How To Shave Your Back – Do It Yourself Guide

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How To Shave Your Back

It is difficult but at the same time easy to shave your own back hair. The rate at which hair at the back grows differs from person to person, and what you have to note is that not every person has this hair at the back. Our friends the African Americans rarely grow hair at the back, this could be due to their genes, but majority of Europeans grow thick hair at the back and shaving it can be a trouble / challenge in that case. In this post, I will cover all possible options you can use to have a clean shave at the back; at least these options will help you solve the equation of ”How to Shave Your Back Hair?”


This stage will involve a few steps to prepare you for the all shaving process, steps highlighted here are very easy to follow…keep on reading, but apply what seems right to you.

  • Choose the right shaving tool:- To get a clean close shave at the back, you need to use the right shaving tool. But when choosing a shaving tool for your back, you have to understand if you will do it by yourself or get help from a close friend. By answering this, you will clearly choose the right shaving tool. For example, If you decide to shave your own back, you might need long extended tools like;


Razorba Back Hair Shaver(a)Razorba Back Hair Shaver: This is an elongated razor; it gives a close shave just like a normal safety razor would do. This type of tool can be used without getting help from someone, because it has a long handle, however, you need to use two mirror, one will be at the back and the other at the front, you will stand between these them and clearly see what you’re doing, otherwise you might have uneven shave.


baKblades BIGMOUT  Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver(b) baKblade’s “BIGMOUTH” Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver:- This is another do-it yourself back shaver, it also uses its own safety razor to give you a close shave. By design it looks more like our first product, though this one seems to be much stronger and durable. At least it’s worth investing in.



MANGROOMER Sku 211-6 Professional Do-it-yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver(c) MANGROOMER Sku 211-6 Review :- This do-it yourself electric back shaving groomer is quite different and modified, it’s a standard back shaving tool for men with class, even its price is a little bit higher than the product features in (a) & (b). This MANGROOMER Sku 211-6 will help you get rid of back hair quickly; it eliminates back hair in minutes. Its non slip rubberized handle will give you enough control. See product below:


Philips Norelco BG2040-34 Bodygroom 7100(d) Philips Norelco BG2040/34 Bodygroom 7100 : This is another electric shaver which you can use to shave your back, however, this one will require you to get help from someone close, it is a very good body groomer, but not a do-it yourself shaving tool for the back, though when you get help, it will give you the  best close & clean back shave.




Ooops, that has been a detailed step, but I’m sure you have chosen the right shaving tool basing on your situation. If you have no one to help, use (do-it-yourself) products.

  • Take a shower: – Before shaving that hair at the back, it is better you take a shower. It is better you get a warm shower, because warm water can open up skin pores and at the same time make your back hair very soft, making it easy to shave.
  • Get help from some close:- This is just an option, because not everyone can have this chance. If you can’t find help, I featured 3 good shaving tools which you can use without any help. But if you’re lucky enough, ask them so that they prepare in time. At least they have to structure their schedule well.
  • Exfoliate: – This step is not very important, so you can skip it, because it is very rare to get dead skin at the back. But still, if your back is dirty, you might need to exfoliate with a good product; this will help you get rid of dirt and dead skin if available.
  • Trim before shaving:- This is another optional stage, because it requires you to have a helper, they have to use a pair of scissors or a beard trimmer to reduce on the length or hair at the back
  • Wash off trimmed hair:- This option will only work if the above step was of good use to you, if not, just skip to stage 2 and start shaving your back. Please, some steps here might be applicable to everyone and my goal is to save your time yet at the same time equip you with relevant grooming information.



Now let’s get down to real business, you have finished preparing yourself, if possible, you have found yourself a helper. So let’s get down the actual task of shaving that back clean and smooth.

How To Shave Your Back 2

  • Ask a friend to apply shaving cream / soap to your back:- If you got someone to help you out, ask them to put shaving cream / soap at  your back, let them apply it evenly so that every strand gets covered. Let this shaving cream / soap sit on your back for a while before shaving. This will make your hair very soft and easy to shave.
  • Start shaving:- At this point, you already know which tool to use, so I will not waste your time and mine explaining about different shaving tools. The good thing is that majority of do-it yourself tools are very easy to use. However, the other thing you should not forget is to shave towards your grain ”direction to which your hair grows too”
  • Rinse off shaving cream with cold water:- Finally, you have managed to get rid of that hair at the back, now rinse off that shaving cream.  Use cold water to close skin pores at the same time wash off shaved hair.
  • Dry your back with a clean dry towel.

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