Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer Review

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Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer 1

For a long time, Wahl has been manufacturing quality trimmers to help men keep well-groomed even when they decide to groom their bodies at home. Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion all-in-one trimmer is one of the best products for men because it has all that is needed for anyone to tame that will hair on any part of the body.

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This trimmer has a very advanced rechargeable battery that does not lose it charge when this trimmer is not being used. This ergonomic trimmer has a silicone, rubber non-slip grip which helps the user to again control while trimming any hairs. In conclusion, the Wahl 9854-600 Lithium-Ion trimmer does almost everything it is intended to do inorder to fulfill all your grooming needs yet it is even reasonably priced.


  • This electric trimmer stays charged for a long period of time because it has a Lithium-Ion, rechargeable battery that never loses its charge when the trimmer is under storage.
  • It trims and styles beards incredibly well whereby it comes with different beard-combs which help you achieve any beard style preferred and at different lengths.
  • The Wahl 9854-600 trimmer is lightweight yet it feels solid when held into the hands. This implies that anyone will be able to use it to trim and groom his body hairs for quite long period of time.
  • The Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion is very easy to use or maneuver while shaving your body because it ergonomically designed and it even has a rubberized handle that offers firm grip even when shaving in wet conditions.
  • This body groomer is a great for precise trimming because it’s equipped with a precision trimmer that will help to create intricate designs around the face. It even has a clipper blade which is very precise when it comes to cutting hair, outlining and fading in order to achieve barbershop results.
  • It will provide you with any trim you need and on any part of the body because it comes with several accessories whereby each of them works on particular section of the body in order to achieve a complete body grooming experience. Additionally, these accessories can pop on and off easily making the trimmer user friendly.
  • It has a powerful battery that can actually hold the charge for quite a long period of time. The trimmer’s battery can maintain its charge up to 10-times longer with 3-times the run time and 2-times the torque.


  • This hair-trimmer comes with too many attachments whereby the user will not be able to use all them because each person uses this trimmer to meet different needs and this actually means that all these attachments may not be used.
  • The trimmer vibrates and makes some noise while shaving any hairs. The worst part is that it will get louder as it gets old and this noise can really be irritating while shaving.
  • The first weakness about the Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion trimmer is the blades which will tend to become rusty if not taken care of properly. This implies that you will have to clean this trimmer on a regular basis to keep it in a good condition.
  • Secondly, the organizer tray that comes with this trimmer is not that durable whereby it is cheaply made and poorly designed hence making organizing the trimmers items quite difficult since it’s not large enough.
  • The other drawback about the Wahl 9854-600 trimmer is the multiple attachments that come with it. These attachments will actually make this trimmer very hard to use since you have to change them whenever you want trim different parts of your body. So users feel like there are just too many attachments to keep track of.


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Features overview:

  • An ergonomic shape and rubber grip: the trimmer features a silicone rubber grip which makes it very easy to hold with a firm grip hence making it difficult to drop while shaving. It even features a lightweight ergonomic design that facilitates for comfortable usage.
  • A lithium-ion battery: The Wahl trimmer has a Lithium-Ion, advanced, rechargeable-battery that runs 3-times longer than any other average personal trimmer. It also provides 2-times the cutting power than any standard rechargeable trimmer. This battery supports a 1-minute quick charge for quick grooming needs and it can also run for 3-hours on a full 1-hour charge. Lastly, this Lithium-Ion battery has almost no charge loss when in storage and this implies that the energy used to charge this battery is always there whenever you need to use the trimmer.
  • It’s equipped with 10 trimming guide-combs: this hair-trimmer comes with several guide combs which help to ensure that one gets an even trim and at different lengths. These include; a stubble guide, a 1/8-inch guide, 3/16-inch guide, a T-blade stubble guide, T-blade 1/8-inch guide, T-blade 3/16-inch guide, a 6-position guide and others. These guide combs provide 12-different cutting lengths and it’s up to you choosing the preferred length.
  • An auto shut-off feature: this trimmer is can automatically shut off the charging mechanism the battery is fully charged and this is a great feature lacking in most trimmers.
  • A LED battery-level indicator: this trimmer is designed with a smart LED battery-level indicator which helps the user to notice that battery needs to be recharged.
  • It’s water-resistant: this Wahl trimmer features a water resistant design and this implies that it will not be affected or damaged by water. This even means that you can use it under dry conditions and after clean it easily under water.
  • Strong and sharp blades: the blades equipped on this trimmer are made from carbon stainless-steel which is very strong and durable. These blades are also sharp enough to cut through any type of hair so that you can achieve clean and smooth shave.
  • A clipper blade: this clipper-blade helps in cutting, outlining and fading your short hairstyles inorder to achieve barbershop results.
  • A dual shaver head: this shaving-head offers an ultra-close, irritation-free trim for the face, head and other body areas.
  • A precision detailer: the detailer is helpful when it comes to creating intricate designs and personal trimming of ear-hair, nose-hair and eyebrows.
  • Trimmer blade head: this trimmer is designed with professional grade blades which help in defining and trimming any facial hairs.

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Product Quality:

  • The Wahl 9854-600 is an all-in-one trimmer that is equipped with amazing lithium-ion technology whereby its rechargeable battery can retain a charge upto 10-times longer coupled with 3-times of runtime and 2-times the torque. This ergonomically designed trimmer also features a silicone rubber, non-slip grip which offers more comfort and control while shaving any hairs on the body. This hair and beard trimmer comes with everything needed to achieve a professional barber shave because it comes with about 10 guide combs that offer 12-different cutting positions coupled with a trimmer-blade, precision-trimmer, clipper-blade and a dual shaver for body grooming purposes.
  • On the other hand, the powerful battery in this Wahl trimmer is lightweight and does not lose its charge when the trimmer is being stored. This makes the trimmer environmentally friendly and does not even experience any memory issues. In conclusion, the Wahl Lithium Ion all-in-one trimmer is quality shaving-tool that is fairly priced yet it will meet all your shaving needs.


Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer 1

Who does it benefit?

  • It’s a perfect choice for men who like grooming their hairy bodies: the Wahl all-in-one trimmer comes with different attachments whereby each of these attachments does a great lob when it comes to grooming and styling different parts of the body. This makes the trimmer a perfect tool for guys who have to groom their hairy bodies inorder to keep looking good.


  • A good trimmer for travellers: this trimmer is just the right choice for men who are always travelling because it’s lightweight and it features a long lasting battery that never loses its charge even when the trimmer is not under use. it even comes with a travel-pouch which makes it very convenient to carry with all its attachments when going for a trip.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Wahl blade-oil: to keep the trimming blades in a good condition, you will have to apply some blade-oil in them. This oil helps to prevent any friction that occurs when these blades are trimming hair and it also helps to prevent the occurrence of rust which is usually caused by the water that remains it the blades after cleaning them.
  • A body lotion for Men: a lotion is moisturizing skin care because it contains essential minerals and oils. However, get one with rich-fluid and with active natural ingredients that are specially formulated to male skin inorder to increase the moisture and resistance of dry skin after shaving.

Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer - 1

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