Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Shaver Review

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Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4 is among the best electric shavers; it has scored a position in Amazon best electric shaver sellers which means its performance is good. It also features 4 blades just like its brother (Panasonic ES8243A Arc4), and these four blades will ensure that no single beard / hair is left behind.  When I compare Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 and this Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4, the difference could be in the size of heads and speed of motors, but the rest seems to be the same.

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Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 has a moderate Multi-Flex Pivoting Head which can reach most sharp areas, but Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 has a very big head, it covers a wide area so you will get a quick close shave, but I’m not sure if it can shave under the neck and some other tricky angles. Even though its head pivots, it might not do well on the neck and above the neck. However, despite the big head, which is more of a design issue, when It comes to performance, nothing competes with this shaver, its motor speed is about 14,000 CPM, faster than that of Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 (13,000 CPM), now as an experienced shaver, I will go for Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 because its motor is very fast which guarantees a quick close shave.


[box] Panasonic ES-LA63-S has been on the market for a while. It was released after Panasonic ES8243A but recently there has been an upgrade of this version called ES-LA93-K. The new version has an automatic cleaning system and its price is a little bit higher compared to that of ES-LA63-S. When it comes to popularity, ES-LA63-S has managed to score a customer rating of 4.4 out 5, which is almost 94% customer satisfaction.[/box]


What it does?

  • Great razor for shaving head (uses 4 blades)
  • It shaves thick coarse beards in no minutes. Its motor speed is very fast (14,000 cuts per minute)
  • Performs well on wet & dry shaving
  • It offers the closest and most comfortable shave. ( almost 99% close to a safety razor)
  • You can use it to shave chest hair
  • Trims your mustache / side-burn with a Pop-up trimmer. ( no need to buy a beard trimmer)

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Shaver Review


  • Speed:- Every guy needs a quick close shave which does not take more than 5 minutes. In most cases, men shave every morning and this is a rush hour, so using this Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 will give you a very quick shave because it’s motor moves at a speed of 14,000 CPM, that means even if you have a very thick course beard, it will be cleared in no minutes and all you will see is a clear face.
  • Wet/ Dry Convenience:- At least you don’t have to be limited with shaving options. Men who have used Braun 7-790cc have always complained of being limited to dry shaving only, that is not fair, because our skins tend to react differently, but this Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 is a wet & dry shaver, you can switch to what works best for you. Men with very sensitive skins, I argue you to use wet shaving option, read more on how to wet shave with an electric shaver here>>>>>
  • Charges very quickly: – Non premium shavers take more than 5 hours to charge fully and no one wants to wait for that long. On the other hand, Panasonic ES-LA63-S takes only 1 hour to charge fully and you will have 45 minutes of nonstop shaving. But still, if you don’t want to wait for that 1 hour, you can opt for a quick charge which takes only 3 minutes; this will give you 1 close shave. After that quick shave, you can plug the shaver in power and leave it to charge fully for 1 hour. I don’t encourage quick charges all the time because they shorten the life span of your shaver’s battery. It is better you charge it fully and use it until the battery is down.
  • Adjustable: – Flexibility of an electric shaver contributes to its performance. This Arc4 shaver has an adjustable pivot action head which rotates in more than 6 directions, giving you the capability to shave in any way you want. Some areas can be tricky to shave, but this shaver will rotate to any angle / direction until you get a real close shave.
  • Does not irritate skin: – Panasonic ES-LA63-S has ultra-thin foils, they’re smooth and tender on the skin. So the shaver will maneuver over your skin without pulling or irritating it. Slit sharp stainless steel blades are hidden beneath the foil, so they never interact with your skin directly. When I relate this shaver to some Norelco’s I have used in the past, it’s the best shaver for sensitive skins. Forget about those circular shaving razors on the market, use what every man recommends.
  • Good for beginners: – If this is your first time to shave with an electric shaver, I suggest you start with Panasonic ES-LA63-S because it is very easy to use. Your skin will get used to it very quickly. It’s curvy design makes it very easy to hold even when in the shower, it will not slip off your hands.
  • Easy to clean: – You can clean this shaver using running tap water. But at the same time you can set it to sonic vibration cleaning mode, once it’s in this mode, the motor will vibrate at a very fast speed (17,000 RPM) shaking out each and every clogged hair / shaving cream in the shavers head hence leaving it clean.
  • Lock Button: – This seems like a very small feature but it is very relevant. Many times people complain about poor battery life of their electric shavers. If you don’t lock your shaver, it will turn on its self automatically while you’re in motion and that will drain the battery. So the only way of saving your battery is to turn on that travel lock, it will prevent the unit from going on by its self.
  • It is durable: – I have been reading through customer’s reviews on, some users report that they have used this shaver for 2 – 5 years. The shaver was built to last for years and years. However, you have to replaces blades after 12 / 14 months. If you do this, the shaver will offer you with the same results throughout the year.
  • Quick smooth shave: – Its big head covers a very wide surface area so you will get a quick smooth shave in just minutes. Men with dense beards, this is the best shaver for you. I know some people complain about the size of this shavers head, true, it looks bulky but it also has its advantage.
  • Shaves your neck & jaw line better than other shavers: – At first you might be skeptical about this Panasonic shaver because it has a very big head. However, that head is flexible; it can rotate to different directions making it very easy to shave your neck & jaw line. You will not feel any pulling or get any skin irritation when shaving your neck, it is gentle than its predecessors. The increase in its RPM puts it at the top and I rank it as the best shaver of all time.
  • LCD display:- The blue-black light LCD display screen will tell you the status of this shavers battery, so at least you will know when to charge it and at the same time you will know how much you’re left with while shaving, saving you from getting disappointed. All Panasonic shavers have LCD displays but some displays show more data than others.



