How to Eat Less During A Meal- 7 Tips for Getting Thinner

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How to Eat Less During A Meal

We all have to eat in order to survive but most people feel like they eat too much when having meals and this mainly because they are often unaware of when they become full.  However, you should not starve yourself but instead try to eat a healthy portion of food in order to live a healthy life. In fact, you should try to eat more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables because can easilyfill-up the stomach while offering you with a healthy life. Below is the information on how you should eat during meals and think it will be of great help if used in a proper way:

  • Fill-up with water: always try to take a glass of water before eating anything and you should also try to keep a glass of water next to you while eating. Thisis because studies have shown that people who drink a glass of water before having a meal tend to become full sooner that those who just take their meals with drinking water. Water contains molecules that fill up the stomach quickly and that’s why when one eats after taking water, they get full quickly and this means that they will eat less during a meal. However, it is advised to take clean, mineral water because it helps to provide the body with minerals and avoid taking untreated water because it will make you sick.
  • Try taking smaller portions of food at first: always begin by eating smaller portions of food and you may eat more later in case you are honestly still hungry. Taking too much food at first often makes you want to eat more of what you have in front of you on that plate and that’s why you may endup eating alot. However, try to only take what you can eat and in case someone is serving you, try reminding them that you don’t want a large portion of food so that you only get what you can finish without eating too much.
  • Remember that at some point or another, someone may still offer you with a second plate of food: in case you are hungry, you can take that extra plate but if you realize that you are already full please put down the offer and take quite some time to take another meal. Avoid eating so much food because this will make you gain alot of weight which is the major cause of most diseases.
  • Avoid feeling forced to finish all the food on the plate: in case you cannot eat all the food on your plate, just thank the person who cooked it but try to apologize and conclude by saying that you could not possibly finish it. Incase you tend to pick at food when you are not hungry, try to shake salt over the plate and trust me you will decide to stop eating the food on the plate. But to avoid eating too much, just tell the person serving food to give you little food that can satisfy you.
  • Eat slowly while enjoying every mouthful: don’t eat like you are in a race but instead chew food carefully and you may even try to bring up a conversation to slow you down while eating. This is because eating slowly helps you to know whether you are hungry or full and it will even help you to control yourself when eating. Eating slowly is also healthier and even on the risk of indigestion. So it’s for this reason that you should develop a habit of eating slowly in order to improve on your habits and digestion process.
  • Try to limit yourself to small bites: taking smaller mouthfuls as you eat will make the meal seem to last longer. In case you are not good at socializing, try to read newspapers because they will distract you while having a meal but this only if you know that will eat slowly while doing so. You should also know that eating slowly also offers time for the food to digest thus making you feel fuller quickly. In fact, this also helps to limit on the amount of food you are eating and you will not alot incase you adopt this method.
  • Use a small volume: you should try using a smaller plate or tiny bowl to hold your food. This may seem pointless, but as you are eating you will feel obliged to finish all that is on your plate. Naturally, if the plate is smaller, even the food proportions on it are small hence this will make you eat less food than some using a large plate or bowl. All in all, the methods featured below will greatly help on the amount of food you consume while having a meal but there also other means that i have not mentioned that will do the same job but at least the ones i have provided are enough.



  • Try to talk to a doctor in case you feel like you are always hungry and you cannot stop yourself from eating. This will help you to know whether you have any other eating or digestion problems so that you can be recommended on the right way you should take your meals.
  • Always ensure that you eat enough food: being anorexic or not enough food can actually cause death and even severe life-threatening issues like ulcers that may even develop into cancer. so it would be best for you to eat enough food so that you can feel satisfied and in case you have any chronic disease try not to make yourself hungry or eat less food.
  • You should also try to have at least 3 meals a day in case you what to eat less on every meal.However, if you have fewer meals in day then eating less will possibly be impossible and in case you are capable of doing so, just know that you’re putting your life at risk because hunger can actually lead to severe health problems.

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