Panasonic Es-La93-K Arc4 Review – Best Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

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Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Shaver - Best Wet and Dry Shaver

Panasonic ES-LA93 Arc4 shaver is amongst Panasonic’s new, high-quality shaving tools that will ensure that every man enjoys more comfortable and irritation-free shaves every time they trim off any body hairs. this shaver is equipped with some of the best features which include 4 precision-honed, ultra-sharp, hypoallergenic Nanotech-blades, a high-efficiency 14,000 cpm linear-motor drive, a Multi-Flex pivoting shaving-head and a dual-motor system that offers an up-and-down motion so as to ensure a gentle, clean and even shave in less time.

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The sleek, ergonomic design of this shaver also makes it comfortable to hold and operate in both wet and dry conditions while the illuminated 10-stage LCD display helps to show the different shaver functions and battery status. This exceptional Panasonic shaver can be used to achieve a quick, dry shave at anytime and anywhere or even in the shower while using a shaving foam or gel. this shaver also rinses clean under running water or you can use it cleaning and charging station to get the job done. all in all, the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 is aperfect shaver to use at home but it will still work well if used away from home because it supports the universal voltage and it even comes with a safety-lock and travel-pouch.


Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 is rated as the best wet and dry electric shaver on the marker. I have checked Amazon, this shaver has scored a customer rating of  4.3/5 (93% customer satisfaction), these ratings are provided by people who have tested / used this product. I did some research and I discovered that some users prefer this shaver too multiple blade razors like (Gillette fusion). This might shock you but its a fact. The motor speed of Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 is 14,000 CPM and it also features 4 Multi-fit Arc Blades which cut through any thick beard with ease. If you have been using multiple blade razors which are associated with pulling, nicking and cutting of the skin,…put them down and opt for this skin friendly wet & dry shaver. To sum this up, this shaver puts Gillette king razors to death, wow, long leave multiple blade razors but its time to let you go. We need to get a comfortable close shave an it seems one shaver (Panasonic ES-LA93-K) can offer that.



[box] The first thing I can complain about is that big shaving head, it seems to be heavy but at the same time it also speeds up the shaving process because it covers a wide surface area so you will shave a very thick / dense  beards in a few minutes. The handle is well studded; it has a rubberized back and a curvy shape to ensure that the shaver fits in your hands very well. The rubberized handle gives the shaver a strong grip; it can’t slip off your hands while in the shower. The travel lock is located at the front just above the LCD display. In my opinion, this is the right position for a travel lock; you can’t forget to switch it on after using the shaver. When it comes to its cleaning system, I’m quite disappointed, the design looks fake and plain but the system does its job very well. I have used both Braun 790cc & Norelco 9700 but these two shavers have well engraved / designed cleaning systems. Best Wet & Dry Electric Shaver – Panasonic Es-La9P[/box]



Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Shaver - Best Wet and Dry Shaver




