Braun Series 5 5030s Electric Shaver Review – Shaves Short Stubble

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Braun Series 5 5030s Electric Shaver Review

The Braun Series 5 Shaver model-5030s is a great shaving-tool that will help to keep any man’s facial-hair trimmed down hence keeping the face looking smooth. This ergonomically designed shaver is equipped with a unique combination of power and precision in order to facilitate for optimum performance without sacrificing skin comfort.


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With FlexMotionTec, this electric-shaver is capable of delivering 3-times more adaptability than its predecessor thus providing significantly more skin contact even in problematic areas for efficient and effective shaving with less skin-pressure. Likewise, the shaving-head curves along with your facial contours to deliver a close and comfortable shave all over. It’s equipped with a PowerDrive that supplies 20-percent more motor-power for high-speed cutting even on dense hence providing you with a quick close shave. In conclusion, you should also know that all Series-5 electric shavers are made in Germany and equipped with advanced technology coupled with wonderful design and quality standards.


Performance:- Braun Series 5 5030s has been on the market for a while and it has got a good customer rating of 4.3 / 5. In simple terms, that is almost 93% up-vote. This shaver looks exactly like Series 5 5090cc but I want to dig deep and find out the difference between these two Braun shavers. In terms of price, there is a difference of $2 between these two related models.



  • Optifoil
  • Flexmotion Technology
  • Micro Motion
  • Macro Motion
  • Power Drive
  • Ultra Active Lift Middle Trimmer
  • Cross Hair Blade
  • Multi Head Lock
  • Powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Full recharge in 1 hour
  • Dual voltage (100v- 240v)
  • LED Display (not 5 level but it is very easy to read. You can know when to re-charge the shaver)
  • Waterproof (yes)
  • Precision trimmer (for your sideburns & mustache)
  • Pivoting head
  • 3-stage cutting system
  • Free floating system


Braun Series 5 5030s Electric Shaver Review





  • Close Shave:- The Braun Series 5 5030s electric-shaver offers a very close and quick shave because its equipped with attractive lift and flex-motion technologies which ensures that you get age close shave without worrying about getting skin-irritations.
  • Ergonomic design & Good Weight:- This shaver has a wonderful ergonomic shape and a nice weight and this makes it feel sturdy when held in the hands hence making it easy to use .
  • Easy to clean:- This shaver is 100% waterproof so you can immerse it under water or use running tap water to clean it. At the same time you can use it while in the shower.
  • Easy to use Trimmer:- Some shavers will require you to press a trimmer release button from the bottom of the shaver, after that the trimmer will pop-up for use. When it comes to thus Braun 5030s, all you have to do is to slide the trimmer out. The trimmer is found at the back of the head and it has a very good width.
  • It is good on short stubble: – Some shavers can’t shave a short stubble very well. But if you allow your stubble to grow for at least two days, Braun series 5030s will shave it well. This shaver has cross hair blades which capture very short hair which grow to different directions. But I’m not sure if it can shave a 5 o’clock stubble.
  • Quick shave: – 5030s has a power drive which empowers its motor drive to move 20 times faster than most electric shavers. This feature enables Braun 5030s maneuver through any dense / thick beard in no minute. At the same time, you don’t have to wait for a full charge, simply get a quick charge of 3 / 5 minutes and have a quick shave. After that you can re-charge it fully. However, I don’t advise you to have these small quick charges all the time; it’s supposed to be an emergence option. Otherwise you might end up shortening your shaver’s battery life.
  • Cord& Cordless:- It is very rare to find a premium Braun electric shaver which works when plugged into power and also when its cordless. I should give credit to Series 5030s for this feature because it is very relevant. At least you don’t have to be glued to one option.



  • Trouble putting back the head after cleaning:- After shaving, you have to clean the shaver before storing it. However, it is very easy to remove off 5030s’s head for cleaning but trouble comes when you want to put it back. Too much work is involved; I wish this was made as simple as removing & replacing a cell phone’s battery.
  • Head is bulky, it blocks my view when trimming a goatee:- The trimmer its self has a very good width and it performs really well. However, the only issue you might have is to see what you’re doing when trimming because the head blocks the view. For this reason I give Braun series 5030’s only 3 stars.
  • Noise:- When you use Series 5030s, you will hear some little noise, I guess it is caused by the Power drive. Other Braun shavers don’t make too much noise like Braun Series 5030s, but I think you can stand the noise, it is not that irritating.
  • Expensive: – I can’t deny, this is a great shaver, but it has a ridiculous price. I can’t believe that it’s more expensive than Braun series 5 5090cc which is a wet & dry shaver and it also has more features than 5 5030s. I don’t know the logic behind this but it does not seem fair.
  • No Personalized shaving modes:- Braun shaver models like 5090cc offer you the opportunity to select a shaving mode depending on the nature of your beard. I like the feature because it puts you in control of the shaver. However, 5030s does not have this feature, so you will miss out on personalized shaving.
  • Not Wet & Dry:- Much as the shaver is 100% water proof, you can’t use shaving gel / cream with this machine. In most cases, men with sensitive skins do well with wet shaving, so 5030s might not be their choice. However, if your skin is okay with dry shaving, you will find 5030s very comfortable to use.
  • No Clean & Renew System:- I’m sure 5030s was released earlier before 5090cc that is too why it does not have this automatic clean & renew system. But according to my understanding, 5090cc should cost more than 5030s because of this extra accessory. However, that is not the case. It could be the 5090cc is on a discount price because it used to go for $219.99 and now it costs only $129.99, basically when you buy 5090ccc now, you save $90.00 (41%), yet you will walk away with an automatic clean & renew system.