  • You can’t replace battery once it dies: – Now this is not good news, I have reviewed different Panasonic shavers, but I discovered that once the battery is dead, you can’t replace it. How on earth can you use a battery powered device whose battery can’t be replaced?… To me that looks more like waste of money, because If I’m to invest $100 +++, in a gadget powered by a battery, I expect to use that gadget for quite some time, and some of the things which die first is a battery. Now if you tell me that I can’t replace that battery when its dead or weak, It means I have to buy a new shaver which is a bit costly.
  • Very big head: – The performance of this electric shaver is not bad at all, but its Multi Flexi Pivoting head is just too big, It adds on the weight of the shaver and makes it difficult to use. I would rather use a Norelco shaver, because they’re too light and their design is just awesome.
  • Does not have a lift-tech foil:- Much as you will get a close shave, some areas might require you to make more than one pass especially when hair is laying flat in those areas. Lift-tech foil feature is found in an upgraded version of this model which is Panasonic ES-LV61-A




Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 parts

  • 4-Blade cutting system: This leaves no beard / hair standing.
  • 14,000 CPM Motor Drive System: Speeds up shaving process and give you a quick close shave.
  • 30 Degree Nano Tech Blades: very sharp and accurate.
  • Multi-fit Arc Blades:- Well curved blades ready to give you a clean close shave.
  • Arc4 Shaving System: This system features ultra thin stainless-steel foils which capture and lift hair for cutting without causing any irritation
  • Multi-Flex-Pivoting Head: This helps you to shave in any angle you desire
  • Sonic Vibration Cleaning mode: Once the shaver gets clogged by beards or shaving cream, this sonic vibration mode will automatically clean the shaver, it will shake the head and blades to remove hair
  • Lock button: After using this machine, you have to switch on the lock button, this will prevent it from switching on its self while you’re travelling and this feature will extend your shaver’s battery life. 
  • Wet & Dry shaver: It’s a multipurpose shaver, no need of getting tied up with one option, switch to dry or wet shaving any time.
  • Strong Battery:- You can charge the battery for only 1-Hour, but that will give you 45 minutes of nonstop shaving, quite awesome



