How To Get a Six Pack Fast – Abs Guide

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Most men like having a six pack but this actually takes time, dedication and patience. In fact, to get a six pack you have to do two things which include: losing fat and building muscle. All these can be achieved by having a good diet and exercising consistently. However, everyone can have toned and muscular abs but it will not be shown in case there is a layer of fat over them and this is why it is very important to watch over your diet in order to achieve that nice look. In this article, i have discussed some of the ways and methods you can use to build muscle and lose fat whereby they will do great job if followed carefully.


How To Build Muscles Quickly

  1. GO FOR SIT-UPS: this is among-st the most popular exercises that can help you build Abs muscles. In this workout, you have to lie on the floor while the feet are on the ground yet the knees are bent up with the hands crossed over your chest. You may even ask someone to hold the feet down or wedge them underneath a heavy item. Begin pushing the upper section up while lifting the lower back and shoulder blades off the floor. Try to keep the back straight as you sit up because hunching it is not good for your health. After, lower yourself down and repeat same process for a given number of times.
  • In case sit-ups become relatively easy for you to do, try adding more challenges to them. This can be achieved by doing them on an inclined bench, doing weighted sit-ups and can even hold a weight on the chest while doing these sit-ups. If this is also becoming easier, try adding more weights to your sit-ups.

How To Do Crunches

  1. DO SOME CRUNCHES: do this by lying on the floor with your arms crossed in-front of the chest or with the hands lightly touching the temples but not behind the head. Bend your knees and then raise the shoulders or upper-torso towards the knees while using strictly your abdominal-muscles. This workout can be done on a mat or on a bare floor depending on what you prefer.
  • But it is always important not to lift the entire back off the floor because this can cause back-strain. In fact, the extended movement will not help you to develop a six pack Abs quickly. The most crucial part of a crunch is the initial flexing of the abs as you lift the shoulders from the floor. But try to exhale through the mouth as you begin to lift the shoulders off the floor.
  • Try to pause for a second when you are at the top the crunch and exhale a bit while flexing your abs. lower the back down slowly with control while inhaling through the nose until the shoulder blades touch the ground. Repeat the process for the advised number of times.

How To Do Leg Lifts

  1. DO LEG-LIFTS: Start by laying on the floor with the legs straight out while the hands are on the sides. Lift the legs straight up without bending the knees at all until you reach a 90-degree angle or close to it. Then lower the legs without letting them touch the floor while repeating the same process over again. If you want to add more challenges to your work-out, try to raise yourself up using the arms as the support and then dangle your legs.
  • Easy challenge: this requires raising the knees to the chest. But keep the knees bent and the legs underneath the thighs for effectiveness.
  • Medium challenge: try raising the legs horizontally with the arms straight and outstretched. This greatly helps to make the lower abdomen firm.
  • Hard challenge: in case you want to make this work-out a really big challenge, then try doing these leg-lifts with a medicine ball hanging between your feet or try to hang from a pull-up bar while raising legs in-front of you and all the way up to the bar but keeping those legs straight.

How To Do A Jack Knife Sit Up Exercise

  1. GO FOR JACKKNIFE SIT-UPS: You need to lie down and flat with your back over the floor while placing the hands on the ground but on your sides for optimal balance but you may lift them up as you get used to the movements. After, simultaneously raise the knees and torso while ensuring that the knees and face meet on an imaginary line extending from the pelvis to the ceiling. In fact, you should be able to kiss the knees at the top of the motion. While doing this exercise, the legs will naturally fold bringing the feet towards the hips like a jackknife. Gently lie back down and then repeat this workout.
  • However, do not let momentum put you down as you work out. Try to slowly place the hands and feet back on to the ground and you may even put a weight between your feet in case you feel like this workout is becoming much easier.


  1. DO BUTT-UPS: begin in a push-up position but with the elbows and forearms on the floor. While the elbows and forearms are resting on the ground, slowly move the gluteus as high up into air as you can. In fact, your body will look like a mountain with the gluteus at the peak. Then gently lower the gluteus back down to the starting position with maximum care so that you don’t place the back below the hips.


  1. DO SOME STATIC-HOLDS (PLANKS): These involve placing the body into a push-up position but with the elbows on the floor while the whole body is flat. This position is also referred to as the plank and it helps to train your core including abs in order to hold your body in place. When doing this workout, try holding this position for as long as you can for things to work out well.
  • With this workout, beginners should aim to start off with at least 45-seconds while experienced abs workers can achieve over 5-minutes of static hold.
  • If you want to perform a side static hold, just roll onto one side of the body and lift yourself into the same position as before. But this time, only one arm will be on the ground with the other pointing straight up in the air with the non-weight bearing leg resting on the bottom leg. Remember to hold this position for as long as you can in order to get a thorough workout.


