Proraso Shaving Cream Review

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Proraso Shaving Cream

Proraso is an Italian based company that has been providing men with high-quality shaving products for decades. The Proraso shaving-cream with sandalwood is new product that is produced hot soap-making process which transforms natural ingredients into a fine quality shaving cream.

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This shaving cream is particularly formulated for those with thick and coarse hair because it generates a rich lather that quickly softens hairs for smooth and close shave. The cream has a wonderful fragrance with some notes of sandalwood and it even contains Shea butter that offers extra moisture to the skin.  The versatile formula used to create this cream helps in the generation of good lather that facilitates for a smooth, quick and clean shave. Likewise, this shaving-cream can either be used with a badger shaving brush or simply applied using your finger-tips because it has a nice creamy texture. In conclusion, this shaving cream is generally made up of a new formulation which contains nourishing natural ingredients that will regenerate a dry skin and even soften the toughest beards.


  • The shaving cream lathers up very well and offers great skin protection while shaving. The Shea butter and glycerin in this cream helps in the generation of a rich lather that hydrates, soothes and even protects the skin.
  • It has a nice subtle fragrance that smells great without being too strong. it is actually scented with sandalwood and this ingredient creates a nice barber-shop, manly scent that will stay on the skin even after shaving.
  • This cream will leave the skin feeling nice, refreshed and cool because it contains menthol and eucalyptus that gives a slightly tingling sensation that is pleasurable for most wet-shaver.


  • The shaving cream tends to be harsh on people with highly sensitive skins because it contains menthol and eucalyptus which give off a tingling sensation that can even be elevated by any skin irritations caused when trimming any facial hair.

Proraso Shaving Cream

Features overview:

  • New formulation: This shaving cream generated using a new formulation but it still contains ingredients like coconut-oil, eucalyptus and menthol that make it feel awesome. Apart from the new formulation, this cream contains a new scent as well with light notes of sandalwood. Lastly, there is added Shea-butter in this cream that will help to moisturize your skin.
  • Formulated using the hot soap process: although this shaving cream has a new formulation, it is still created using the hot soap-making process which transforms natural ingredients into a very fine, quality shaving soap.
  • It comes packed in a metallic tube: Proraso Shaving Cream is packed in a large 150-ml metal tube. In fact, a single tube of this shaving cream will last about 6-months even when used on a daily basis. This actually ensures great value for money yet one will still experience a wonderful shaving experience.
  • It’s dermatologically tested: this shaving cream is derminologically tested and this makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin. On the other hand, this cream is also paraben-free, does not contain silicones or mineral-oils but it contains 95-percent natural ingredients that soothe, protect and heal your skin even after trimming any hairs.
  • The cream contains essential oils: the shaving cream also contains essential oils like; Shea-butter, Sandalwood-Oil and glycerin which offer a rich, moisturizing lather that is suitable for all beards and skin-types but this lather works best on those with thick and coarse beards. Likewise, this rich, creamy lather also leads to a close and comfortable shave.
  • This shaving-cream features a great fragrance: Proraso shaving cream produces a subtle sandalwood scent that smells brilliant, classy and elegant. This scent is not too strong and will even keep around you even after shaving.
  • Vegetable-based shaving cream: The shaving-cream is actually a traditional vegetable-stearin based formula that is enriched with natural ingredients which make it feel concentrated and rich. Some of these ingredients include; Shea-butter which keeps the skin soft and nourished, Sandal-oil that provides a calming anti-inflammatory effect and many others.


Product Quality:

  • This soap is optimum quality beginning from even the way it is formulated. It passes through a hot soap-making process which transforms all the natural ingredients into a very fine-quality shaving soap. it is has a vegetable stearin-based formula that is enriched with natural ingredients that help in the formation of a rich and concentrated lather that lathers up the skin well for smooth and comfortable trim. The active natural ingredients in this formula will also help to moisturize and regenerate a dry while softening even the toughest beards. The fragrance produced by this shaving cream is also very nice and it comes from the light notes of sandalwood included in the formulation thus giving off a great, light and masculine barbershop scent that stays on you even after shaving.
  • On the other hand, you should know that this shaving cream is dermatologically tested and proven to be suitable for men sensitive skin types. In fact, the shaving-cream formulation does not contain silicones, mineral-oils or parabens which are well-known for being harmful to the human skin. The cream contains 95-percent natural ingredients that are skin-friendly and produce a creamy, rich lather that facilitates for smooth, comfortable and close shave.

Proraso Shaving Cream

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Who does it benefit?

  • For guys with tough or coarse beards: the Shea-butter and glycerin included in the formulation of this shaving cream helps to generate a rich lather that is suitable for all beards and skin types. However, this lather will greatly soften thick, coarse beards for a more comfortable and close shave hence this makes it perfect for use by men with such hair textures.
  • Good for men with sensitive skins: if you have a sensitive skin, then just try out this shaving cream because it was specially formulated for you. This is because it includes ingredients like Shea-butter which will keep the skin soft and nourished and Sandal-oil that has a calming, anti-inflammatory effect. In fact, this Proraso shaving-cream is rich in natural vegetable extracts and it does not contain artificial colors, fragrances, it’s paraben-free and silicone-free. It is even dermatologically tested which makes it a better option for guys with delicate skin-types.
  • Best shaving-cream for men with dry skins: in case you have a dry skin and you are looking for a shaving cream that does not escalate the dryness, then Proraso shaving-cream with sandalwood is meant for you since it has a special formula with nourishing, natural and active ingredients that help to regenerate a dry skin. The added Shea-butter also provides extra moisture to the skin even after washing off the shaving cream.


What Else Do You Need?

  • A shaving badger-brush: using a decent badger hair shaving-brush is highly recommended because it helps in the creation of a luxurious, cushioning lather that leads to a comfortable, smooth and clean shave that is free from any irritations.


  • Shaving-bowl: this shaving cream comes in a metallic tube and you can’t really create lather with tube. This means that you need to acquire a bowl in which you can prepare the lather from but get a good quality bowl that will last long period of time.

Proraso Shaving Cream

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