  • This shaver will give any man a very close and comfortable shave without irritating the skin even when used under dry conditions hence this makes it a very wonderful tool for men with sensitive skin-types.
  • The Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 shaver is also very easy to maintain or clean because it’s designed with a cleaning and charging system that is also very easy to use. However, this shaver can also be washed and rinsed under running tap water because it is developed with a fully sealed body that is dust and water proof.
  • Best wet & dry shaver for men:- We have different wet & dry electric shavers on the market but none of them will give you a very comfortable and clean shave like Panasonic ES-LA93-K. It can shave any type of beard with ease. You can choose from wet / dry shaving option basing on the nature of your skin. Dry shaving is for men with good / normal skins. However, I advise you to wash your beards with warm water and then dry them with a face towel and then dry shave. Warm water softens beards and it also opens skin pores, lifting up all flat-laying beards / hairs for cutting. Wet shaving is very safe and more rewarding that dry shaving. Both men with sensitive and normal skins can use wet shaving. Start by lathering up with a good shaving cream & badger brush. Let the shaving cream sit on your beards for some time and then start shaving with Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Wet/ Dry Shaver. The all process will be smooth and comfortable. After getting that clean & close shave, rinse of the shaving cream and apply aftershave to kill germs and prevent bumps / ingrown hairs
  • Powerful and fast:- For an electric shaver to be worth your money, it should be in position to give you a quick close shave because time is money and I doubt if you would like to use a shaver which requires you to make more than one pass. A shaver with a fast motor speed has the ability to give you a quick close shave because its motor will rotate blades at a very fast speed hence shaving that think / long beard in just minutes. With that in mind, Panasonic ES-LA93-K has a 14,000 CPM linear-dive motor and a multi-flx pivoting head which allows you to shave from any direction or angle of your choice. When I compare Panasonic ES-LA93-K motor drive (14,000) with that of Braun 790cc (10,000) the difference is 4,000 and that is quite alot, hence making Panasonic ES-LA93-K better and faster than Braun 790cc..
  • Good on thick / dense beards: – Majority of Asian men have dense / thick beards but also here in American we have men with dense beards. Some don’t like to shave because its a new style but during the journey they feel like going clean and the best shaving tool to use is Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 electric shaver because it has 4 sharp blades which leave no hair standing. These blades are forged and honed to a 30° (degree) angle so they have the ability to cut hair / beards which grow to different directions. You can move the shaver in a circular motion or move it back and forth. Either way you will get a clean, close & comfortable shave.
  • Flexible: – By default, all Panasonic electric shavers have flexible shaving heads. This is a great feature because it allows the shaver to reach and clean shave every single part of your face / body. One of the most difficult parts to shave with an electric shaver is a neck. This is a very tricky area; it has a soft skin and different contours, so the shavers head has to adjust to all these contours automatically. Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 uses it multi-flex pivoting head to shave your neck & jaw line. Much as its head is big, it manages to do a good job even in areas you least expect good results. When it comes to grooming your mustache, goatee and side-burn, switch on the pop-up trimmer, it is found at the back of the shaver. It is not as wide as that of Braun 5090cc but it can do a good job.
  • Comfortable: – Without doubt, you might find it difficult to experience discomfort when using this shaver. It ultra-thin smooth foil will maneuver over your skin with ease; capture and cut hair as close as a razor without pulling or causing any irritation. I suggest you shave towards the grain and use less pressure when shaving.
  • Durable: – This is a premium foil shaver and it was tailored for men who shave throughout the year. I have watched a promotional video of this shaver and also read through various customer reviews on AMAZON, I noticed that most users have been using this shaver for over 5 years. Replacing parts (blades & foils) takes a while, you can only replace parts after 18 months and they come at an affordable price. For the sake of the battery, you have to turn on a travel lock to prevent the shaver from turning on its self. This will prevent battery damage, because when the shaver is left on, the battery gets drained and damaged.
  • Affordable:- When this shaver came to the market 2 years back, it would cost you an arm and a leg. The first shaver was priced at $400 but as time went on, it has gone through various price discounts and now it’s below $150 which makes it affordable. If you have been using Gillette fusion razors you will agree with me that you keep on spending money on these razors, they need continuous cartridge change and in total you can spend $50 every after 2 / 3 months. So if we do the month, you end up spending more than $250 in a year. So why don’t you switch to an electric shaver which provides you with the same close shave and get rid of manual razors.
  • Works with all shaving creams:- This is a wet and dry electric shaver so it can be used with any type of shaving cream. However, when buying shaving cream, make sure you get one which is friendly to sensitive skins because the last thing you need to associate with is a skin irritation caused by a bad shaving cream. Before lathering up, wash your face and beards with warm water, this will open up skin pores and at the same time make hair follicles soft. Apply shaving cream on your beards using a badger brush (this type of brush has very soft bristles which makes it skin friendly). Move the shaver in all direction because your beards will be covered with shaving cream and there will be no friction. You can as well shave against the grain but don’t use pressure.
  • Good battery:- This shavers charges fully in 1 hour and it offers you 45 minutes of nonstop shaving. Now I want to make this clear because the 45 minutes might seem little but Panasonic-ES-LA93-K Arc4 shaver is fast and efficient. You don’t have to make so many passes to get a real close shave, so the average time a man with a dense beard would take when shaving with Panasonic-ES-LA93-K is 5 – 6 minutes. So if you shave for 2 times in a week; that will total to 10 minutes in a week. If we do our math right, the 45 minutes of a 1 hour full battery charge takes you for 4 weeks without re-charging.
  • Less noisy: – I always get irritated when I shave with a noisy shaver. I will not give this shaver a 5/5 because it makes some noise but it’s not that irritating. My Philips Norelco 9700 is very quiet and I love using it all the time, but also Panasonic-ES-LA93-K is okay, I can stand its noise. The motor drive moves at 14,000 RPM, I guess that is what causes the noise.
  • No rough patches:- When you shave with ES-LA93-K, you will get no razor burns, patches of ingrown hairs. It is a perfect shaver for sensitive skins and it can be used while in the shower. When shaving, avoid pressing the shaver on your skin because this causes skin irritation and it can result into razor burns. Always clean the shaver after using it, this helps in killing germs and keeping the shaver brand new all the time. When you shave with a dirty shaver, germs sitting on blades and foil will enter your skin and cause infections.