  1. WORK OR TRAIN THE OBLIQUE MUSCLES: It may not be that important to work on your oblique muscles at first but you will eventually have to start working on them too. These are muscles on the either sides of your stomach and there are multiple ways of working them out but all of them include twisting the torso against the resistance counts. There are always twisting machines at gyms which can help you twist while doing sit-ups. You can also twist side to side with a medicine ball in your hand and even do side bends. However, you should be aware beginners tend to have weak obliques compared to their abs and that’s why one should go easy when doing side twists at first.
  • Do some bicycle crunches:this involves lifting the feet off the ground while doing crunches alternating each leg in air. You can even bring the left knee up towards the right shoulder and then the right knee towards the left shoulder as you exercise.


  1. LOOK FOR NEW WAYS TO CRUNCH, BEND AND TWIST IN THE DAILY LIFE: some of the things that may help you achieve this include; using a stability ball to do your crunches inorder to introduce instability to your work out which improves your balance.
  • There are also many core exercises that you can do but it’s always good to do them when you feel comfortable and free. These may include bending forward from the hips or even bending at the knees too while working out.

Ab Roller

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  1. GO FOR AN AB ROLLER-EXERCISE: this involves holding the abs-roller when kneeling down on the floor and then slowly push the abs-roller out of the way from the body hence extending your arms. Try to move down as far as you can without touching the torso to the floor. Ensure that your arms are well outstretched above the head.
  • You can also try a barbell abs rollout if you don’t have an abs-roller. This requires you to use an Olympic barbell loaded with 5 or 10 pounds on each side. Then, you should get into a push-up position with the hands on the barbell instead of placing them on the ground. After, slowly lift the hips and bring the barbell back towards the legs until these legs are perpendicular to the ground with your gluteus all the way back. Try to go back down slowly and then repeat this process.


  1. DO PULL-UPS WHILE HANGING ON HORIZONTAL BAR: You will be surprised with the number of muscles developing around the stomach after doing pull-ups. You only need to do about 5 pull-ups with the palms facing away from you and 5 pull-ups with the palms facing towards you. This will even help to build your biceps and lats at the same time.
  • Integrate complex core-movements to the workout: this will help to boost the overall body constitution tremendously. For example, you may combine push-ups with rows, going into a push-up position on 2-dumbbells and several other workouts. These will help you know how much power you need to hold balance.


  1. WORKOUT YOUR ENTIRE CORE: In order to build great abs, it is important to first understand what abs (rectus abdominis) do. The abs main job is work together with the back muscles in order to maintain correct posture and stabilization. Some of the best abs exercises are actually those that force the entire core to go into an overdrive so as to support the spine. Some of the exercises that can do this include squats and dead-lifts but still there are many others than you can try out.



HowTo Lose Weight at Home

  1. KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO LOSE WEIGHT: in case you want to burn fat, you will need to use up more calories. There are about 3500 calories in a pound and this implies that you need to burn around 3500 more calories than you take in with food or drinks so that you can lose one pound. This may sound simple but it’s quite hard to accomplish.
  • Never have unrealistic expectations: this is because a vigorous, one hour workout will only burn about 800-1000 calories. However, being active is good in case it can help you burn around 600-800 more calories than you consume per day because this means that you can lose at least one pound per week. At such a rate, you will start seeing results in your abs more quickly.
  • Understand the principles of losing fat: there is no way you can target to lose fat in one area of your body which is also called spot-training. This is because the body deposits fat in different areas and it also burns fat in your entire body not just from your thighs or abs.

How To Add Cardio To Your Workout

  1. GO FOR CARDIO WORKOUTS: you actually need to lose some of that extra fat over the abs because even if you work out and get gigantic abs muscles but with a layer of fat over them, no one will ever get notice them. But cardio workouts help to raise the heart rate for a given set of time so that the extra fat can be shed off. Some of the examples of these exercises include: jogging, running, bike riding, rowing and dancing. But one should go for cardio training like for about 3-5 times a week and for atleast an hour each time.
  • You can even try interval training: this is a short burst of furious activities followed by longer periods of low activities. Doctors say that interval training helps to burn fat better and faster than exercising at the same rate for longer periods. In fact, a study shows that people who participate in interval training on their bikes for only 20-minutes a day lose about 4 more pounds in about 4-months than people who cycle at the same speed for 40-minutes per day.

How to Eat Less During A Meal

  1. TAKE SMALLER MEALS WHEN ITS LATE AT NIGHT: meals taken later at the end of the day tend to get stored as fat not because metabolism is beginning to shut-down but because meals taken at night are often caloric, snack foods like pizza or ice-cream and they are not digested off well before you go to bed. In fact your metabolism works even when you are asleep and this because most people eat starches and sweets before going to bed rather than eating simple foods like spinach and kale.
  • You should try to eat a larger lunch or a healthy snack before dinner. Vegetables and fresh fruits are an excellent choice for curbing appetite while providing health benefits to the body. Even a handful of nuts can be a healthy snack.
  • Try to drink a large glass of water or cup of tea before sitting at the table: this makes the stomach to feel more full thus allowing you to comfortably eat less.

