How To Build Muscles Quickly – Results in 1 Month

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How To Build Muscles Quickly

Most people today really like building their muscles and this is because this keeps them looking fit, healthy and it even helps to burn calories more efficiently thus reducing on the levels of fat with the body. There are many different exercises that actually help to build up your muscles and it fact some of them work on building particular muscles. however, building muscles does not happen overnight but it will take you some good time coupled with exercises and that’s why i have featured steps below that you will follow during the process of building muscles quickly and I think they will be of great help.

  • Try to increase your calorie intake: this actually means that you should increase on the intake of foods that give your body alot of calories like fruits, beef and other healthy foods. But don’t try to eat too much because this will make you feel heavy and fat which is not good when building muscle.
  • Eat foods that contain alot of proteins: such foods help to support muscle growth and should actually be consumed every day for best results. These foods may include fish, eggs, meat and other healthy products.
  • Take enough water: your body will need a sufficient amount of water to build up muscles at an optimum rate. You should try to follow this formula for best results: body-weight in pounds*0.6 = water intake (in ounces).
  • Eat on a regular basis: please change your eating habits and try eating 5 or 6 smaller meals during the day. Also ensure that 1 or 2 of these meals contain proteins for best results.
  • Eat foods with fat: foods with fat taste good and are also good for muscle building as long as you eat them in the right amounts and kinds. In fact, depending on your total calorie intake, 50 to 70 grams of polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fat is just enough muscle building training and health.
  • Take some vitamins: add a multivitamin supplement to your to your well-balanced diet to keep your body healthy but also try to get vitamins that right for your body.

How To Build Muscles Quickly



A good diet is one of the things required for your body to maximize its potential when it comes to rebuilding the muscles. In fact, it’s recommended to have a good diet from the beginning of your muscle building exercises.

  • Go for a warm up: always begin with a low-intensity routine warm-up because this greatly helps to activate the muscles you are about to work on. Never try to stretch a cold muscle because they may actually lead to injuries and that’s why it’s recommended to stretch your muscles after having a workout.
  • Worker harder but for a shorter period: training with high reps is good when it comes to building endurance but it won’t help to build-up size or strength. Instead, it’s recommended to aim for about 3-8 reps per muscle group and about 6-12 reps per set for a normal routine. In fact, you should make sure that the final rep is very hard to complete and if not, increase the weight of what you’re lifting. All in all, to achieve best results, limit the overall training to about 45 minutes per day.
  • Always work the whole body: you will achieve optimum results when the entire body is part of the routine. this is because the more muscles you use while training, the more hormones the body will produce and these in turn help  to stimulate muscle growth while exercising and even for the entire day.
  • Limit cardio training: doing cardio is great for burning fat but it can actually limit muscle growth since it burns up glycogen and amino acids. If you like cardio as part of your fitness plan, then try to do it in intervals and not for more than half an hour an hour a day or 3-times a week. And if you are a sports person, try to eat more food inorder to make up for lost calories.
  • Get some rest: out bodies always need to rest in order to rebuild and recover the muscles. This means that you should actually rest for atleast 7 t0 8 hours every night and also try to avoid using caffeine and alcohol as a means of achieving deeper sleep.
  • Lower the stress levels: in case you’re stressed by the job, home or other issues, try as much as you can to reduce or eliminate this stress. This is mainly because stress is not good for your health and it also increases the production of cortisol a hormone which encourages storage of fat within your body while burning muscle tissue.

How To Build Muscles Quickly

  • Target the pecs with chest exercises: the most appropriate way of gaining a chest muscle is by doing a bench press exercise but still there are many other ways for building chest muscle like doing push-ups, lifting weights on an inclined bench press and many other exercises.
  • Work the triceps through arm exercises: dips are the most efficient and effective way of working your triceps or the muscle beneath your biceps. On the other hand, you will need to have strong triceps inorder to bench-press huge amount of weight. Other ways include: doing skull crushers, doing overhead dumbbell press exercises and many other exercises.
  • Target the biceps arm exercises: the dumbbell arm curls are the most effective way of improving the strength in your biceps. These exercises include doing individual arm curls with dumbbells, doing arm curls on a weighted bar and you may even go for pull-ups. However, all these exercises will only help to build your muscles by steadily increasing the weight that you lift.
  • Workout your quads and hamstrings through squats: when it comes to building muscles in your legs, squats are the best exercises to go for. There are 3 different types of squats that will help to work the different parts of your leg muscles and these include: doing standard squats with a weighted bar, doing front squats with a weighted bar and doing Belgian squats with a dumbbell.
  • Work the abdominal muscles by doing crunches and core exercises: the abs actually define the muscles on the stomach hence giving you a chiseled 6-pack look. There are a number of exercises that will help to work out your abdominal muscles and these include doing standard/oblique crunches and doing planks to workout the abs and core.

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