  • The only weakness about the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 shaver is the cleaning and charging system that comes with it because it makes a lot of noise while cleaning the shaver and actually some people will not tolerate it because it’s not even among-st the best cleaning stations on the market today.
  • This shaver has a slightly bigger shaving head and this actually implies that the shaver may not be able to shave some problem areas like under the nose thus leaving some areas with hair.
  • Can’t use it when corded:- I’m sure this is a safety pre-caution because you might get tempted and wet shave when the shaver is plugged into power. So you can only charge it with a cord & its charge station. If you want a quick shave, you can opt for a 15 minutes charge; that will give you a full shave. After that plug it in power until it’s fully charged.
  • Can’t shave a goatee very well:- The head of this shaver is too big, so when it comes to grooming / shaving your goatee, things become difficult.


Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Shaver 2

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  • An Arc4 shaving-system: This system actually features micro-thin, stainless-steel foils that help to lift, capture and also hold whiskers for a closer shave. The 4 super-sharp micro-fit blades will also work hand in hand with this system in order to cut hair clean and at its base for a closer shave. The result from this system is actually a quick shave with maximum comfort thus making the shaver perfect for those of you with sensitive skin-types.
  • A multi-flex pivoting head: this Panasonic shaver is designed with an agile, multi-flex active head that ensures a smooth, uniform motion along the facial contours thus making it easy for any man to shave the jaw-line, chin and neck with maximum comfort. In fact, this pivoting head will ensure that no hairs are left behind hence leaving you with close and smooth shave than ever before.
  • It’s equipped with multi-fit Arc blades: this shaver is also gently curved with multiple Arc blades that enable it to glide uniformly and gently along the jaw-line and chin. The Arc-foil also enables the user to move the shaver head in a circular motion hence making this Panasonic shaver an ideal choice for those accustomed to rotary shavers.
  • The shaver is equipped with 30-dgree nanotech blades: the great ES-LA93-K Arc4 features blades that are carefully forged and honed to a 30-dgree cutting angle in order to trim off hair more efficiently and smoothly at its roots. The nanotech blades are also made of stainless-steel with a hypoallergenic coating and this is also the material with the foils thus providing any man with a gentle and comfortable shave even if he has a sensitive skin.
  • It has a powerful linear motor: the Panasonic ES-LA93-K is equipped with a powerful, fast, quiet and high-performance linear motor that is designed to trim hair at a speed of 14,000 cycles per minute hence providing any man with a smoother and cleaner shave. This linear motor even ensures peak performance throughout the shaver’s battery life thus offering an even and close shave. However, this shaver contains a 2-motor system whereby the linear-motor delivers side-to-side motion while the second motor vibrates the shaver’s head up and down for a close, smooth shave.
  • Work under wet and dry conditions: the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 is a premium quality shaver that is always ready to use whether under wet or dry conditions. When you are in a hurry and you have no time to spare, you can have a quick dry-shave with this shaver over the sink. On the other hand, you can also use this shaver when you’re in the shower with any shaving gel or foam inorder to comfortable and convenient wet-shave.
  • It is developed with a powerful battery: this battery actually ensures that the shaver’s Arc4 system maintains its peak performance right up-to the end of the charge inorder to ensure that any man achieves a consistent, smooth and satisfying shave. This shaver also uses a universal voltage converter and this means that you can charge it in any country you go to while travelling.
  • It comes with automatic cleaning and charging station: this is actually one of the best features most men look out for on any shaver. This automatic clean and charge system helps you to easily clean, charge and maintain the shaver hence ensuring that it is kept in good condition. However, this shaver is also 100% washable and it can be rinsed clean running tap water while using the sonic-vibration cleaning mode.
  • A 10-stage illuminated LCD display: this 10-stage meter helps to indicate the battery status and it also displays a charge indicator plus a cleaning reminder and all these are essential when it comes to keeping your shaver and battery in a good condition.
  • It’s designed with a pop-up trimmer: this is built-in precision trimmer that is very useful when it comes to grooming your sideburns and mustache inorder to achieve a perfect finish. Whenit’s time to use this trimmer, you just have to pop it up and after tuck it away when you are done.

