How to Trim and Shape a Goatee – Style It like a Pro

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How to shape a Goatee

I didn’t expect to write a post on how to trim and shape a goatee, because to me this is just basic information which I expect every man to know, however, after making research in various forums about beard related topics, I discovered than lots of men are searching for ways on how to shape their goatee, since I also I have one, I will share the same things I do to have a well groomed goatee,  after that, I will feature some nice pictures with various ideas, may you can pick one / two ideas from those pictures.

  • Grow it out: – If your beards is not fully grown, it might be tricky for you to trim / shape it. So the best thing you can do is to let it grow for at least 1 week (7 days), this won’t cost you any penny, at this moment, you will let nature take its course. However, if your beard takes a while to grow, you might consider using some beard growth products / supplements. May be the other thing you can do as you wait for your goatee to grow out is to exfoliate it / condition it., this will keep it clean and moist all the time. If your goatee is kept moist, it will grow out faster
  • Comb it down:- In most cases a goatee grows towards the southern direction, so comb it down very well, this will help you spot stray hairs that need immediate attention before tampering with the rest of the goatee. I always use my wife’s fine comb, it does it better. However, you need help of a mirror to clearly see what you’re doing, so you can use that over the sink mirror.
  • Set your beard trimmer:- Let ‘me assume you have got the best beard trimmer with you, if not try to check out this listing of the best beard trimmers, I have featured some of the best brands and I will keep on updating that listing to give you the best results. After getting the right trimmer, read its manual very well, some of them have more than 10 length settings, which is a good thing, because you will have a chance to play with all different settings until you come up with one which works best for you. It should not be tricky to use a beard trimmer, but if this is your first time, I suggest you check out these tips on how to use a beard trimmer….
  • Select a style: – When it comes to choosing the best goatee style, I will leave that research to you, because we have many of them out there, however, I have featured a few of them below this post. I always use Google Images to get the best examples, but not everything you see will look nice on you. With that in mind, look out for a goatee style which matches with your face shape. Men with long faces, you need a style which shortens your face and then those with round faces you need a style which pull your face down to make it look longer.
  • Trim your goatee: – Now that you have got the right style, I see no reason why you don’t jump on the boat and we start sailing, after roll time is not our best friend, so let’s not beat around bush. Start by attaching that plastic adjustable guide comb, all beard trimmers come with these guide combs, but if you lost them, buy a replacement of that particular model from Amazon. This guide comb will enable you have an even goatee. Begin by setting an average length, not to short / too long, and then keep in reducing on the length settings until you get to the right level. At this moment, your goatee will be trimmed to the level, but it won’t have any defined shape / style, but let us get to that later.
  • Define your goatee’s edge / line:- After leveling your goatee, it will have no shape but it will be out of it’s bad state, now your only tusk is to give it a shape and I’m sure it will be very easy for you. Remove that plastic comb guide from your beard trimmer; this will leave the blades of the trimmer expose. In most cases the blades of premium trimmers have round edges, so they can irritate your skin. Point the blades directly to the edge of your goatee and start shaping it. However, you want your goat to look like that of a celebrity you found in Google Images, so make sure you always refer back to that picture, a mirror is very important at this stage. Be very gentle and slow when defining the outline of your beard, because any small mistake you make can re-define your goatee’s shape. If you have a mustache, you should follow its angle line; this will give you better results.
  • Define the upper part of your goatee:- This will depend on the style of goatee shape you have opted for. If you have one with connects with your mustache, then the upper part will be mustache. Make sure it’s edges matches very well with that of the goatee.
  • Perfect its look by attaching that plastic comb:- After grooming and shaping your goatee, I suggest you brush it out once again, this time you don’t want to miss any stray hair. Attach the guide comb and make different strokes to ensure everything is even.
  • Shape that side burn:- If you have a side burn, you have to groom it too, but in most cases, men cut it off because a goatee looks better when its left to stand alone on the face.
  • Clean shave your nose:- Trust me, there is no way a guy a look nice is they have hair protruding out of their nose. When you groom your mustache and goatee, your nasal hair will be seen clearly, so to save yourself from getting embarrassed, I suggest you remove that hair with a good nose hair removal machine. Panasonic has the best nose hair removes, they’re smooth and efficient.
  • Brush your new goatee:- Wash your face very well with cold water and dry your goatee with a clean towel. Hydrate it with a good beard oil product and brush it down.
  • Conclude by washing and cleaning that area you have grooming from, no one wants to deal with your mess. Also clean that beard trimmer before keeping it. Remember not all beard trimmers are water proof, so you better use a brush to clean yours, otherwise you might end up damaging it.


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