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Are you searching for the best foil shaver on the market, look no further than this. Panasonic ES-LV81-K has got all you need . I have been reviewing different Panasonic shavers but  ES-LV81-K Arc5 is just above the ordinary, though it has some similar features like Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5. As we go on with this review, we shall see the difference between ES-LV81-K & ES-LV61-A.

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By design, this ES-LV81-K features 5 blades, but you will only see 3 well spaced blades on the exterior, the other two blades are inner blades, one deals with cutting long hair an the other deals with underlying hair. The foils are very smooth so they will maneuver over your skin with ease and cause no irritation to your skin. Unlike rotary shavers which shave in a circular motion which might irritate a sensitive skin, this ES-LV81-K was tailored to do just what you want without exposing you to any danger. Even though the head seems to be very big, but you can bare with that, because this is one of the best foil electric shavers ever produced by Panasonic.  On the other hand, it comes at a high price because of some extras added to it which you will not find on ES-LV61-A Arc5, but if you can’t afford its price tag at the moment, you can go with  ES-LV61-A Arc5.

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Shaver Wet-Dry with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head and Automatic Cleaning System for Men 2


[box] The popularity and rating of this electric shaver will clearly show us if it’s worth out bucks. First, let’s look at its rating on Amazon, so far it has scored a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, this is a very good product rate, it shows that almost 95% of all people who have tested this ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Shaver appreciate its performance. I’m surprised very few of them complain about that huge head, I guess it’s light weight, because it’s very possible to use light materials to manufacture this shaver, I’m sure Panasonic considered the weight issue, otherwise I’m scared by that huge head. Customer reviews are still below 500 but I guess with time they will increase, but that does not mean the product is not cool. I’m sure this is caused by that big price tag; it scares away men with fixed budgets.[/box]




