Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Hydraclean (Arc 3) Review – Best Wet / Dry Electric Shaver

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Panasonic ES8109S Mens 3-Blade Arc 3

Many times I come across this question; WHAT IS THE BEST WET AND DRY ELECTRIC SHAVER? …..It’s quite a tricky question to answer and  everyone you try to ask will recommend 1 / 2 wet & shavers they have tested. However, I have done some serious digging and I have compared lots of electric shavers here on Yosaki, at least the information I have scanned enables me to determine / know what the best wet & dry electric shaver is. In this detailed Panasonic vortex hydra-clean es8109s review, I will cover all the most important specs for this shaver and see what it qualifies as the best Wet & Dry shaver.

CUSTOMER RATING:- Panasonic-ES8109S has scored a rating of 4.3 out of 5,  that is almost 93% of all users like the product and that is a very cool positive rate. So you should spend your money without worrying about results, you will get the best clean shave compared to that of a manual razor.

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PLEASE NOTE:- Every time you want to make a purchase from online retailers like AMAZON, you have to check product rating and customers reviews. If a product has a good rating and lots of positive reviews, that’s the right product to buy. But still you will see some negative reviews, read through them and get to know the cons of that particular product.


  • You can shave in the shower
  • It is the finest Panasonic wet & dry shaver ever
  • Works with most shaving creams ( that is if you want to wet shave)
  • Hypoallergenic foil and blades are friendly on sensitive skin
  • It offers you with a very close and comfortable shave
  • Wet and dry shaving options, so you never have to ve glued by one shaving method.
  • Blades are replaceable, some users say that they do blade replacement every after 6 months and the shaver performs well.
  • Makes over 13,000 strokes, better than Braun 7-790cc which stops at 10,000



  • Quite Expensive compared to other Panasonic shavers
  • Does not shave as close as a safety razor (it’s just an electric shaver thing, not surprised)


Panasonic ES8109S Mens 3-Blade Arc 3

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  • Covex foils and Arced blades:- Men with very sensitive skins, you will have no problem when using Panasonic ES8109S because of its convex foils and Arced 3 blades which will gently nestle into the skin without pulling / irritating it.
  • Triple blade shaving system:- We have already seen that the shaver features 3 sharp blades, this guarantees you with a real close shave. Two blades are on the exterior but covered by a two foils to avoid direct interaction with the skin, while the other 3rd blade is on the inside, this deals with long hard-to-cut hair. If one blade fails to shave properly, the other two will finish the job.
  • High speed motor:- For any electric shaver to perform well and faster, it’s motor speed has to be very good. When you switch on this electric shaver, it’s motor will be turned on automatically and blades will start moving at a very fast speed, shaving each and every hair they find on your skin. Panasonic-ES8109S Liner Motor moves at 13,000 RPM which is a standard motor setting for most Panasonic shavers, so it does not matter whether you have a thick / course beard, this shaver will maneuver through that beard easily.
  • Multi-Flex Pivoting Head:- It’s pivoting head can move up and down, and back and forth, this allows the blades to adjust automatically to each every contour on your face making it possible to get a real close shave. This is one the features which makes it the best wet & dry electric shaver.
  • 30-Degree Stainless Nanotech Blades:- Panasonic has used Nano-technology to sharpen blades of this ES8109S, but they shave better at 30º. It is better you try out different angles and see how fast you can get a close shave, but by default, 30º are better. On the other hand, its pivoting head makes it very easy to shave some difficult areas like the neck or jawline.
  • Hypoallergenic Stainless-Steel Foil and Blades:- Our skins react differently when they get in contact with certain metals. However, Panasonic ES8109S features Hypoallergenic Stainless-Steel Foil and Blades which are friendly to any sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about skin allergies, what matters most is a clean close shave.
  • International Voltage Conversion:- Panasonic ES8109S has an automatic voltage conversion system which alternates the voltage of the shaver according to location and current available in that location. So you don’t have to panic is time for travelling comes, just pack it in its travel pouch and get going.
  • Pop-up Trimmer:- By default all Panasonic electric shavers have this feature. A pop-up trimmer will help you shape or trim that mustache / side-burn easily. You might not need to invest in a beard trimmer or manual razor because this pop-up can some tusks. But if you’re intention is to trim your beard short, then investing in a beard trimmer will be wise.
  • Wet/Dry Shaving:- This shaver is sealed and well protected, so shaving while in the shower will do it no harm. Also men who prefer wet shaving to dry shaving can opt for this shaver because it works with any shaving cream. Wet shaving is so forgiving; it saves your skin from irritation.
  • LCD display:- This is a very small feature, it does not contribute to a shavers performance, but it helps you stay informed of your shavers status. You will know when to charge, clean or change parts. Following instructions will keep this ES8109S brand new all the time.
  • Automatic Cleaning and Charging System:- Panasonic’s advanced Hydra-clean automatic cleaning system will keep your shaver brand new all the time. I’m not sure if you can use it to clean ES8108S but you can give it a try and see. It has an intelligent base which helps you charge the shaver, clean it well and dry it making it ready for use the next time you need a shave.
  • Rechargeable:- I have reviewed different types of Panasonic shavers, but all premium models including this ES8109S model charge fully in 1 hour and they offer 45 minutes of nonstop cordless shaving. Normally a man will shave properly within 5 minutes and that is pretty enough time, so a fully charged shaver can work for almost 3 weeks if you don’t have often.

Panasonic ES8109S

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I have compared these two models, they look alike on the outside and their cleaning system perform the same job. But the only difference I can see here are the 4 blades that come with Panasonic ES8249S, otherwise, both of them are Wet & Dry shavers. Their motor speed (CPM) is 13,000 which means they shave at the same speed.



I’m sure many of you are confused when it comes to choosing from any of these two models. I have looked at Panasonic ES8103S, It has the same structure and design like ES8109S and both of them have 3 blades which are hidden beneath the foil, but Panasonic ES8109S has a Vortex Cleaning System which ensures that the shaver is clean and sharp all the time. I guess this Vortex Cleaning System accounts for that high price.



Yes, shavers with 5 blades perform better than those with 3 blades though they come at a premium price. A good example is Panasonic

ES-LV81-K. But ES8109S was tailored has very sharp stainless steel blades and they cut really close, however, you might need to make more than one pass in certain areas like the neck & jaw line.

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