How To Shave Chest Hair Without Irritation

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When it comes to shaving off chest hair, you will need only two grooming tools and these include; an electric trimmer and a safety razor. Chest hair can look amazing if your groom it very well, but once you leave it to grow wild, it starts looking wired and scary. If this is your first time to shave chest hair, follow steps below:


  • Trim your chest hair first: – I don’t expect you to grab a safety razor and start shaving right away. In my opinion, you should trim it first with a beard trimmer and then think of shaving it off with a razor. When you trim your chest hair short, it becomes very easy to shave; hair will not clog the razor if it’s short. Set the trimmer to the right length setting and shave when the skin is dry. However, you should cover the area where you’re grooming your chest from, for example; you can put new papers on the floor so that hair trimmed gathers down on the papers, and this will make the place tidy and easy to clean after shaving.
  • Get a warm shower: – After trimming your chest hair short, have a warm shower; this will make your hair soft and very easy to shave. Please, make sure water is not too hot; it will either burn your skin or irritate it.
  • Use a shaving cream / soap: – Leather up very well with a good shaving cream, this will soften chest hair and make it very easy to shave. This will also reduce on your shaving time and prevent skin irritation. Apply moderate shaving cream / soap to the chest, this will enable you see clearly areas with hair.

How To Shave Chest Hair Without Irritation


  • Shave with a new safety razor blade:- It is better to shave with new safety razor blades, a full packet of 100 blades costs only $10 and it work for 6 months. Old razors can harbor lots of germs which are dangerous to your skin. A new blade is sharp, so you will make very few strokes and there will also be less irritation.
  • Stretch your skin:- Skin on your chest is un-even, some areas are flat while others are not. So the best solution is to stretch your skin, this will save you from nicks and cuts.
  • Shave gently: – Take it slowly and be gentle when shaving your chest. Th razor blade is new and hair was trimmed short, so you don’t have to use too much force which shaving. But what you have to note is that a man’s hair grows to different direction, especially on the chest, so when shaving, you need to follow the grain / shave against it. If you shave against the grain, move the razor gently so that you don’t irritate the skin.
  • Always rinse the blade as you shave:- When you lather up your chest, the combination of foam and shaved hair will clog the razor and this affects the performance of the razor. So get a mug of water, rinse the razor in the mug to remove clogged hair and shaving soap / cream. Once the razor is clean, go ahead and shave until you finish off everything from your chest.
  • Don’t shave your Nipples with a Razor: – Your nipples are too sensitive, so make sure you don’t maneuver a razor over the nipple. According to the structure of nipples, they have a sharp head, if you maneuver a safety razor over them, the head will trap the nipple and cut / nick it which is a very painful experience.
  • Apply more shaving cream and continue shaving:- If shaving cream on your chest dries out, apply more and continue shaving. If you see some areas which need a second pass, go over them until you get a close shave.
  • Dry your skin with a towel:- Rinse off shaving cream from your chest by having a full body shower. But this time, you have to use cold water, because it will close all skin pores and prevent germs from finding their way inside. After washing your chest, dry it with a towel and then apply After shave to calm down the skin and at the same time prevent any minor infections.

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