How To Get The Best Underarm Shave – Armpits Shaving Tips

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I’m sure you have seen people with lots of hair in their armpits. It looks disgusting to me and it’s a clear sign that a person is not clean. In this post, I will clearly explain how to shave your underarm smoothly and get no boils / ingrown hairs. You can note down these steps and follow them every time you shave, I’m sure after a few weeks you will be an expert and your underarm will be smooth and appealing to you and your spouse. Stay clean and smell right.


  • Get the right shaving tools:- In this option, we shall look into two shaving tools, a safety razor and Silk’n Flash & Go Hair removal device. These two grooming tools will give you the best results; however, some people complain that when they shave their armpits with safety razors, hair grows back so fast. A Silk’n Flash & Go Hair removal device can remove unwanted hair permanently, it has been approved by FDA so you don’t have to be scared using it. However, it comes at a higher price than a safety razor, so those who can’t afford it can opt for a safety razor. If you’re among those who can afford a permanent hair removal system, then buy a safety razor which costs only $29, please stay away from multiple blade razors, they pull & irritate your skin which results into ingrown hairs. You should also get a sponge/ shower gel, a skin friendly shaving cream or soap and warm water.
  • Clean your Armpits:- Wash your armpits with warm water and shampoo. This will make armpit hair soft and also open up skin pores making it very easy to shave. I’m an African, but I used to see My grandmother shaving her armpits with ash, she could put ash on the hair and pull the hair manually, it looked painful but hair would take long to grow back, the process was related to body waxing. But I don’t recommend pulling your hair, you might hate me forever because it’s dam painful.
  • Apply shaving gel / cream:- I’m sure you have got the right shaving cream, if not, try to use some of the best shaving creams I have suggested here…..It is better you work on one armpit per time, so don’t bother putting shaving cream on the other armpit until one is done. Let it stay for a while before shaving, this makes the hair soft and very easy to shave. When you wet shave your armpits, you reduce on chances of getting razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
  • Start shaving:- Use a single blade safety razor to shave your armpits because it does not pull hair like a multiple blade razor. I know many of you are blinded by persuasive adverts that multiple blade razors are the best, but that is a sale pitch, these companies have to make money so they will tell you what you want to hear. Make sure you use brand new double edge razor blade.
  • Shave against the grain:- This is the direction to which your hair grows too. In most cases, hair found under your arm grows to different directions, so the best way of getting a quick close shave is to shave against the grain. However, you have to be very gentle, because using too much pressure can result into nicks & cuts.
  • Don’t use too much pressure when shaving:- I know you want to get a clean close shave, but  please, don’t use too pressure, you might end up hurting yourself.
  • Stretch your skin:- I always stretch my skin when shaving my armpits, I do this because the skin found in this area is too soft and the area has different contours, so if you don’t stretch it, you might not get an even shave, or it might take you longer to get better results.
  • Rinse off shaving cream / gel:- This time you will use cold water to rinse off shaving cream, at least this will help you see areas which have not been clearly shaved. If you spot them, try to go over them gently with a safety razor and then wash your armpit with cold water.
  • Dry your armpits:- Use a clean soft cotton towel to dry your armpit. After that apply after shave to calm down the skin and kill germs at the same time. In my case, I always use surgical spirit as an aftershave, but I doubt if you can handle the pain though results are always the best. You will never get bumps / ingrown hairs when you use surgical spirit.

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