  • You will see 2 Blades Instead of 4 :- When buying this electric shaver on Amazon, you will see that Panasonic quoted 4 blades as a spec, but when you receive the shaver, you will see only two blades on the outer side, now this should not freak you, because the other two blades are beneath the foils. These blades include a slit-foil which deals with longer hairs and the other blade is just normal, the combination of these blades makes it easy for the shaver to cut through any long thick beard.
  • You don’t need to lubricate blades with oil: – Some cheap electric shavers might require you to lubricate blades every now and then, but this foil shaver is a little bit advanced. It’s inner blades are stainless steel so they don’t need any lubrication and the outer 2 blades are aluminum, they don’t need lubrication too. It’s only rotary shavers like (Norelco’s) that need lubrication by oil because they shave in a circular form, that means their blades will be moving in a circular form and that movement requires lubrication.
  • Charge the battery once it goes down to 10%:- Some people prefer charging their shavers when they reach 1 / 0% charge, that is not a good thing because it drains the battery. You should always charge when the battery is left with 10% of power. Actually, this shaver’s battery will start warning once it gets to 10%. Charging it fully might take like an hour, but a fully charged ES-LA63-S Arc 4 can give you 45 – 50 minutes of nonstop shaving.
  • Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4 vs Braun 7 Series:- These two brands perform really well, but the only Issue you will have with Braun 7 series is that you have to buy cleaning solution for its cleaning system all the time, now that can be costly and annoying, because when you use this ES-LA63-S Arc 4, you will have no worries of buying cleaning solutions, it can be cleaned via tap water, which makes it an affordable electric shaver compared to Braun 7 Series.
  • Type of Shaving Lotion / solution To Use:- As we have seen, this ES-LA63-S Arc 4  is a wet & dry shaver, It will give you that convenience of doing both. But men with sensitive skins will always prefer wet shaving to dry shaving because it’s so forgiving on their skins. However, confusion comes in choosing the best shaving cream / lotion for electric shavers like this ES-LA63-S Arc 4. In my opinion, you can use “Aramis Lab Series for Men Electric Shave Solution”, it lifts beards for a closer shave and it also cools down the skin and makes it fresh as well.
  • When To Replace Blades & Foil: – This is a premium Panasonic electric shaver, so it will take you between 12 – 18 months to replace blades and the foil. At least this is enough time for you to enjoy a close shave without spending an extra dime.
  • Shaving Head:- Some users have tried to use this electric shaver to shave their heads and most of them report good results. Some say it’s as good as a safety razor, you will get the best stubble. But note, some scalps are too sensitive, so you better practice wet shaving, this will save you from many troubles.
  • Dual Voltage: – Since users of this electric shaver come from different countries, Panasonic has tailored it to be compatible with 100 v – 240 v, this makes it user friendly, but you might need an adapter to plugin the shaver, I’m not sure if it comes with its own adapter.
  • Travel Pouch: – Since the shaver looks too big, you might want to travel with it. Panasonic has catered for that by providing you with a free travel pouch and blade cover to protect the blades & foil from damages while travelling.
  • Using the Pop-up Trimmers: – Beginners or first time users of electric shavers, you might get confused when it comes to using this ES-LA63-S Arc4 ‘s pop-up trimmer. What you have to do is to look below the shaver, there is a free lock which controls this pop-up trimmer. Slide the lock and the trimmer will pop-up, once it’s out, use it in the same way you would have used a beard trimmer. Its main purpose is to shape your side burn & mustache; you can as well use it to perfect the edges of your beard / goatee.
  • Good electric shaver for Women:- When I compare features of most electric shavers for women, most them seem to be weak and some ladies have hairy bodies which require a tough shaving machine. So, I recommend this electric shaver to all ladies. I know you might get freaked out by the big head, but give it a try; you will get the best results.

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Shaver Review

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Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Review

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Review


  • Replacement Foil: WES9165PC
  • Replacement Blade: WES9068PC
  • Replacement Set: WES9025PC

What is in the box

  • ES-LA63-S Arc4 Shaver
  • AC recharger (this will help you charge this shaver, make sure you charge it fully)
  • Travel pouch ( use this pouch when traveling, but remember to turn on a travel lock)


Hardware & Design:

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Shaver

[box] [1]- Panasonic has moved from slim shaving heads to bigger ones because when I look at all electric shavers released after ES8249S, they all have the same shape & size of head. Some users complain that the shaver looks bulky but others say that the head covers a very wide surface area so they get a quick smooth shave without making many passes. This model has also retained that curvy shape and rubber on the handle which improves on its grip.  [2]-Flexible Pivoting Head makes it very easy to move the shaver back and forth. This makes the shaver user friendly and at the same time it enables you to follow each contour of your face, hence getting a quick close shave.  [3]- The slit foil which is hidden beneath the ultra-thin foil makes sure that all long beards are cut the same way as short hair without pulling / irritating the skin.[/box]



In this brief comparison, we shall see the difference between Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 and other Arc4 shavers like; ES8243A / ES8249S and ES-LA93-K. All these four models feature 4 blades and they have almost the same features. So I will not mention what they share most, but I will concentrate on their differences.


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Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4
Panasonic ES8249S Arc4
Panasonic ES8243A Arc4
Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4


