Philips Norelco 1290X/46 Shaver 8800 Review – Best SensoTouch 3D

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Philips Norelco 1290X40 Shaver 8800

UPDATE: – There is a newer version of this shaver and it’s called ”Philips Norelco S9311/87, Shaver 9300. This premium shaver ranks as the best Norelco shaver and it’s available on a discount price. Read full review here…

PERFORMANCE:-  Philips Norelco 1290X/46 Shaver 8800 has been on the market for a while and its among the best SensoTouch 3D shavers, it is classified as (series 8000) and it has managed to score a customer rating of  4.2 out of 5 stars. In simple math, that is 92% customer satisfaction. It is a very nice shaver, you will get a very close shave and it does the job silently. Norelco 1290x/46 does not come with a cleaning station but you can clean it with tap water and a brush. 

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Philips Norelco 8800 is one of the quality shavers on the market today that will offer any man with an ultimate shaving experience. This shaver comes equipped with a gyroflex 3D system which features 3 dynamic parts that rotate independently as they follow the natural contours on your face while minimizing pressure and skin-irritation. This shaver even catches every hair on the face in just a few seconds because its equipped with ultra-track shaving-heads and these heads even cover 50% more skin-surface a time when shaving. Additionally, this electric-razor also uses a patented lift and cut dual-blade system that lifts hair in order to comfortably cut it below the skin-level. All in all, this shaver will comfortably shave long, short and flattened hairs and will get the shaving-job done in less time without leaving any stray hairs or stubble behind.



  • This shaver offers a very close and comfortable shave compared to other Norelco electric-shavers on the market ant this mainly because it equipped with well-designed ultra track shaving-heads that are very flexible and capable of following all the facial contours when shaving.
  • The Philips Norelco 8800 has a very nice and quality body-construction which is very durable and even looks very good and it will attract men who like modern-looking shavers. Additionally, it has rubberized handle that offers a secure grip especially under wet-conditions and this shaver is even well-balanced.
  • The Philips Norelco 1290X/46 works perfectly well it comes to grooming sideburns and mustaches compared to any previous Philips Norelco. This is because it is built with a high quality pop-up trimmer that trims and styles beards with optimum precision.


  • The stand on which you place this shaver when not in use feels unstable and in fact it wobbles a bit and this mainly because the standing-feet where not nicely constructed and balanced.
  • Secondly, this electric-shaver does not support cordless usage and this implies that you won’t be able to use its plugged into a power outlet but instead you will need to wait for it get fully-charged or to wait for about 3-5 minutes in order to experience a one, quick shave.
  • Another big weakness is the 3 rotary shaving-heads that need to be opened separately for cleaning when cleaning this shaver after usage and it very inconveniencing and time-consuming.
  • Lastly, the rotary replacement shaving-heads of this electric-shaver are a bit expensive compared to other Philips Norelco replacement heads.

Philips Norelco 1290X40 Shaver 8800




  • Gyroflex 3D system: this electric-shaver is equipped with a Gyroflex 3D system which has 3 dynamic parts that move independently while flexing outward, pivoting around and tilting inward as they follow all the contours on your face thus offering you an ultimate shaving experience.
  • Ultratrack shaving-heads: The Philips Norelco 8800 features Ultratrack shaving-heads which help to catch every facial-hair in just a few strokes. This is possible because the Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 has three specialized shaving tracks which include; slots that work on long-hairs, channels that trim longer-hairs and holes that work on the shortest stubble.
  • Patented, Super Lift and Cut system: this electric-razor is built with a patented Super Lift and Cut dual blade system which helps to lift hairs in order to cut it comfortably below the skin-level for an incredibly closer and even shave.
  • Aquatec seal: The Aquatec seal feature 0ffers the user with an option of either a comfortable dry-shave or going for a refreshing wet-shave with shaving cream or gel. This means that with the Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 someone can shave any way he wants.
  • Low-friction SkinGlide shaving surface: the low-friction SkinGlide shaving-surface on the Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 enables it to slide smoothly along the skin in order to achieve a very close shave with minimized skin-irritation.
  • Touch-control display: the Philips Norelco Shaver 8800 has an easy-to-use, advanced numeric, touch-screen display which helps to show exactly how many minutes of shaving-time are remaining before recharging the battery. With this display, you can also monitor the battery-level, charging-status and the cleaning-status. Additionally, there is also a replacement-head indicator that helps the user to know when to change the shaving-head.
  • A powerful battery: This cord-free SensoTouch 3D-shaver contains a Lithium-ion battery that charges in just 1-hour and provides up to 60-minutes shaving-time or a maximum of 20-days of quick-shaving. This electric-shaver even features a 3-minute quick-charge that offers enough power for one cordless shave.
  • A convenient precision-trimmer: The integrated pop-up trimmer placed onto this electric-shaver is very easy to use and conveniently trims or grooms sideburns and moustaches so that you can get that style you have always wanted. On the other hand, this unique skin-friendly, precision-trimmer system is designed to avoid unnecessary skin contact.
  • It includes other accessories: Philips Norelco Shaver-8800 comes well-packaged including; a charging/storage stand, travel-pouch, protective-cap, power-cord and a cleaning-brush. These accessories help to enhance on the usage, storage and cleaning of this electric-shaver.