  • Close and comfortable shave:- To cut to the chase, there is no electric shaver on the market which can offer you with a very close clean shave like that of a safety razor. However, ES-LV81-K can shave as close as a manual razor …(98% close shave). If this is your first time to shave with a foil shaver, you will enjoy this ES-LV81-K shaver because it does not irritate or pull your skin when shaving. The slit foil captures long beards and shaves them as short beards and the finishing foil will capture and shave even the most stubborn beards. The face-hugging multi-flex pivoting head can move back and forth making sure that no hair / beard is left standing. So far this is best foil shaver money can buy you. I know in the future Panasonic will release new Arc5 shavers but Panasonic ES-LV81-K will always be my favorite foil shaver.
  • Easy to Clean:- If you want your electric shaver to last for long and perform as new every time you use it, make sure it’s always clean and dry. Panasonic-ES-LV81-K comes with an automatic cleaning and charging system which saves you from cleaning the shaver manually. However, this cleaning system uses cartridge which costs money so you can use the system once / twice a month and the rest of the days you do manual cleaning using water / soap and a cleaning brush. If clogged hair / shaving cream gets stuck in the shavers head, switch on the sonic vibration mode. This will shake the shavers head at a speed of 17,000 RMP and the clogged gel / hair will be removed out of your shavers head. Please make sure you clean the shaver very well and let it dry before storing.
  • Wet & dry shave:- Majority of men prefer shaving while in the shower because it is convenient for them. Good news is that our Panasonic ES-LV81-K shaver is both wet & dry so it can perform very well while in the shower. It is 100% waterproof so you can turn on the shower and start shaving. If you don’t want hair (beards) to clog / block the shower, turn on the shower so that water washes away shaved beards . You can use any type of shaving cream with this shaver. On the other hand, men who prefer dry shaving to wet shaving you should wash your beards with warm water and then dry them with a clean face towel. Warm water softens and lifts beards making it easy to shave with an electric shaver. Some men apply baby powder on their beards before dry shaving; this method also softens and lifts beards. So you can choose from any of those two options.
  • Best foil shaver for sensitive skin:- This shaver features an ultra-thin vibrating foil cutting system which maneuvers over your skin smoothly without pulling hair or irritating it. The 5 sharp blades are hidden beneath the ultra-thin foils so they never get in contact with your skin. On the other hand, the shaver has a Lift-Tech foil which lifts flat-laying beards and exposes them to sharp inner blades for cutting. If you have ingrown hairs, this feature will capture and shave each hair hence offer you with a close clean shave. When using this shaver, make sure you don’t use too much pressure / force; it has its own weight so you don’t have to apply any pressure. Since you have a sensitive skin, leather up with shaving cream and let it sit on your beards for a while before wet shaving.
  • Good on dense / thick beards:- Most electric shavers can’t shave thick beards easily, some require you to make more than one pass to get a close shave and this consumes too much time hence putting pressure on the battery. On the other hand, Panasonic ES-LV81-K has Nano polished 30-degree-angle stainless hypoallergenic blades which cut through a thick / dense beard easily. These blades cut hair at its base thus giving you a clean close shave. May be the other thing you have to do is to leather up / wash your beards with warm water to make them soft and very easy to shave.
  • Best foil shaver for black men:- Not all black men have sensitive skins but majority of them surfer from ingrown hairs or bumps after shaving. Black men’s skins don’t react very well with metal that is to why when you use an ordinary electric shaver; you end up with strong skin irritations. Good news is that this Panasonic ES-LV81-K has ultra-thin stainless steel foils which have been tested on black men’s skins and they cause no irritation. The slit foil will catch and shave long beards, the finishing foil will cut stubborn beards and the Lift-Tec foil deals with flat lying beards.
  • Best foil shaver for bald head:- If you love bald head, this is the right shaver for you. I know of some top celebrities with bald heads and they really look adorable. However, a bald head requires regular maintenance because hair on the head grows much faster than hair on the other parts of the body. Panasonic ES-LV81-K features 5 Multi-Fit Arc which floats independently following each contours on your scalp / head hence giving you a very close shave. Since it’s a wet & dry shaver, you can leather up your head before shaving to prevent irritations that might occur when shaving with this electric shaver.
  • Comes with a self cleaner:- For your shaver to last for long and perform as expected every time you shave, you have to use an automatic cleaning & charging system. The only disadvantage with this system is that you have to buy cleaning cartridge all the time, but still you can save money by using that auto clean system once / twice in month. Its main purpose is to clean, dry, renew and charge the shaver. It keeps the blades sharp and ready for use throughout the year.
  • Quieter than ES-LA93-K:- I doubt if you have used Panasonic ES-LA93-K but it’s a noisy shaver. If you have issues with noise, please opt for this revised edition because it performs its duty quietly yet it has the same motor power like ES-LA93-K. Noise is produced by the motor. Every time it rotates, it makes noise; that is to why some electric shavers require lubrication. Panasonic ES-LV81-K uses its automatic renew system to lubricate the all system hence making the shaver silent and user friendly.
  • Fast:- Time is a very crucial factor to consider when shaving. Panasonic ES-LV81-K is a very fast shaver; it is powered by a very strong motor which moves at a rapid fire of 14,000 cycles per minutes delivering a very close shave within a few minutes. This fast linear motor enables blades to cut through any type of beard without pulling, tugging and irritating your skin. The other feature we have to look at is the head. It is wide enough and it features 5 sharp blades. These blades are beneath foils but the shaver has 3 most essential foils and these include; Lift-Tech foil which captures flat-laying hair, Finishing foil which deals with stubborn beards and a Slit foil which deals with long beards. The big head covers a wide surface area so you will make just a few passes to clear off that thick beard. If you get any troubles shaving below the Jaw line or shaving the neck; try using a safety razor.
  • Well built-in edge trimmer:- I’m sure you have a side burn / goatee / mustache. Grooming any of those three beard styles will require you to have a beard trimmer. I know a good beard trimmer does not cost more than $50, but why spend your 50 bucks when you can use a pop-trimmer to finish the job. This pop-up trimmer is found at the back of the shaving head. It has a very good width and it’s very easy to use.
  • Durable:- Since it comes at a premium price, you have to enjoy its benefits for quite some time. This shaver can last for over 5 years. However, you have to take care of it very well. Always use its auto cleaning system to renew blades, lubricate them and clean the shaver. You have to replace blades & cutting foils every-after 18 months but these accessories are available on Amazon and other retail stores. Its battery life is very good. It gets fully charged within 1 hour and you get 50 minutes of nonstop shaving. Please always switch off the shaver after using it and turn on the travel lock to prevent the shaver from switching on its self.


