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Philips Norelco AT830-46 Shaver 4500 - 1Shaving is actually one of the most significant activities in a man’s life because it helps to maintain their quality of appearance. Some men use regular shaving tools to get the shaving done with any problems while other men find shaving with regular hair-trimmers time consuming and troublesome and that is the reason as to why i have decided to bring for you the Philips Norelco AT810/46 Shaver 4100 which has advanced technologies that will your shaving routine awesome.


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The technology found in this electric shaver is indeed developed and that why more men are going for it. This shaver actually provides a powerful shave while protecting your skin especially in hard to reach areas like on the neck.

Its aquatec technology allows the user to shave wet with foam or gel for extra skin protection or even dry for optimum convenience. The dual precision heads put onto this shaver have slots and holes which comfortably and quickly trim both long and short stubble.

You will even be able to your sideburns and mustache using this trimmer because it has an integrated pop-up trimmer which is also very easy and convenient to use. In conclusion, this trimmer has many advanced features and these will be listed in this article and this also means that you should try it out if you can.



  • It offers a smooth and clean shave that is also gentle your skin.  This is due to the dual-precision shaving system that trims both long and short hairs coupled with flexing heads that adjust automatically to all the facial curves with less pressure. These low-friction heads are rounded in order to protect the skin as you shave.
  • This electric shaver is also very easy to use and maintain because of its lightweight nature that makes holding it easy. It can even be easily washed with water and a cleaning brush because it is waterproof.
  • The Philips Norelco AT810/46 Shaver is user friendly because it does not make noise while shaving and it even has a strong battery that offers one with enough time to complete his shave.


  • Some of the drawback you will notice about this shaver is that it lacks some features found in other models like it lacks a charging-stand, cleaning system and even lacks a pouch that can be used for travelling purposes. However, these features might be lacking because this shaver is lower priced than other advanced models.
  • Another bad feature about this shaver is that it can only be used in a cordless mode. This means that you cannot use it to shave when it still charging and this really makes it inconvenient to use.

Philips Norelco AT830-46 Shaver 4500 - 1



Feature overview:

  • Aquatec technology: The Aquatec seal on this shaver actually makes it 100-percent waterproof. This implies that it can be used in the shower with your favorite shaving cream, gel or foam inorder to achieve extra skin comfort. However, you can also naturally shave dry with this trimmer for extra convenience.
  • DualPrecision heads: the Philips Norelco AT810/46 Shaver is incorporated with DualPrecision heads which help to comfortably shave both long-hair and short-stubble. They work in such a way that the slots effectively cut long-hairs while the holes cut any short-stubble.
  • Super lift and cut technology: this amazing Norelco shaver comes with patented super Lift and Cut blades which raise hair inorder to cut it closely. In fact, the first blade will raise each hair-strand while the second blade will comfortably trim the raised hairs below the skin level for a really smooth and comfortable shave.
  • A smart pivot system: The 3 shaving-heads on this shaver feature a pivoting, flexing and floating system that helps to keep the heads in close contact with the skin for a quick shave which also gentle to the skin.
  • It features SkinGlide shaving-heads: The shaver’s heads feature a low-friction SkinGlide shaving-surface that slides smoothly over the skin for a closer, easier and comfortable shave. Likewise, these rounded low-friction heads also adjust to all the facial contours as you shave inorder to limit on skin-irritations.
  • A comfort contour following system: this advanced contour following system ensures that the flexing shaving-heads stay in close contact with the skin whereas the pivoting-neck adds an extra dimension of movement while shaving. These are meant to give you a close, fast and comfortable shave.
  • An integrated pop-up trimmer: a pop-up trimmer on this shaver is just a perfect tool for trimming, maintaining and shaping sideburns, goatees, mustaches, and more. Overall, you be capable of completing your looks by simply using this Pop-up trimmer.
  • It has a fully washable design: as mentioned above, this trimmer has an aquatec seal and this makes it full washable under the bathroom faucet or tap water for convenient care and maintenance. This trimmer even comes with a cleaning-brush that facilitates for a more thorough clean-up.
  • A LED battery indicator: the shaving-unit also features a LED indicator which lights in different color when the battery is full, low or when charging together a quick charge indication.
  • It’s built with a strong, rechargeable battery: it contains an efficient and powerful lithium-ion battery which offers the user with more shaves per charge. You will only charge this battery for 1-hour inorder to achieve up to 50-minutes of shaving time. This trimmer’s battery also supports quick-charging whereby you can charge it for 3-minutes to get enough power for one complete shave.

Philips Norelco AT830-46 Shaver 4500 Review - 1

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Product Quality:

The Philips Norelco AT810/46 Shaver is a high-quality and powerful shaver that will provide any man with a wonderful trim while protecting the skin most especially in those hard-to-reach areas. It is equipped with several amazing technologies which include; the aquatec technology that allows one to shave wet with a shaving cream, foam or gel in the showers with optimum skin protection or even under dry conditions for convenience. It has DualPrecision heads which are designed with slots and holes for trimming both short and long hairs. Additionally, the pivot, flexing and floating system enables the heads of this shaver to independently adjust to any facial contours while catching every hair strand even along the jawline and neck areas.

On the other hand, this Norelco electric-shaver features rounded low-friction heads which have a SkinGlide surface that limits on the occurrence of any skin irritations. The integrated pop-up trimmer on this Norelco shaver conveniently trims beards, moustaches and sideburns inorder to complete your look. The in-built lithium-ion battery delivers about 50-minutes of cordless shaving after fully charging it for 1-hour which is ok. However, this shaver even supports quick-charging whereby you can easily charge it for 3-minutes to get some power for one cordless trim. Lastly, it maintenance and cleaning is quite easy since you only have to rinse it under the faucet after shaving but for best results, it’s always recommended to replace the shaving-heads every year.

Philips Norelco AT830-46 Shaver 4500 Review 2

Who does it benefit?

  • It is an ideal shaver for both wet and dry shavers: this mainly because of its aquatec feature that makes it fully sealed and perfect for use under wet conditions. But you can still use it under dry conditions for extra convenience. In fact its cordless feature also makes it easy to use even when you are outside the bathroom.


  • great for men who like grooming and styling their beards: this shaver will you complete your entire facial grooming routine because it features an integrated pop-up trimmer that is ideal for detailing any facial hairs, trimming and shaping beards, goatees and sideburns.



What Else Do You Need?

  • Norelco Philips HQ110 Cleaner and Lubricant Spray: this cleaning spray helps to clean and lubricate the shaving heads in order to keep the shaver in a perfect condition. This spray ensure optimum shaving performance if used properly.
  • A Lectric shave lotion: this helps to raise whiskers up in order to help the shaver to trim closely. This means that the shaver will glide effortlessly with less friction and minimized skin-irritation. This lotion is a good for those with sensitive skins because it offers a closer, comfortable and smoother shave.

Philips Norelco AT830-46 Shaver 4500 Review 3

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