Braun Series 5 5030s Electric Shaver-2

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[box] It looks bigger than older Braun shaver models but the size is pretty okay and it fits your hands very well. Its weight is good and very easy to hold when shaving in the shower. The trimmer has a good width and it is easy to slide back and fourth making it very easy to use. When it comes to its display, it does not have that 5 level displays like that of 5090cc, but it’s pretty simple to read. You can easily know that the battery is low or full. Actually when the battery is full, the display becomes dark, which saves more power. The head has a lock and it pivots to different angles / directions making it very easy to shave problematic areas like the neck & jaw line If you want to remove the head for cleaning, all you need to do is to press two buttons found on the sides of the head. The head will get off easily and replacing it back should not be an issue.[/box]



  • Braun Series 5 Combi 51s Foil And Cutter Replacement Pack
  • Braun Series 5 Shavers Replacement Foil and Trimmer Head Cassette with Ultra-Active-Lift Middle Trimmer

Braun Series 5 5030s Electric Shaver-1

Feature Overview:

  • New FlexMotionTec: this technology facilitates for an efficient shave with less skin-pressure while minimizing skin-irritation. The MicroMotion will ensure individual suspension of all cutting-elements and also responds to the smallest contours on the face. It even automatically steers the MacroMotion-system. The MacroMotion places the pivoting shaver-head to a 40-degree angle in order to effortlessly navigate along larger contours on the face for maximum skin-contact.
  • UltraActiveLift Middle Trimmer: this trimmer will effectively lift and captures flat-laying hairs especially around the neck and chin areas. In fact, this unique oscillating trimmer will lift and cut any flat-lying hairs in just a few strokes for a close, quick and comfortable shave.
  • Crosshair Blade: the Braun Series 5 5030s is built with a cross-hair blade that ensures outstanding closeness that also lasts. This blade even helps to capture stubborn-hairs that grow in different directions and even trims the shortest stubble.
  • New PowerDrive: it is equipped with a new PowerDrive for high-speed cutting even when trimming dense or thick hair. It even offers 20-percent more motor power which supplies sufficient torque on every facial terrain.
  • Multi-Head Lock: this helps to lock the shaver-head at 1 of the 5 available shaver-head angles in order to offer perfect adaptation even in difficult-to-shave areas like, under the nose and chin.
  • Its Waterproof up to 5-meters: this Braun shaver has a fully sealed body and this means that it’s fully washable under the faucet after shaving. This also makes the shaver Wet and Dry capable inorder to facilitate for a comfortable dry-shave or refreshing wet-shave with foam or gel.
  • A 5-level battery display with travel-lock and hygiene-indicator: the series-5 5090cc shaver features the most advanced 5-level battery display that ensures a precise indication of the battery-status with a low-charge warning, a travel-lock and hygiene indicator.
  • A skin-friendly precision-trimmer or pop-up trimmer: the series-5 shaver features a precision-trimmer with superior cutting performance. This pop-up trimmer will help to trim and shape the sideburns, moustache or beards with extra comfort and precision. To use this trimmer, you simply have to slide it upwards and it’s located at the back of the shaving-head.
  • A powerful, rechargeable Li-Ion battery: this electric-trimmer is built with a strong, 3.6-volts lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable and is capable of working in both cordless and corded modes. This battery is not affected by memory-effect which is caused by long hours of charging. Likewise, this battery fully charges in hour to provide upto 45-minutes of cordless shaving and a quick 5-minute charge provides enough power for 1-cordless shave.
  • Smart Plug technology: The smart plug has an automatic worldwide-voltage adjustment between 100-Volts to 240-Volts for optimum shaving convenience at home or when travelling abroad.
  • It is made from high-quality materials: this Braun shaver is made of high-tech and premium materials like fibre reinforced composites which facilitate for lightweight performance while the chromium-plated body elements give this shaver a premium design and outstanding-durability.
  • A travel-pouch: the series 5 5030s is equipped with a simply designed, premium travel-case which offers protection and storage for this shaver when travelling.

