How To Clean An Electric Shaver

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Taking good care of an electric-shaver can actually result into a closer, smoother and cleaner shave while ensuring longevity of your shaver.  Cleaning an electric-shaver helps to remove any stuck-hairs and clogged hairs from the cutting blades to facilitate for a smooth and close shave.  Additionally, cleaning a shaver will reduce on the risk of any bacteria entering into cuts or nicks that may have occurred when shaving. In fact, cleaner shavers a more effective grooming tools and this is because the shaving-blades will able to move freely and easily over the skin to ensure optimum performance resulting into a closer shave. Cleaning also ensures that shaving-blades don’t place a lot of stress on the shavers motor and this means it will last longer. However, there are different brands of electric-shavers and all of them require different cleaning methods as advised by their manufacturers. This means that I’m going to list different methods or techniques that you can use to clean a shaver as advised by different shaver manufacturers.


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Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Shaver

It’s recommended to clean Panasonic shavers with their self cleaning and charging systems in case they come with one. Additionally, you can also use the sonic vibration turbo mode when cleaning the shaver manually under clean water in the faucet for added convenience.

  • Begin by disconnecting the shaver’s power cord and then apply some soap and water on the shaver’s outer-foil in order to clean it thoroughly.
  • Press the on/off switch for about 2-seconds in order to activate the turbo mode or the sonic vibration cleaning mode and then place the shaver under water for a thorough cleaning experience. In about 20-minute this cleaning mode will automatically turn off or you can manually turn it off by pressing the off/on switch.
  • Remove the shaver’s outer-foil and then hold the on/off switch in order to activate the sonic vibration cleaning-mode again. Place the shaver under water and thoroughly clean the inner blades and afterwards clean the outer-foil under running water.
  • Finish by gently wiping off any water drops you see on the shaver while using a clean dry cloth. Additionally, completely dry the outer-foil and the whole shaver before putting it back together. You can even try to apply some blade oil in order to improve on blade efficiency and to prevent the shaving blades and foil from becoming rusty.



 Braun Series 7-760cc

  • Start by applying a little liquid soap on this shaver’s head but make sure that you don’t use soaps which contain abrasive-substances because they may end-up damaging your shaver. After, turn on the shaver in a cordless mode and then rinse its shaving-head under warm, running water until the soap is rinsed off but this will take some few seconds.
  • Switch-off the shaver and then remove the foil and cutter-blades by simply pressing the release button. Give the shaver and all its components some time to dry. Try to use a cleaning-brush to thoroughly clean the inner sections of the shaver’s head but don’t brush the cutter-cassette because this can easily damage it.
  • Reassemble the shaver after it’s completely dry and try to apply some blade-oil or lubricant especially when you have used running water to clean your shaver. Additionally apply a light drop of machine-oil onto your fingers and then gently rub on top of shaving-foil and cutter-blades.




 Philips Norelco S9311-87-Shaver 9300

  • Begin by turning off the electric-shaver and then remove it from the charging-stand or power-cord if applicable. Afterwards, rinse the shaving-heads under warm water for few minutes. You can apply some liquid soap or not depending on what you prefer.
  • Use your fore-finger or thumb to individually pull out the shaving heads. After, place the 3-heads and hair-chambers under clean, running warm-water and then wait for about 30-seconds for the each head opening.
  • Get a cleaning-brush supplied with the shaver and use it to clean the shaving-heads and hair-chambers randomly. Begin to remove any excess water by gently shaking it off and then leave the shaver open so that it can be able to dry-up completely.
  • Finish by carefully pressing the shaving-head back onto the shaving-unit and in fact you will hear it click into position. Apply some light blade-oil to the shaving-heads in order to make them work more efficiently and then keep your shaver safely until next usage.




Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System

I think you all know that the most advanced electric-shavers come with cleaning and recharging system docks. These docks will simply clean, charge and lubricate your electric-shaver just with a touch of a button and the shaver will be ready for next usage. There are actually different shaver brands and models that come with cleaning/charging docks but the steps used to operate these cleaning-systems are basically the same as presented below.

  • Begin by simply plugging the auto cleaning/charging system into power outlet and then remove the protective cap from your electric-shaver and from the cleaning/charging stand. Carefully and correctly place the electric-shaver into the cleaning/charging dock.
  • Turn on the cleaning/charging dock and then select the appropriate cleaning and charging settings. In fact, there are usually 3-choices to choose from and these include; a quick, normal and intensive cleaning setting hence you will be able to choose depending on what you prefer at that specific time.
  • Leave the auto cleaning/charging system to do the rest like; cleaning by simply removing all hairs and other debris clinging onto the shaver using an alcohol-based cleaning detergent, lubricating the shaving-heads and drying the shaver using a unique heating function to ensure that all delicate active parts of the shaver are thoroughly dry and ready to operate again.
  • Finish by leaving the electric-shaver in this charging/cleaning dock for some hours in order to charge and secure this shaver while in storage. However, remember to switch off the cleaning/charging dock when the shaver is fully charged and then leave it there optimum safety until next usage.

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