How to Apply Aftershave Splash – Is It Bad For the Skin or Not

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Some men fear using aftershave splash because majority of them contain alcohol which is well known at irritating very sensitive skins. However, that shouldn’t stop you from using these products; they do a pretty good job as long as you apply them the right way, in that case, they’re not bad to your skin as society perceives them. In this post you will learn how to apply aftershave splash and get better results.

  • Choose the right aftershave splash:- Traditional wet shaving will require you to use a guaranteed aftershave, because this shaving process involves wetting the face which leaves skin pores open. Even though you can close them with cold water, you still need to calm down the shaved area and at the same time prevent bumps. We have many brands out there, but you have to choose a brand with less alcohol concentration. I say this because most of you don’t do well with alcohol if applied on the skin. One of my favorite aftershave splash is St James Collection Aftershave, it’s a luxury aftershave splash for men, it’s alcohol concentration is a little bit low compared to most aftershaves out there.

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  • Wash your face after shaving:- This options to men who have use either dry / wet shaving option. Men who dry shave always use baby powder as an alternative for shaving soap / cream, so after shaving, you have wash off that powder / soap using cold water, this will help in keeping the skin clean and clean. Yet at the same time it will close open skin pores, preventing aftershave splash from entering the skin directly. If you apply aftershave splash to skin with open pores and nicks / cuts caused by a razor, you will feel a lot of pain and I guess that’s to why most guys shy away from using aftershave splash.

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  • Pour aftershave splash in your hands: – Gently open that aftershave bottle and splash moderate amounts of that liquid in your hands. Make sure you close the bottle because the liquid inside can evaporate and you end up losing most of the aftershave in the air. Rub both hands together to dissolve the aftershave in your hands, however, your hands should remain wet, so you can rub them for only 1 – 2 seconds, if you go beyond this, friction will occur and your hands will become totally dry.
  • Put your hands in open space for a few minutes:- The main purpose of putting your hands in open space for a few minutes before applying that aftershave in your hands to your skin, is to allow a certain portion of alcohol to evaporate, at least this will reduce on the irritation because less alcohol will remain in the aftershave solution.

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  • Gently Apply Aftershave splash on that shaved area:- Now gently rub your hands with your face, do this in a downward & upward stroke motion, this will ensure that each and every section gets covered. If you also shave your neck, cover it too so that you leave no room for razor bumps.

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