How To Make Healthy Breakfast Meals Properly

  1. TAKE BREAKFAST: most people often skip breakfast may be because they don’t have time for it. However, the danger of skipping breakfast from a weight-loss perspective is a twofold. This is because skipping breakfast makes you become hungrier later on and it even fails to jump start metabolism. So, try eating a healthy breakfast because it will keep you from eating more later on and it also increases your metabolism by 10-percent for the rest of the day.
  • Try to eat lean protein at your breakfast: try skipping foods like cream-cheese and bagels and go for foods like: egg-white omelet with spinach, chipotle peppers and turkey, Greek-yogurt with blueberries or bananas and leftover salmon with a whole-grain toast.
  • Avoid taking foods like: sugary cereals, simple starches like potatoes or refined wheat and smoothies like low-fat drinks

How To Lose Fat With Weights

  1. LIFT SOME WEIGHTS: did you know that the more muscles your body has, the more calories the body burns even when resting. On the other hand, adding resistance training is also important when it comes to limiting the amount of muscle mass lost while reducing the calorie intake. In case you only go for cardiovascular exercises like running, playing basketball or football without any weight training, you may end-up losing muscle mass including the muscle in your abs.

How To Increase Your Metabolism Permanently

  1. KEEP METABOLISM STABLE: there is no scientific evidence that claims eating six meals a day slows down your metabolism. But there foods that you may eat and will slow down the metabolism. That is why you should avoid such foods to keep your metabolism stable. these include:
  • Refined carbohydrates like white-bread, pasta and rice.
  • Sugars, which are absorbed quickly but bring your metabolism to a crawling state.
  • High fat foods like fast foods and fried foods like chips and many others

How To Drink More Water

  1. TRY DRINKING A LOT OF WATER EVERY DAY: in order to know the minimum amount of water you are supposed to drink in a day, just divide your weight (pounds) into 2 and that will be the amount of water(ounces) you need to drink. This may sound like an absurd amount of water but we get water from the food we eat and one can even take tea to make-up for remaining amount of water.
  • However, drinking too much water while exercising and sweating can dangerously dilute certain salts and minerals with your body. In case you are exercising heavily and sweating too much you will have to replace the salts and fluids. This can be possible by supplementing water-drinking with a sports drink or with potassium rich fruits like bananas and apples.


  1. SHIFT FROM TAKING REFINED GRAINS TO TAKING WHOLE GRAINS: a scientific study showed that people who ate whole grains coupled with 5-servings of fruits and vegetable, 3-servings of low-fat dairy and 2-servings of lean meat, fish or poultry were losing more belly fat than people who ate the same diet but with refined-grains. This means that a diet that is rich in whole grains helps to change the glucose and insulin response in the body which fastens the process of burning fat.


  1. CONSIDER GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP: doctors have discovered that hormones that control appetite are greatly affected by sleep. One sturdy compared people who got 6-hours of sleep every night with people who had 8-hours of sleep per night and the ones who slept for 8-hours every night were able to lose more body fat than those who slept for only 6-hours per night. This means that getting enough is a very important factor when it comes to losing body fat.

How to control stress 3

  1. CONTROL YOUR STRESS-LEVELS: controlling sleep along with getting enough sleep is very helpful when it comes to pushing you towards your weight-loss goals. a sturdy showed that people who sleep for atleast 6-hours but not more than 8 are the ones who had the lowest levels of stress and they were more likely to lose more weight than people who had higher levels of stress and slept for longer hours.



  • Try to go for swimming because it is one of the most effective ways to exercise your entire body and most especially your abs.
  • Each one of us has abs but some people just have fat that covers them and this means that you just need to lose fat in order to strengthen your abs.
  • Always remember to warm-up before you begin exercising because this helps to burn extra calories hence reducing on the fat within your body.
  • Try to ignore reading your weight on the scale because you may be decreasing the body-fat but the weight may stay the same or even increase as you are building muscles. This is because muscle tissue is much dense than fat so it can be heavier than the same volume of fat.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water and eating healthy foods. Do not deprive yourself from eating food because may end-up becoming sick.
  • Make sure you exercise your back muscles as much as you exercise your abdominal muscles or else you might end-up developing a poor body posture.
  • Consider giving yourself an adequate amount of sleep like 8-hours for adults or 8-10 hours of sleep for teenagers and kids. This is because when one is exercising, they are actually breaking down muscles and this means that they have to give these muscles enough time to heal by sleeping well couple with eating proper foods that help muscles to grow back stronger than before.


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