How to Pluck Facial Hair without Getting Pain – USE TWEEZERS

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According to Wikipedia, to pluck is to get hold of something and instantly remove it from its original location. Hair plucking is not a new practice but if done wrongly, you might end up with bumps or wounds on your face. In most cases people pluck hair between eyebrows and the best tool to be used is a tweezers. If you have ingrown hairs, I don’t recommend plucking as a grooming method, you better use a smooth electric shaver to get a close shave. In this post, you will learn how to pluck facial hair without getting any pain or bumps.

How To Pluck Facial Hair

  • Get a pair of tweezers: – If you have owned a pair of tweezers for quite some time, I suggest you buy a new pair, because these small grooming tools can’t stay in the same condition for long. If you use a tweezers for many times, it starts bending and this makes it inappropriate for plucking facial hair. So, before going ahead with this post, first have a look at those tweezers, if they’re still in good condition, use them, but if one end is curved, don’t waste time fixing them, just buy a new tweezers.
  • Sanitize: – Many times we leave these small tools anywhere after using them, but that can be a very dangerous thing, because they pick up germs from the surrounding, so when you use dirty / rusty tweezers to pluck facial hair, the possibility of getting bumps is very high. Sanitize your old tweezers with vinegar or alcohol; this will help in cleaning and killing all germs and bacteria.
  • Get a mirror:- If you have a mirror above the sink, you can skip this option because that is just enough, but those without a single mirror in the house, I suggest you buy a small mirror, one which can fit on a table, it will help you see what you’re doing, at least this will save you from making mistakes.
  • Wash your face with warm water:- I would have recommended washing your face with cold water, but that won’t give you the best results. So, if you have a water heater in the house, simply turn it on and use warm water via the tap to wash your face. Apply some soap in your hands and mix it water, apply the foam on your face and start washing it clean. Warm water will open skin pores and at the same time clean your face very well.
  • Exfoliate: – The main purpose of exfoliating your skin is to keep it clean and to keep it dandruff free. It’s a very rare case to find dead skin under your eyebrows, but it’s also not impossible. So, take it as a precaution to exfoliate this area.
  • Grab hair to be plucked:- Before plugging hair between your eyebrows, I suggest you test and see how strong it is. Do this by holding hair firmly with tweezers and pull it just a little bit, if you feel less pain, try to put a warm towel over that face so that hair becomes softer and easy to pluck.
  • Follow your grain when plucking hair: I know this might sound funny, but your hair grows to a specific direction, if at all you go against this direction, bumps and ingrown hairs will be knocking on your door. Remember, you have to prevent bumps from appearing, so you have to follow the grain when plucking facial hair. Fully inspect this direction and pluck your facial hair towards that direction
  • Apply facial toner:- The area where hair has been plucked from will be irritated and on heat, so you can to sooth it with a facial toner / massage oil. However, use a cotton swabs to apply toner / message oil. I suggest cotton swabs because they come when they’re packed well, so chances are high that they have no bacteria. If you get tempted and apply that oil with bare fingers, chances are high that germs on the hands and figures will find their way into your skin and cause you infections.
  • Allow your skin to relax:- This is a very essential thing to do and it will cost you no money or time, just let that plucked area free, don’t scratch or apply lotion to it. Get busy and do something interesting as this area gets fine, you can apply your lotion after 15 minutes, at least by this time, skin pores will have closed.
  • Go to a physician if ingrown hairs appear on your face: – After following these steps, chances are very low that you will get bumps or ingrown hairs; however, I can’t guarantee that because we have different skin types, your response to this process might be positive of negative.

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