, so when you shave with a dirty razor the possibility of infecting your skin while shaving is high. The other thing is using too much pressure when shaving with a razor; this irritates pulls and cuts hair under the skin hence leading to razor bumps. In this post, you will learn how to prevent razor bumps.

  • Have a warm shower:- Before shaving your face or pubic area, I suggest you get a full body shower using warm water. Scrub your face or any other area you want to shave gently, this will cleanse your skin and open up all skin pores and at the same time soften your hair making it very easy to shave. Warm water mixed with bathing soap can help in killing germs / bacteria found on the skin.
  • Apply shaving cream / soap:- Wet shaving is so forgiving on the skin, it helps that manual razor maneuver easily on the skin without causing any irritation. You can use shaving cream / soap to lather up, however, avoid using your hands to apply shaving cream directly on your face, its better you use a good badger shaving brush with very soft bristles. If you have shaving soap, I suggest you warm it up using a good shaving bowl / mug, warming it up will liquefy it making it easy to apply on face.
  • Use a clean safety razor and brand new razor blades:- If you have a safety razor, wash it well and sterilize it to kill germs, buy new double edge razor blades online or from any nearby grocery store. If you have a multiple blade razor, I suggest you replace it with a single blade razor because multiple blade razors like Gillette can pull and irritate your skin. Cleaning that safety razor after shaving will prolong its life and durability and it does not take much to get it clean. Some of them can be screwed apart, remove the head and immerse it in water, after that put it on a clean surface until it dries. If you have a shave stand, use it to keep your safety razor safe.
  • Shave towards the grain:- I always tell my readers to shave towards the grain, this is the direction to which your hair grows too and, it is very risky to shave against the grain, I know this is the best way of getting a quick close shave and many grooming sites promote this idea, but if you shave against the grain, that razor will end up pulling and cutting hair beneath the skin. That might sound pretty to you, but every time hair is pulled and cut from under the skin, its roots are messed up with so by all means you will get bumps / ingrown hairs. May be the other thing you have to note is not to use too much pressure when shaving, press the shaver gently on the skin and start shaving slowly, if your shaving cream gets dry during the process, try to wet it using water.
  • Store shaving brushes very well:- After lathering up using a shaving brush & shaving cream, you have to wash that shaving brush very well, let it dry and then hang it in a shaver stand. Don’t get surprised if I tell you that a shaving brush can harbor lots of germs if stored in a wrong place.
  • Remove shaving cream using cold water:- Rinse of shaving cream / soap from your face or any other area you have been shaving using cold water. When you use cold water after shaving, it closes skin pores and makes it difficult for bacteria to find their way inside the skin. Remember, in the beginning you started with warm water to open up skin pores now close the chapter with cold water to close skin pores.
  • Finish with aftershave:- When the skin is dry enough, you can apply the best aftershave to calm down the skin and prevent bumps. If you have a very sensitive skin, I suggest you shop for the right aftershave for your skin because some might have strong chemicals like alcohol which is not friendly to sensitive skins.

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