Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver Review

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Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver 3

Shaving is kind of a tricky process for most men because facial hair tends to be difficult to manage. The sensitive skin types can even make the shaving process worse but all this can be dealt with if you get the right shaver. The Braun Series 7-760cc electric-razor is one of those best shavers that will attempt to tackle such problems and make your shaving routine a pleasant process instead of a chore.

This Braun shaver has many features incorporated into its design and all these are meant to offer you with a closer shave and to enhance the comfort of the skin when shaving. Braun is currently being praised by its critics and consumers because of their latest range of electric shavers whereby the series 7 now represents the most advanced and premium line. The Series-7 line also features Braun’s unique intelligent sonic-technology which produces about 10,000 micro vibrations so as to help capture more hair with every stroke taken. With all this advanced technology, the Braun series 7 760cc will provide any man with the most comfortable shave without experiencing any skin irritations.

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  • This Braun shaver produces an exceptionally close shave and on a daily basis. The shaver’s Pulsonic technology works perfectly when it comes to capturing stray hairs and it will be of great help when shaving the most troublesome areas. The Braun 760cc will also give any man an exceptionally comfortable shave everyday hence it will avoid irritation issues that are usually a problem with cheap shavers.


  • The cleaning system that comes with the Braun series 7 760cc shaver is quite loud when using it to clean-up the shaver. This means that if you live with any housemates, this cleaning system may scare them so you may need to time when to maintain your shaver. This shaver may not deliver quality results when it comes to shaving hair on the neck area but this is well-known to be a problem area to most men hence you will have to pay a little extra attention when shaving this area.


Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver 3

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  • Has a patented active-lift: This shaver is incorporated with active lift technology which helps to lift flat-lying hairs so that they can be clipped better especially in hard to shave areas like on the neck section hence providing any man with an awesomely close shave. The Gillette blade technology incorporated in the shaver will ensure that hair is cut closer without any tugging or pulling as you shave.
  • An optifoil head covering: The Braun series 7 760cc is designed with a unique foil with a hole-pattern but this helps to capture more hair and also cuts the hair deeper than ever before because it has excellent blades underneath. In fact this unique foil pattern will even help to capture any hairs that grow in different directions coupled with a closer shave in fewer strokes.
  • A precision long-hair trimmer: The shaver’s head is equipped with a long hair-trimmer that cuts with precision when removing the sideburns, beard or moustache. This trimmer pops out when you want to trim your hair and goes back in when you’re done just by pressing a button hence this makes the shaver very convenient to use.
  • It features a triple-action cutting system: the shaver has 3 special cutting elements that help to shave long hair very easily like when shaving short hair. This system is also equipped with sharp blades and well-designed foil head hence this ensures that one get a close shave with extra comfort.
  • Designed with a contour-adaptive shaving head: this type of head will perfectly adapt to any curves on the skin as you shave and even works perfectly in problem areas like along the jawline and under the chin. It will even ensure that you get an even and close shave throughout without irritating the skin hence making this shaver one of the best shaving tools on the market today.
  • The shaver is fully washable: this Braun series 7-760cc shaver comes with a fully sealed body and this means that it is 100-percent waterproof and it can be rinsed quickly under running tap water in case you don’t have time to place it on its cleaning dock and wait until its fully cleaned-up. In fact this sealed body also enables you to use the shaver in wet conditions especially when wet-shaving in your bathroom.
  • It’s equipped with intelligent Pulsonic-technology: this Braun innovative technology delivers up-to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute when shaving thus this implies that the shaver will be able to capture and cut more hairs in every stroke you take hence resulting into a quick and clean shave. This kind of technology is equipped in all the Braun series shavers and that is why they are unique from other Braun models.
  • A modern 5-stage LED display: this awesome LED indicator helps to update the battery charging status and battery level. It will also show you when you need to clean and charge the shaver hence this makes it a great trimmer for those who always want to know the shaver status.
  • Three-personalization modes: the Braun series 7 shaver offers three different shaving modes which include: extra -sensitive, normal and intensive mode. Trust me, these 3-modes will provide any man with a shave that best fits their beards or skin type.
  • A clean and renew system: the Braun system does several tasks and these include charging, cleaning, lubricating and drying the shaver just by pressing a button. This system also facilitates for replaceable cartridges that slide into its base hence ensuring cleaning of the blades after every shave and this will greatly extend the life and comfort of the Braun shaver.

Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver 2

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  • Braun series 7-760 really looks great and attractive; it is made of top-quality materials which really gives it a premium feel that you would expect from any quality shaver. In fact, it’s only the looks that make this Braun shaver awesome, but the Pulsonic technology in it also works extremely well whereby it helps to capture any stray hairs and it really proves beneficial when working in troublesome areas. The Braun 7-760cc shaver also offers an exceptionally close and comfortable shave time after time without causing any irritation issues that are usually a problem with cheaper shavers.
  • The battery life of this Braun series 7-760cc is long lasting whereby you can recharge from completely dead state to a full-level in about an hour. A full charge will be able to provide about 50-minutes of cordless shaving. Its battery can also be plugged into a power supply for 5-minutes inorder to provide enough power for a quick, cordless shave and this is one of the main features that men really like about this shaver.
  • Cleaning this Braun series 7-760cc shaver is easy and even its cartridge changing-system is simple, fast and easy to use. This system will automatically charge the shaver when it is placed in the cleaning-unit after completing your shave.


  • Good for men who want to adjust to a new electronic shaver: anybody looking for an exceptional shaver or looking an upgrade from their current shaver will find the Braun 760cc the best option though it’s a bit pricy. This shaver is of superb quality and offers excellent shave experience coupled with a great cleaning system.
  • Best for new wet-shavers: this shaver will offer a premium quality shave to anyone new to wet-shaving because it’s equipped with great technologies that cannot be found in any poor-quality shaver. This is also a consistent electric-shaver that will outperform most of its competitors that sell at higher price tags.

What I need

  • Braun clean and renew refill-cartridges: this awesome shaving machine comes with cleaning system and this means that it works hand in hand with a cleaning-solution which usually comes in form of cartridge refills. These cartridges should be replaced when you notice that the cleaning solution has completely run out but this may depend on how often you use and clean your shaver.
  • Braun series-7 foil and cutter replacement pack: the blades and foil on the shaver tend to become dull after using them for a long period of time like after a year or 2-years. This means that it would be great to have a spare foil and cutter that is ready for replacement.

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