Braun Series 5 5030s Electric Shaver-3

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BRAUN SERIES 5030s vs. Other BRAUN SHAVERS: (Comparison Chart)

This chart shows some of the most popular Braun shavers, however I didn’t include Braun series 7-799cc in this chat simply because it’s an advancement of 790cc and the only difference between those two is the wet & dry shaving option but the rest is the same.

[cs_table id=”9″]
  • Braun series 5030s vs 790cc:- If I’m to say the truth, Braun series 5030s does not compete with Series 7 90cc, actually it is the other way round because 790cc features some of the most relevant features which 5030cc. In terms pricing 790cc is a little bit expensive, but it has more features than 5030s. However, when I compare the design and beauty of these two shavers, I give credit to Series 5 5030s, It’s black and it has red lines and a studded rubber which feels soft in the hand. Much as 790cc has more features, I prefer buying 5030s as a gift to my Dad / brother because of the looks.
  • Braun series 5030s vs CoolTec ct5cc:- The only advantage that Cooltec 5cc has over Series 5 5030s is that cooling technology which cools your skin on each and every pass you make. CT5cc belongs to Braun Cooltec shaver category so it does not have some features found in Series 5 & 7.  I’m sure if you look at the chat, you will see lots of missing features but that does not mean that CT5cc is not a good electric shaver. It is good but it belongs to a different class. On the other hand Series 5 5030s shavers a few features with CT5cc and these include; 100% waterproof, 3-Stage Cutting System, Free-Floating Foil System, Long-hair trimmer. In addition, CT5cc comes with an automatic cleaning system which helps you clean the shaver after use. This accessory does not come with Series 5 5030s. In terms of power, I don’t know who is stronger because the speed at which there motors rotate is not provided in the chart.
  • Braun series 5030s vs 390cc:- Comparing 5030s with 390cc might not seem fair but that will not stop me from writing something about these two shavers. (1) Both 5030s and 390cc belong to different classes. One comes from Series 5 and the other comes from series 3 so basically they can’t have the same features. However, they share a few features like; being 100% waterproof, 3-Stage Cutting System, Lockable head, Free-floating foil system and a Long-hair trimmer. The only features that 390cc does not have but you can find them with Series 5 5030s include: OptiFoil, Advanced Active Lift middle trimmer and pivoting head which adapts to your facial skin contours. According to my shaving experience, a shaver which has a pivoting head is very easy to use; you can tilt it and use it from any angle of your choice. With that in mind, I will vote for Series 5030s.
  • Braun series 5030s vs 190s:- Last but not least, I want to compare 5030s with Braun Series 190s-1. According to what I see in the comparison chat above, 190s-1 is a low profile shaver, it has a good smart foil feature which deals with growing hairs. In my opinion, Braun 190s-1 should be for beginners, guys who don’ have dense beards. But I will credit it for its simple design. I have not owned this model yet but since it costs below $100; I will get one and write a detailed review about it.


Product Quality:

The Braun Series 5 5030 electric-shaver was built to perform even under toughest conditions. This shaver features a unique triple action shaving-system which adapts to all the contours on your face for a closer and comfortable shave even in problematic areas. It uses a patented UltraLift system which effectively lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs with ease and the Crosshair blade helps to capture stubborn hairs that grow in different directions and even removes the shortest of stubble. On the other hand, the FlexMotionTec offers an efficient shave with less skin-pressure whileminimizing skin-irritation. On top of that, the Braun 5030S features 5-adjustable angles and a precision-trimmer which is used for shaping and trimming sideburns, moustaches and beards. this shaver even provides 45-minutes of cordless usage after a 1-hour charge and a 5-minute quick charge for a single complete shave and it is also fully washable and even comes with its own soft storage-bag and protective-cap for maximum safety at home or when travelling.

In conclusion, all series-5 shavers are made in Germany and they are equipped with advanced technologies together with a nice Braun design and highest-quality standards. In fact, like all premium Braun shavers, the Braun Series 5 5030s electric-shaver is also lab-tested to last for about 7-years excluding the shaving-head. Lastly, it comes packaged including a container of oil for lubricating the shaving-head and a travel-pouch for secure storage and transport of this electric-shaver.


Who does it benefit?

  • It will work for men with coarse hair and delicate skins: this electric-shaver features the FlexMotionTec which delivers significantly more skin-contact even in problem areas like under the nose and along the chin for an efficient-shave with less skin pressure and irritations. It even has a great, new PowerDrive that supplies 20-percent more motor-power for high-speed trimming even on dense and coarse hair.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Braun series 5 foil and cutter replacement-pack: it’s recommended to replace the shaving head of the Braun Series 5 5030s Electric Shaver after 18-months in order to continue achieving a smooth, close and comfortable shave. The good thing is that this shaver is capable of using a Braun series 5 foil and cutter head and that’s why you should acquire it before the first shaving-head becomes old.

Braun Series 5 5030s Electric Shaver-1

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