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Shaver 3


ThisPanasonic shaver looks classy with a solid material coupled with luminous surface and an ergonomic design that offers any man with a perfect grip including those with large fingers thus making it one of the best shavers on the market today. This shaver also features an ultra-thin vibrating outer foil together with 30-degree-angle hypoallergenic blades and these two elements help to cut hair its base in an efficient and comfortable way.

In fact, this shaver has a 4-blade foil system which makes shaving quicker and efficient. The shaving head is a bit large but it is absolutely comfortable on the skin as you shave hence making the trimmer perfect for those with sensitive skins. This shaver is even capable of handling any facial contours and any tricky areas with ease because it has a multi-flex pivoting head that can actually shave anywhere.

In terms of battery life, this shaver will offer you with 45-minutes of shaving time when it is fully charged and this actually takes about 1-hour and incase you are in hurry, you can always go for a 5-minute quick-shave feature that is capable of offering you with one complete shave. This trimmer also has other quality features which include a 10-stage LCD display, a pop-up trimmer and even a lock switch for added convenience.

Who Does It Benefit?

  • Good for men with sensitive skin: this Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 is designed to shave any hair and skin type whereby it is equipped with several technologies that greatly help any man to achieve a comfortable and smooth shave whether he shaves dy or wet, with the grain or against the grain. if you have a sensitive skin and you have been looking for a shaver that works well on you, the just go for this Panasonic shaver and for sure, you will never go wrong with it if comfort and closeness matters.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Panasonic replacement vortex hydra-clean solution cartridges: this cartridge contains a solution that is required for thorough cleaning of your shaver. the cartridge is placed under the cleaning and charging system before use but you will need to acquire a bunch of these cartridges because once the solution get used up in the old cartridge, you have to replace that cartridge with a new one containing a solution.




  • Is this shaver fully washable?

Yes. This Panasonic shaver is 100% water proof, you can clean it with running tap water and a brush. But once in a while, clean it fully with its cleaning system. It will lubricate the blades, sharpen them, kill germs and renew the shaver.

  • Can I use this shaver in the shower?

Yes. After charging your new Panasonic, it will be ready for use in the shower or out of the shower. Majority of men shave from the shower because it is very easy to clean after shaving.

  • Is the automatic cleaning system worth my money or I can do without it?

Yes. A shaver with a cleaning system is very easy to clean and maintain. A cleaning system does more than cleaning; it also lubricates and renews the shaver. But don’t use it all the time because it consumes cartridge and cleaning solution.

  • What is the best way to use this shaver?

This is a foil shaver, you can move in in all directions but if your skin is used to rotary shavers, I suggest you shave in circular motion. On the other hand, you can shave against the grain, this way you will get a quick close shave but don’t use pressure.

  • Can I use it to shave my head?

Yes. I see no reason why you don’t take that opportunity. This is a multi-purpose shaver; it has sharp blades and a very powerful motor. It shaves thick / dense hair with ease. But when it gets to grooming your sideburns, use a pop-up trimmer because the head of this shaver is too big. If you already have a bald head, this can help you maintain that bald head. You won’t get any skin irritation.

  • Can a woman use this shaver in sensitive areas?

I’m a guy so I have no idea about that, but give it a try and see. Though the head is too big, but if size is not a big deal, go ahead and shave your bikini area.

  • Does it come with cleaning cartridge?

Yes. You will get free cartridge on your first purchase but once the cartridge is over, you have to buy more.



  • Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Shaver
  • Automatic Clean and Charge Station
  • Detergent Cartridge
  • AC Recharger
  • Travel Pouch

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Shaver 4

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