  • Panasonic ES-LA63-S vs ES8243A:- According to Panasonic’s product chart, ES-LA63-S is an upgraded version of ES8243A, this means ES-LA63-S has some new features and these include;- (1) High speed linear motor of 14,000 RMP, (2) Travel lock, (3) A multi-flex pivoting head and (4) an Ultra-Thin Vibrating Outer Foil. As you can see, ES-LA63-S beats ES8243A by 4 new features and the motor speed of ES-LA63-S Arc4 is faster than that of ES-LA63-S.
  • Panasonic ES-LA63-S vs ES8249S :- When Panasonic released ES8243A, it lacked an automatic cleaning system, so what they decided to do is to release ES8249S which has an auto cleaning system. But they forgot to add all the other essential features ES-LA63-S has. Always these small accessory additions result into price increment and that is not fair to end consumers. It is understandable that an extra accessory costs money, but why don’t we buy them independently; I see no reason why we should have new models which have the same old features. Truth is that Panasonic didn’t have to release ES8249S because there is nothing new about it, all they had to do is release that automatic cleaning system and make it compatible with other models. (what do do you think?)
  • Panasonic ES-LA63-S vs ES-LA93-K:- This is the only outstanding competitor of ES-LA63-S. Both shavers are Arc4 shavers (4 blades), but ES-LA63-S has an automatic cleaning system. Now here is the catch. Panasonic will always use this trick to get us spend more money because they know people always want something new. I would expect ES-LA93-K to have more features than ES-LA63-S, but that is not the case. These guys have repeated the same thing I talked about it in the point above. The only thing ES-LA93-K shaver has is an auto cleaning system, but other things like Motor speed, blades shape, display, flexibility are all the same. I could say that ES-LA93-K looks nice because of the dark blue color, but that does not make sense to a mature man.


Panasonic ES-LA63-S vs Braun Series 7 799CC:

Braun has been lagging behind on wet & dry shavers not until in 2014 when they released one of their best performing wet & dry Series 799cc-6WD-CC4. The market has welcomed this new shaver by Braun and so far its rating is above 4.3 / 5 which is a pretty good thing. The design is still the same as that of 7-790cc but it’s a little bit polished and nice looking, better than this Panasonic ES8103S. In this comparison, we shall look at both the similarities and differences of these two foil shavers and I will give you my own verdict basing on what will be displayed in the comparison chart below:

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There is something interesting about Braun series 7 799cc, its head is slim and it features only two blades on the exterior and an active lift technology which deals with flat-laying hair puts Braun 7-799cc to the top. On the other hand, I will not credit Braun for its automatic cleaning system, because it’s not that essential, ES-LA63-S has a sonic vibrating system which helps in cleaning the shaver and I thick the sonic vibrating system is better than that auto cleaning system because you don’t have to spend money on cleaning solution & cartridge. So my final vote goes to ES-LA63-S, reason being that its affordable and it has all relevant features.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the best shaving lotion should I use with this Panasonic shaver?

I suggest you use ”Aramis Lab Series” it is tailored for electric shavers and it gives a pretty smooth shave.

  • When should I replace blades and foils?

According to information provided by Panasonic and people who have used this shaver, you should replace blades & foil every after 12 months (1 year)

  • Can I use this electric shaver to shave my head?

Yes, you can shave your head with Panasonic ES-LA63-S. It features 4 blades and a slit & cut blade which tackles with hard to shave hair. However, I advise you to first trim your hair short before using an electric shaver to shave your head.

  • Is it possible to use ES8249S Vortex cleaning System to clean this Model?

No. Simply use water and liquid soap to clean your shaver.

  • Can I shave while charging this shaver?

No, this is a cordless shaver, but what you can do is to have a quick charge of 3 minutes. This will give you 1 smooth shave. After that you can plugin the shaver to charge fully.

  • What is the best way of shaving with ES-LA63-S?

Everyone has a unique way of getting a close clean shave. I suggest you try out different directions. You can follow the grain or go against it. If you love wet shaving, you will get the best results because lathering up softens the beards and makes it very easy to shave.

  • Can this electric razor shave dense beards?

Yes, it has a motor speed of 14,000 cuts per minute and its blades are thin and sharp so it can shave any dense beard. You can try out other competitors but I’m sure you will come back to this ES-LA63-S

  • Can black men use this electric razor?

Yes, I know black men have very sensitive skins, but this shaver has ultra-thin vibrating foils which are skin friendly . In my opinion; ES-LA63-S Arc4 is the best electric shaver for black men.

  • Will the LED light stay on all the time?

This depends on the status of the shaver. If its switched on, you will see the LED light but if the shaver is off, the LED light will also be off.

  • Is it good for beginners?

Yes, if you have been shaving with safety razor or Fusion ProGlide, you will find it very easy to shave with ES-LA63-S. It is easier and faster than manual razors.

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Shaver

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This has been a detailed review but at least I appreciate the fact that Panasonic did some great job with this Arc4, it is worth upgrading from Arc3. However, my only word to Panasonic is to create compatible auto cleaning systems which can be used with other models. Charging us for a single additional accessory which I can do without does not make sense (its a waste of money). I know its business but it is better we pay for additional features on the shaver its self not accessories.

Hope this review has been relevant to you. If yes, please share it with a friend.

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