How To Shave With Conditioners – Shaving Cream Alternative

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How to shave with conditioner

There many types of conditioners on the market, but if you want to shave with a conditioner; I will take you through some simple steps to help you do that. Using conditioner to shave can be a great option for shaving gels / creams especially when shaving your pubic area. This area is too sensitive so it might not do well with most shaving creams. I personally shave my armpits and pubes using my wife’s hair conditioner. I put very little of it in my hands, mix it with very little water to make it more applicable and then apply it on the area to be shaved, but I don’t let the conditioner stay for long because it can burn the skin, so immediately after applying it, I wet my safety razor to prepare it for the wet shaving process and then start shaving. I always make two strokes, one follows the grain and the other is against the grain and this gives me the best close shave.

Being a man, when shaving my balls or parts down there, I stretch the skin for the balls, this makes it easy to glide the razor over them and at the same times helps me clear everything down their. It always feels so good and comforting when I’m hair free.

CAUTION:-  If you have acne or a very sensitive skin, this option is not recommended to you, because most hair conditioners have strong chemicals, these products are tailored for the head, and this section has a very strong skin compared to other parts of the body. So, if you use shampoo / conditioner to shave beards / pubes, it might not react well with that acne affected / sensitive skin.


How To Use Conditioner To Shave:

  • Use a good hair conditioner:- We have many of them out there, some are for men others are for women. But if you don’t have any right now, I suggest you buy an organic conditioner, one which contains natural ingredients like olive oil, Jojoba, and so much more. Organic hair conditioner is safer than those cheap non organic conditioners; it’s friendlier to your skin and beards / hair.
  • Apply Hair conditioner in moderate amounts:- I’m sure you want to use this conditioner on your beards / pubes. These areas don’t have too much hair, so you have to use moderate amounts of hair conditioner in such places. However, before putting that hair product on your beards / pubes, wash that area with warm water; this will make the hair soft and at the same time open skin pores, making it easy to shave the hair. Put moderate amounts of organic conditioner / shampoo in your hands and massage it through your hair gently. Let it sit on the hair for a few minutes.
  • Start Shaving: – Before shaving with that safety razor or multi-blade razor, you have to inspect its blades and see if they’re in good condition. If the blades are too old / seem out of use, remove them and replace them with new safety razor blades or new cartridges.
  • Clean your razor every after a stroke:- When you use hair conditioner to shave, it will clog the razor on each and every stroke you make because it’s too thick and once it gets in touch with your hair a serious thick volume will build up. So the best solution is to run water over your razor every after one stroke, this will clear off both the conditioner and hair from the razor.
  • Rinse off the conditioner with cold water:- After getting that close & clean shave, rinse off the conditioner using cold water, this will help in closing skin pores and at the same time show you areas which have not been shaved well, you have to go over those areas by using soap & a razor, there is no need of using conditioner on very small areas.
  • Apply aftershave:- After washing off that shaving cream, you have to dry that area with a clean dry cotton towel, and then apply after shave to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs from developing. After shave also calms down that shave area and relaxes muscles in the area.
  • Clean your razor very well:- After shaving your beards / pubes, I advise you to clean that safety razor with water, let it dry very well and keep it in a dry place, but far from children.



– Hair Conditioner

– Safety Razor / Multi-blade razor

– After shave

– Clean towel

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