Braun Series 7-7050 Beard Trimmer Review

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Braun Series 7-7050 Beard TrimmerThe Series 7-7050 beard trimmer is a new and powerful tool for trimming and styling your beard exactly the way you want look like. This trimmer is equipped with a special click and lock functionality which helps to keep the adjustable-comb on this trimmers head to stay firmly in place and this will even let you trim hair to the exact length you have selected.

The dual-battery system really offers a powerful trimming and also the Series-7 beard trimmer features remarkably long-lasting battery life compared to other trimmers on the market today.In fact, this trimmer is not just a great option for cutting the beard to any length but it is also a perfect tool for clipping your hair. In conclusion, i will recommend this beard trimmer to men who have been struggling to find the right beard and moustache trimmer because most shaver on the market today can trim short hair but can’t trim longer and coarse hair like that of a beard. This beard trimmer is even affordable yet it does a great job when it comes to keeping your sideburns & beard well groomed. 

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This trimmer performs well when it comes to shaping side-burns and beards. The Braun trimmer will keep your beard very short because its developed with sharp blades that cut hair smoothly over the skin without experiencing any pulling or skin irritations like cuts and bumps. This Braun Series 7-7050 also trims the beard while cleaning up where it passes hence leaving no mess behind and this means that the shaving process will become much quicker without any hassle of cleaning any mess left behind.

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The only drawback about this beard trimmer is that it has several attachments that one is supposed to clip onto the trimmer in order to achieve the shaving level he desires. The adjustable attachment on this trimmer does not have many levels within its range and this means that you may not get the exact length you want. All in all, men who don’t want trimmers with several attachments will have problems using this trimmer and may have to go for other beard trimmers without attachments.


Features overview:

  • Easy to clip and lock trimming attachments: the Braun Series 7-7050 Beard Trimmer comes with several click and lock combs which also enable the user to easily change the length setting with just moving a finger over inorder to achieve a length you desire.
  • It has 12 length-settings: this awesome Braun trimmer has 12 length-settings that will enable any man to trim his beard and even head hair. This is possible because this trimmer comes with 2 smart-trimming attachments that enable one to customize his style in upto 12 different lengths so as to achieve the exact lengths desired without clipping on several attachments.
  • It features a powerful dual-battery system: this battery system will ensure that the trimmer offers you with an incredible trim without any interruptions. This is mainly because the dual battery system gives-off constant power when trimming so that any man can get perfect stubble or a full beard look.
  • The trimmer is designed with a unique slide and style system: this great system even works with the combs on and its major use is to let any man style the beards with a simple slide after the trimming process.
  • It is fully washable: with this trimmer, you have an option of cleaning it easily by simply rinsing it under tap water after finishing to trim your beards or moustache. This makes the trimmer very convenient to use and to clean whereby you will able to clean it quickly when in hurry.
  • This beard trimmer has a convenient charging-stand: this charging accessory is included in the box and it will enable you to charge the trimmer easily by simply placing it over and then go where you want. This charging-stand will even fully charge your trimmer in just 1-hour and this is just enough power to provide 40min of cordless trimming. it fact this charging stand can also work as a storage tool so you will not have to get worried of where to keep or place your shaver after use.
  • The trimmer has a LED indicator: this series 7 beard trimmer also features a charging and low-charge LED indicator at the front, lower section. This greatly helps to show the charging and battery status as you trim and style your beard.
  • It supports cord and cordless use: the beard trimmer can also be used as you charge it or it can be charged without using it and take it with you when travelling for extra convenience.
  • A protective travel case: it is also supplied with a portable protective travel-case that facilitates for easy and convenient transportation when travelling.

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Product Quality:

  • The Braun Series 7-7050 Beard Trimmer is ergonomically designed with a slim, awesome look whereby it will very comfortable to hold in the hands as you trim and style the side burns or beards even under wet conditions because it waterproof. On the other hand, the 2 smart trimming attachments that enable you to customize your looks or style for upto 12 different lengths to get the desired lengths really make this trimmer outstanding from the rest of its competing trimmers. Infact, the attachments can easily be clicked and locked onto the trimmers head and this makes using it extremely easy and quick.
  • The powerful dual-battery system on the Braun trimmer means that it has remarkably longer battery life compared to its counterparts. This battery offers this trimmer with constant power when trimming the beard or stubble so that you can achieve perfect and clean look. I will conclude by saying that this shaver features many purposes which include trimming the beards, side burns and you can also use it cut off your hair.  You will not even get worried when it comes to cleaning the trimmer because you simply have to rinse it under running tap water and after place it on its charging stand.

Who Does It Benefit?

  • Great for men with coarse or rough beards: this Braun beard-trimmer was designed to work on type of beards ranging from soft to coarse beards and this makes it the best option for men who find trouble styling and trimming their overgrowing, coarse beards. It is even equipped with sharp blades that will cut through any beard with ease without pulling or tugging hairs and you can also use the trimmer to style your beard at different lengths.
  • Good for men who like styling their side burns and beards: if you are a kind of person who wants to have a stylish beard or side burn, then this trimmer can do that for you because it features several attachments and a unique slide and style system that can even work with the comb attached for quick and smart look.

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