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  • Replacement Outer Foil:- WES9171PC
  • Replacement Inner Blade:- WES9032P
  • Replacement Foil & Blade:- WES9030PC
  • Cleaning Cartridges:- WES035P


PANASONIC ES-LV81-K Arc5 vs ES-LV61-A Arc5:

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Review vs ES-LV61-A Arc5-compressed

In this comparison, we shall look at both similarities and differences of these two models, at least this will give us a final verdict.


Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5 [markSee price on Amazon….]

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 [markSee price on Amazon….]



  • Both models have 5 blades, so you will probably get the same results. Their heads are wide enough to cover a big surface area at once. This means you will get a very close shave within a few minutes.
  • Both shavers have the same motor speed of 14,000 CPM. According to Panasonic’s product line; this is the highest speed you will get, which is good.
  • Both models have a multi- flexible pivoting head, so you don’t have to be scared by its width, it will move in different directions to give you that close shave. However, even though they say it’s flexible, I doubt if it can shave above the neck very well, you might need to use a safety razor when you reach that area.
  • These two Panasonic models feature 30-Degree Stainless Nanotech Blades which are well polished with Nano particles to offer you with an extraordinary cut. Men with thick course beards, I suggest you buy any of these two Panasonic models.
  • Both models have Hypoallergenic Stainless-Steel Foil and Blades, these blades are strong and sharp. So if you have been bragging about that thick hard to shave beard, brag no more, because the day your beard will meet with these sharp strong blades, it will bleed keratin.
  • Both shavers feature a curved arc foil which glides over the contours of your face and neck covering a wide area at a time and offering you with a clean smooth shave.
  • Both models lack an ultra-thin vibrating outer foil, so this makes them even. The main purpose of this vibrating foil is to capture hair follicles and expose them to blades for cutting. But instead on using this feature, they use a Lift-Tech foil which lifts underlying hair. At least they tried to modify this, because I can’t imagine the feel of a vibrating foil over my skin.
  • These two models come with a Pop-up trimmer which you can use to groom your mustache / side-burn or beard. None of these two models should brag about this trimmer, because by default all Panasonic electric shavers have this feature.
  • Wet & dry shavers:- If you always like shaving while in the shower, look no further, any of these two brands will work for you. You can use a good shaving cream to soften the beards before using any of these two shavers. You can run tap water over the head to remove clogged hair.
  • Both shavers have the same charging time, its 1 hour, which gives you 45 minutes of nonstop shaving. I guess this is just enough time, but when I compare it with the new Philips Norelco, 45 minutes is just too small. Okay, let’s say it’s an average time.



  • Panasonic-ES-LV81-K has an Automatic Cleaning and Charging System which cleans the shaver after use, lubricates and sharpens the blades and at the same time charges the shaver. On the other hand, Panasonic-ES-LV61-A does not have this automatic cleaning system and that is the only feature which makes them different.



  • If you have been following very well, you will notice that these two Panasonic shavers have the same features, Its only the automatic cleaning system which makes them different. So, if you need that extra feature, you can opt for Panasonic-ES-LV81-K, if you don’t need it, then buy Panasonic-ES-LV61-A, results are just the same.

