Braun 3 series 380s-4 Review – Wet & Dry Shaver

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Braun 3Series 380S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver

Wet or dry shaving is the best way of removing any facial hairs and this article I have introduced one of the best wet/dry electric shaver that will do this shaving job as expected. The all new Braun 380S-4 wet and dry shaver is a very affordable in terms of price and its quality is something that will exceed the expectations of any man going to use it.

This wet and dry Braun shaver will always maintain the smoothness of the skin in the face even after shaving.

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The shaver can be used in wet-conditions like when having a bath in the showers or you may even use it to dry-shave at your own convenience. In fact, this shaver lessens skin-irritation levels by up-to 30 percent with each use and this is because it has built-in skin conditioners and that is why it functions differently than other shavers designed with rotary shaving-systems. It is even developed with precision long hair trimmer which is a perfect tool for shaving the beards, sideburns and moustache of any man. This great shaver is 100-percent water resistant and it can be washed with water in case it needs to be cleaned.

All in all, the Braun 380s Electric-Shaver shaver was designed for versatile performance and will offer any man with remarkable shaving precision in both dry and wet conditions. Its focused performance will quickly get rid of a three-day beard while the SensoFoil-technology enables it to glide gently across the skin for added comfort and control. I conclude by saying that when this Braun shaver is used to shave your beard or any other types of hair that grow in the face, the smoothness of the skin will never be compromised.


  • The Braun 3Series 380S-4 wet and dry shaver really offers a close and irritation free shave than most shavers on the market today. This implies that the Braun 3Series 380S-4 shaver is suitable for sensitive skin; great for wet-shaving and it is also very quiet compared its counterparts. It even has a nice slick design and even feels great when held into your hands as you shave whether under wet or dry conditions.


  • One of the negative things about this electric-shaver is that it lacks a contour adaptive shaving head and this is a very essential element when it comes to maintaining the contact between the foil and face as one shaves hence if it lacks on the shaver, then chances of skin irritations are most likely to increase.
  • Another thing i disliked about this shaver is that it cannot be used while being charged and this implies that it is somehow inconvenient because you can only use it after charging it either fully or quickly and then use it in a cordless mode.

Braun 3Series 380S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver

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Features overview:

  • It’s developed with Senso-foil technology: The Senso-Foil technology built in this shaver is an innovative approach that will help to provide any man with a closer and smoother shave. In fact, this technology ensures that even the shortest stubble is cut along with the long hairs and this is done by the foil that moves smoothly over the skin as you are shaving. With such a technology, shaving using this device will feel more comfortable with less skin-irritation and in fact it helps to make the shaving process easier and faster.
  • The shaver uses a triple action cutting system: Braun 380S-4 wet and dry shaver cuts hair over the skin smoothly because it’s equipped with three cutting-element or shaving-contacts that are fitted to its head and these even move independently of each other. This also implies that when this shaver moves across an uneven surface, each head will conform independently on a particular part of the skin to make sure that no hairs are left behind.  These three different cutting-elements are also capable of cutting both short and long hairs easily so as to achieve an even trim.
  • It is equipped with a precision long hair trimmer: The presence of a precision long-hair trimmer makes the shaver just perfect for trimming and styling beards, moustache and sideburns. This precision long-hair trimmer is also capable of reducing skin-irritation by up to 30-percent when this shaver is being used to trim the beards.
  • The Braun 3-series has a precision headlock: This precision headlock functionality makes it easier and convenient to shave tricky areas and sensitive hairs that need special attention and accuracy like when trimming a moustache.
  • This electric-shaver is 100-percent waterproof: this shaving-tool is a 100-percent water resistant and this probably means that it can be washed and rinsed with running tap-water whenever it needs to be cleaned. In fact, the manufacturer of this Braun shaver decided to protect against water in order to make the cleaning process much easier and convenient. Therefore, its users can freely wash off any dirt with clean water in every use inorder to keep its cutting systems clean and new.
  • It comes with a 3-stage LED display: This product is designed with an amazing LED display and this is actually one of its best features. Such a display helps the users of this wet and dry shaver to monitor the battery-level while the product is still under use. The LED display also shows a warning sign to the users when in case the shaver’s battery needs to be charged.
  • It has an installed rechargeable battery: This is one of the features that make this Braun wet and dry shaver user-friendly. The Ni-MH battery in this shaver is a very powerful and it makes sure that users can be able to shave conveniently, freely and whenever they want. This strong battery can be recharged for many times as long as it is functioning and trust me, it will never stop working. The battery is even highly protected against “memory-effect” that is usually caused by constant charging hence this means that the battery will last for several years under use. This battery actually takes one hour to get fully charged and this charge provides up to 45-minutes of cordless use. a quick charge of about 5-minutes will provide enough charge for a quick shave.
  • It supports both wet and dry shaving: The Braun 3-Series 380S can be used in the shower alongside gels and foams so as to provide a comfortable and smooth shave. But it can also support drying-shaving for added convenience. In conclusion, this shaver is designed to protect your skin and cause no skin-irritations in both shaving modes.

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Product Quality:

This Braun Series3-380s is a great, new shaver that feels weighty and solid in hand but without being too heavy. It has a nice hefty feel that really portrays its quality. This shaver has rubbery sections on the sides and these ensure that you achieve a very secure grip while wet shaving. It terms of looks, the blue and black color scheme on the shaver really brings out a nice, amazing look.

The shaving head on the Braun 3-series is not that bulky like those found on other foil shavers, thus this makes it more comfortable to use. Another nice thing about this shaver is a Precision setting switch which when slide to the right, the central trimmer and one of the foils will be lowered hence allowing for precise trimming in hard to shave areas like under the nose. The pop-up trimmer on the shaver is also excellent whereby it is very sharp and precise thus making it a great tool for all-around grooming and trimming of your beards or moustache.

the battery life of this razor is very good and if fully charged, it will offer you with 45-minutes of shaving time and these should probably be enough to take you for a couple of weeks but depending on your shaving routine. The 5 minutes Quick Charge option can provide you with enough power for one shave. This trimmer even supports automatic worldwide voltage adjustment whereby it can adapt to any voltage that ranges between 100-240volts hence this makes the shaver perfect for those are always traveling abroad.

Who Does It Benefit?

  • Good for electric wet-shavers: the shaver will work perfectly for anyone who enjoys shaving wet with in his shower and trust me, it will provide you with close and irritation free shave compared to other foils shavers.
  • It a nice shaver for men with longer hair: this electric-shaver will offer a better shave any man with longer hair than most foil shavers. You should know that this shaver is also very effective when it comes to cutting any stray hairs especially around the neck area.

What I need

  • Braun series-3 combi foil and cutter replacement pack: the shaver’s foil and cutter tends to wear out after using it for a longer period of time like after one year hence this means that you will have to acquire a spare foil and cutter so that that you will be able to replace it with the old one when you notice that you no longer get close enough shave like before.

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