Muhle R89 Closed Comb Rosegold Handle Safety Razor Review

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Muhle R89 Closed Comb Rosegold Handle Safety RazorThe Muhle R89 Closed Comb Rosegold Handle Safety-Razor is a beautifully engineered double-edge shaving tool that was designed for both new and experienced wet shavers. This safety-razor has a lightly engraved, long handle that has been expertly designed to provide anyone with optimum control and comfort while shaving.


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Additionally, this safety-razor is made in Germany with optimum precision, ergonomic and beauty hence making it a perfect shaving-tool for ambitious wet-shavers. On the other hand, this razor is made from high-quality metal with a combination of a chrome and gold plating coupled with an extremely engraved finish. the Muhle R89 may also comes with a closed comb that is friendly to the skin while shaving but you can still order an open-comb head in case you want to get a more aggressive shave. In conclusion, any man will actually love the look, feel and smooth shave offered by this Germany safety-razor though it is a bit expensive compared to most safety razors on the market due to its outstanding quality.



  • This safety-razor has good weight and balance and this means that it will offer you with a close, comfortable and effortless shave. in fact, this safety-razor is not too-heavy or too-light but it just has a moderate weight and this actually means that you will have to let the weight of the razor to do the shaving and you will need to apply some little pressure in order to get the shaving done. This makes this safety-razor a better option compared to most safety razors on the market.
  • The shaving-head on this razor is very easy to remove and to attach back onto the handle thus facilitating for easy blade replacement. This head even sits tightly onto the handle in order to ensure more sturdy and comfortable shave. it is also a closed-comb shaving head and this implies that it does not expose the blades entirely onto your skin in order to achieve a comfortable irritation-free shave.
  • This safety-razor features a very beautiful and elegant finish. The silver and rose-gold color combination on this razor makes it sparkle especially when you twist it slightly thus giving it one of the nicest looking safety-razors on the market today.


  • The first weakness about this safety razor is the length whereby it is a bit too long compared to most safety razors and this means that it may not feel comfortable for with average hand and fingers. It’s like this safety-razor was only made for guys with large and long hands.
  • Another drawback is that the Muhle R89 closed-comb rosegold handle safety-razor is quiet expensive compared to most safety-razors on the market. This means that guys looking for safety-razors below 50-dollars may not go for this one.

Muhle R89 Closed Comb Rosegold Handle Safety Razor Review


  • Closed-comb head: The Muhle R89 Rosegold has a beautifully engineered, closed-comb head which is ideal for beginners because the blade is not too exposed to the skin but still the safety-razor provides an extremely close shave. A closed comb head is highly recommended for those new to wet-shaving because it fairly aggressive to the skin and this means that it will reduce of skin-irritations compared to an open-comb head which is very aggressive.
  • Its uses double-edged razors: this is a double edge safety razor this means that it fits any standard double-edged razor-blades which happen to be cheap and readily available on today’s market. Double-edge razor blades also offer a close and comfortable shave yet they can even last for long period of time.
  • A rosegold textured handle: The R89 is a stunning and nice-looking safety-razor because it is built with an amazing, shimmering, goldrose handle. This goldrose handle even has a knurled allover and this makes it very comfortable to hold while shaving under wet conditions in your bathroom. Additionally, this handle is about 8.5-cm in length and this means that it will fit perfectly into large hands to facilitate for a firm grip when shaving.
  • Chrome plated: the chrome found on this safety-razor has superb corrosive resistance properties coupled with a rich silver mirror finish. This chrome plating is placed on the shaving-head and the tip of the razor’s handle thus adding an extremely beautiful look to the safety-razor.
  • it feels weighty: This safety-razor is not actually the heaviest on the market but it just moderate whereby this safety-razor has a total weight of 65-grams or 2.2 oz. this means that it is a bit lighter than some safety-razors on the market but still its weight is good enough to provide you with a comfortable, close and irritation-free shave.
  • It is made in Germany: the safety-razor is manufactured in Germany by Muhle and this company is dedicated to creating beautiful and quality products for wet shavers around the world. All in all, just know that this safety-razor is optimum quality compared to most safety-razors on the market today.

Muhle R89 Closed Comb Rosegold Handle Safety Razor Review

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Product Quality:

The Muhle R89 Closed Comb Rosegold handle safety-razor has got every feature that makes it become of ultimate quality. This safety-razor is a traditional double-edge razor that is built to offer the wet-shavers with optimum precision and ergonomics coupled ultimate beauty. On top of that, it is made out of high quality metal with chrome plating at the shaving-head and a shimmering, gold-plating on the handle with an extremely fine engraved-finish. Additionally, this is a closed-comb safety-razor whereby its shaving-head does not entirely expose the blades yet it still offers an extremely close shave and this makes it perfect for use on sensitive skin types. However, one can also order for an open-comb head in case he has coarse hair and want to achieve a more aggressive shave.

When it comes to the weight, this safety-razor weighs about 65-grams and this will offer you with good balance while shaving. The razor handle is 8.5-cm long and it will work perfectly for men with huge and long hands hence achieving a comfortable wet-shaving experience. Overall, this safety-razor has a beautiful finish with a detailing on the handle that offers a firm grip. Additionally, the silver and rosegold color combination offers a really captivating look and for sure this razor happens to one of the nicest looking razors on the market yet it even offers a good shave and that’s why I highly recommend it.


Who does it benefit?

  • It is an ideal safety-razor for beginners: this safety-razor is expertly engineered with a closed-comb head which reduces on blade exposure onto the skin while shaving yet it still provides an extremely close and clean shave. This makes the razor perfect for those new to wet-shaving because it will ensure that one achieves a comfortable and irritation-free shaving experience.
  • Works for wet-shavers with large hands: the Muhle R89 safety-razor is built with a beautiful and long rosegold handle which is lightly engraved on top hence offering wet-shavers with a firm grip. This handle is also long enough where it is about 8.5-cm and this makes it perfect for men with large and long hands.
  • Perfect for men who like classic, nice looking safety-razors: in case you are looking for razor that looks beautiful and classic then just tryout the Muhle R89 safety-razor because pretty and unique combination of silver and rosegold color plating which gives it one of the nicest looks and it will even make your bathroom table look very nice.



What Else Do You Need?

  • Muhle stainless-steel double edge blades: after purchasing the Muhle R89 Closed-Comb Rosegold handle safety-razor, you will also need to acquire double-edge razor blades because you can’t use it without these blades. However, this safety razor fits any brand of double-edge razor-blades which are very cheap and available on the market.
  • Muhle double-edge razor and brush stand: you will need a stand on which to place your safety-razor and badger-brush after cleaning them. This stand is very essential because it helps to drain out excess water from the razor and brush after washing them hence minimizing on the development of bacteria which tend to be very harmful to the skin.

Muhle R89 Closed Comb Rosegold Handle Safety Razor Review

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