cleaning system

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  • What you get after making your order? – Nice question, when you make your order today, the box will have the following items; ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Shaver, automatic cleaning system, cleaning solution which you need to use in the cleaning system, power cord and a travel case to help you move with this shaver.
  • Charging: – This new model takes only 1 hour to charge fully and you will get 45 minutes of nonstop shaving. However, you can charge it using its charge station or plug it’s cord directly into power, this feature makes it a travel friendly product, because you don’t have to carry the charge station every time you’re moving.
  • Difference between Panasonic ES-LV81-K & Panasonic ES-LA93-K:- These two models have cleaning systems, but ES-LA93-K is has only 4 blades yet ES-LV81-K has 5 blades. Also when it comes to functionality, ES-LV81-K is faster and efficient, it also makes less noise which makes it a user friendly electric shaver.
  • When to clean this shaver? – I know many of you will look out for this information on the manual, but you will not find it. So to cut the all story short, clean your shaver every after use. It’s that simple, please, don’t leave it with shaving cream / water & beards and expect it to last for long. Just take care of it well and dry it before storing it.
  • Shaving the Neck using this Model:- I guess when you look at its big head, you get scared and discouraged, don’t be, you will get a close shave on your neck and check, simply stretch the skin a little bit so that it becomes flat and easy to shave, after that, glide the shaver over the area, it will trap / capture hair on your neck / check and leave you with a clean close shave.
  • How to get a close shave with Panasonic-ES-LV81-K shaver? – This is a foil shaver, to get a close shave, you have to shave in all directions, try to use some little pressure, and this will give you a quick close shave. If you don’t get a close shave on the first stroke, make another stroke until all seems fine.
  • Shaving head:- Judging from its 14,000 CPM and sharp steel blades, you can easily use this shaver to shave your head. However, it is better you trim your hair first and then use this shaver for a close, clean, smooth shave.
  • Voltage:- It’s a dual voltage product, it can work with 110v & 220v, so no matter your location, you will enjoy the efficiency of this product.
  • Heavy beards:- It does not matter is you have a heavy, thick course beard, this 5 bladed Panasonic shaver will maneuver through that beard in no minutes and leave you with a smooth clean shave. Ladies, if you have been looking for valentine gift or birthday gift for your husband, look no further, he will fall in love with this product. Ooops, hope he remains in love with you not the shaver.

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Shaver Wet-Dry with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head and Automatic Cleaning System for Men 2




  • Is it possible to charge Panasonic ES-LV81-K when traveling without using its cleaning system?

Yes. You can use a plug-in cord to charge this shaver. All you need to do is to carry the cord with you and locate a charge station on the plane. This shaver comes with a custom travel case, you can put the cord in that case.

  • Is this shaver good in ingrown hairs?

Yes. I myself I don’t get them but its Lift-Tech foil can shave ingrown hairs without causing any pain. Please remember not to use pressure when shaving ingrown hair.

  • What is the difference between Panasonic ES-LV81-K and ES-LV95-S?

(1) ES-LV95-S has a different shape and its grip is better than that of ES-LV81-K. (2) ES-LV95-S does not have an automatic stubble sensor which determines the speed of the shaver basing on the type of beards you have yet ES-LV8S-K has that stubble sensor.

  • Can I use it to shave under my arm?

Yes. I doubt if you will have any issue shaving your armpits with this shaver. It is not a rotary shaver, so it is so forgiving when it comes to soft skins.

  • Can I clean it with water and soap?

Yes. You don’t have to use a cleaning system all the time because it is expensive to maintain. This shaver is 100% waterproof so you can clean it with running tap water & soap. However, make sure it dries out very well before storing it. If the shaving heads get clogged by beards or shaving cream, turn on the sonic vibration mode, this will shake the shavers head at 17,000 RMP hence shake out all clogged hairs and gel.

  • How come I see only 2 blades yet in the specs they say 5 blades?

True, you can only see 2 blades on the outside; the other 3 blades are hidden beneath the foils.

  • Does this shaver perform well when it comes to shaving turkey necks & chins?

Yes it does a very good job. However, you might need to stretch your skin when shaving a turkey neck; the shaver will maneuver easily and give you a real close shave.

  • How to use Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 shaver?

You should shave in all directions until you achieve a real close shave. If you shave against the grain, do it gently to avoid irritating the skin.

  • Can this shaver work out of USA?

Yes it can. It has a dual voltage system which adjusts between 110v & 240v

  • Is this shaver good for men with very heavy beards?

Yes. So far it is the best foil shaver for heavy beards. It features 5 sharp blades and ultra-thin foils which capture and expose heavy beards to inner blades for cutting. It also has a very powerful motor which rotates at 14,000 cycles per minute.

  • Is this shaver good on bald heads?

Yes, it can shave and maintain a bald head very well; however you have to leather up to avoid skin irritations.

  • Can this shaver be used in the shower?

Yes.  It is 100% waterproof.


What is in the box?

  • Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 shaver
  • Plastic blade cover
  • Travel Case
  • Automatic cleaning unit
  • Cleaning detergent
  • 1 Power cord for charging this shaver


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