What are The Benefits of Using DE Safety Razors

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I have been reviewing and promoting different types of safety razors on this website. Today, I want us to concentrate on the benefits of manual shaving tools. I’m sure by now you know what to shop for, if not you already own one. I did a comparison between safety razors and cartridge razors; if you did not read that post….check it out here….because it clearly explains why we should use these unpopular shaving tools. But I don’t want to waste too much of your time, let’s get down to facts and see why you should only shave with a safety razor.


  • They offer a clean close shave:- I guess this is the main reason why I’m so in love with safety razors. I have used electric shavers in the past, but trust me, all you can get is something near to clean close shave and they even fail to shave certain areas. A good safety razor like Merkur 180 Long Handled will reach any part of your body; it has some good weight on it so you don’t have to use too much force while shaving. On the other hand, some men / ladies use cartridge razors like Gillette, multiple blade razors will also give you a close have, but they feature more than 2 razors which is pull and cut hair under the skin, this aggressive process results into razor bumps and ingrown hairs.


  • Multipurpose: – Safety razors can be used to shave just about anything. These are ordinary shaving tools which our grandparents were using in the 60s, there is nothing complicated about them, you can use them to shave pubes / under the armpits / beards / chest hair / neck / legs / butt / bikini / head and so much more.


  • Easy to use:- When you buy a double edge safety razor, you don’t need a user manual to use it, actually, it does not come with one because who ever makes them, knows that it’s an easy tool to use. Most of them come with a free safety razor blade, but once it’s not sharp any more, buy new blades from Amazon, a full packet of 100 razor blades will cost you only $15. Once you get new blades, look at the head of your razor and see its make, some are butterfly razors; others are 2 / 3 piece razors. To insert a new blade in any of these models differs but it’s not as difficult as you might think. For example, if you have a butterfly razor like Parker 99r, you will see a knob switch at the head of the razor, turn on the knob and the head will open, you will see where to insert that new razor. On the other hand, if you have a two / three piece razor, you have to screw off the head and remove that old razor and replace it with a new one. Practice makes perfect, so after a few days of interacting with that manual razor, you will grasp the all concept.

Shaving with a safety razor is very easy, leather up with a nice shaving cream or soap, define your grain and shave towards it, if you shave against the grain, you will stand a high chance of getting razor bumps. However, if you don’t have any shaving cream, you can use water and ordinary washing soap, it works for me.



  • Affordable:- Cots is a very important factor which you should not ignore when buying a shaving tool. When I was comparing single blade razors with multiple blade razors, I talked about maintenance cost of these two razors. For a single blade razor, you spend $29 – $32 when purchasing the razor from AMAZON and it will only cost you $10 to buy a full packet of 100 safety razor blades. This packet will last for over 6 months that means in each month you spend only $0.055 cents, this is a very small amount compared too how you will spend buying new cartridges for a multiple blade razor.


  • Durable:- Safety razor are made to last, you buy one razor and use it for over 15 years. But disposable or related multiple blades razors, are made out of plastic, so if you handle them carelessly, they brake and you have to spend money again to buy a new razor. Some DE safety razors have chrome / steel finish which makes then rust resistant, so you can use them while in the shower, however models like Merkur 180 Long can rust from the inside, so make sure you clean them well and leave them to dry before storing them.


  • Not too aggressive (skin friendly):- I’m not sure if you have ever used a multiple blade razor, if you have not, better try it and tell us your experience using the commenting box below.  Multiple blade razors have many blades, one shaves, the other pull hair from skin, and the other cuts that hair. You will get a close shave, but your skin will be in trouble, pulling out hair under the skin can be aggressive and irritating, you will not love the experience and effects which come after that (bumps & ingrown hairs). Once you get ingrown hairs, bumps, you have to put a pause on shaving and wait for hair to grow fully, so by the time you want to shave, you will have a full beard and I’m sure that is not what you want. On the other hand, safety razors are gentle and forgiving. Their heads are curved, so the blade will be curved, preventing direct contact with the skin.



I know double edge safety razors are not well promoted as multiple blade razors, but don’t get fooled by commercials. Grooming companies will do anything to sell you what they produce, it’s business and I respect that, but as a consumer, you have a choice, don’t buy what is advertised most, buy what everyone recommends, I guess that is the best commercial ever.

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