Philips Norelco 1290X-46 Shaver

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When it comes to shaver designs, no grooming company out competes Philips. Majority of shavers I have reviewed here on Yosaki have awesome designs. This Aquatec shaver has a flexible slim head which rotates to different directions making it very easy to shave problematic areas like the neck & jaw line. Its pop-up trimmer is found at the back, simply use the switch on button found at the top of the shaver next to its head and release the trimmer to groom your beard / mustache / sideburn.  After shaving you can use a shaver stand to secure your shaver properly on the sink.



The Philips Norelco 1290X/46 Shaver-8800 is quality shaving-tool that also falls under the SensoTouch 3D electric-shavers line. The Philips Norelco Shaver-8800 comes with an in-built Gyroflex 3D system which has 3 dynamic-parts that rotate independently while flexing outwards, pivoting-around and tilting-inward as they follow all the natural contours on the face for an ultimate shaving experience. On the other hand, this shaver also has ultratrack shaving-heads that catch every hair with just a few strokes taken and these 3 shaving-tracks cover up-to 50-percent more skin-surface at once while comfortably trimming long, flattened and short stubble.

The other quality feature found on the Philips Norelco Shaver-8800 is the SkinGlide shaving-surface that slides smoothly over the skin for an incredibly close, easy and safe shave. The other nice feature is the Aquatec technology that allows the user to shave wet with shaving-cream for extra skin-protection or shave dry for extra convenience. Additionally, this electric-shaver has a powerful, lithium-ion battery that offers over 60-minutes of cordless shaving yet it fully charges in 1-hour and the 3-minute charge provides one quick, cordless shave. Lastly, this electric-razor is designed with touch-sensitive controls coupled with an advanced numeric LED display that shows the current status of the shaver.

Philips Norelco 1290X40 Shaver 8800 3D SENSOTOUCH

Who does it benefit?

  • It works well on men with extra-sensitive skin: this electric-razor is gentle on the skin because it’s built with a low-friction, SkinGlide shaving-surface that smoothly glides over the skin for a more close and comfortable shave while minimizing skin-irritation.
  • Good for guys with thick beards: the Philips Norelco Shaver-8800 is equipped with a convenient pop-up trimmer that is capable of trimming or grooming beards, sideburns and mustaches with precision.
  • Great for men who enjoy wet-shaving: this electric-razor features an Aquatec seal that gives the user an option of either shaving-wet with shaving-gel or dry for maximum convenience.



  • Philips Norelco RQ12/62 Replacement-Head for Series-8000 (SensoTouch 3D): the Philips Norelco Shaver-8800 will need a replacement-head after using it for at least 1-year in order to maintain the quality shave it offers. However, this replacement-head is a bit expensive for some people but you still need it to maintain the shaver’s effectiveness.
  • An ultimate bodygroomer: this bodygroomer will help to remove any unwanted hairs on the other sections of the body since the Philips Norelco Shaver-8800 meant to work only on facial hairs that are a bit soft and gentle and won’t be able to handle coarse or thick hairs on other parts of the body.

Philips Norelco 1290X40 Shaver 8800

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