Braun Cruzer 6 High Definition Precision Trimmer Review

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The Cruzer-6 Precision Trimmer is a handy, little device manufactured by Braun whereby every man should try to acquire it in case they wish to keep their beards well-defined, groomed and not over-grown on a regular basis.

Braun Cruzer 6 High Definition Precision TrimmerThis Braun CruZer-6 is just right on target when it comes to fine-tuning the beard style because it features a trimming head that has extra-fine teeth that cut hair with precision. This new and great styling-tool provides you with the freedom of a customized precision work in case you wish to trim or style your side-burns, mustache or any other part on your face that requires detailed work.

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In fact, the Braun CruZer-6 trimmer is a perfect tool that can be used for adding the finishing touches to your style whereby it boasts an extra-small head that is used for styling hard-to-reach areas and to create a fine shape. This Precision Trimmer is also easy to handle, clean and it will do exactly what you want it to do and where you want it work. Trimming-up an overgrown beard or mustache, cleaning-up sideburns and trimming away some unwanted stray body-hair will be made very easy in case you try out this Braun precision trimmer. With all that being said, i will conclude by saying that this Braun trimmer is a champ when it comes to cutting through tough stubble or beards.


  • The Braun cruzer-6 is a great tool for any man who wants to style or trim his sideburns, beards/moustache and any other details on your facial hair. In fact, this precision trimmer is sharp and small enough for styling those hard-to-reach areas and when it comes to working on precise shapes and contours. All in all, i will only say that this is an awesome shaving-tool when it comes to adding finishing touches to your style.


  • If you are a kind of man with facial hair that is thick and coarse, then you should know that this trimmer may not cut hair very well and easily like those when trimming fine hair types. In fact, even the shortest attachments on this Braun trimmer will not offer you with a close trim yet this is what most men are looking for. this trimmer is also not very powerful since its being powered by one AAA battery whereby thick hair will tend to slow it down hence it will not cut clean enough and you still need to use a real razor to achieve that awesomely close trim.


Braun Cruzer 6 High Definition Precision Trimmer

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  • Its trimming-head features extra-fine teeth: this versatile Braunprecision trimmer is equipped with sharp and fine teeth or blades that are capable of providing any man with the freedom of a customized and precise trim. No-matter what you want to style or trim, this trimmer will get the job done well with ease and maximum precision.
  • The trimmer has two trimming-combs: these 2-combs come in lengths of 5mm and 8mm whereby they will make it easy for you to keep facial-hair at a desired length. but you will need to choose from one of these 2-trimming combs inorder to keep the small areas like around the moustache, sideburns or eye- brows in shape and with maximum precision. However, this trimmer can be used without a guard or comb attachment incase you want to get a great, close shave and this will even allow you to clean-up the beard-lines, neck-lines and also provide some sharp angles or designs so as to get any style you desire.
  • It has an extra-small head: this Braun trimmer a very small head that contains sharp blades and this helps to define sharp lines that are required for precise beard styles. This extra small head will also help in styling hard-to-reach areas and to create precise shapes. In fact, this small trimming element will allows for close-to-the-skin styling and even gives your facial-hair sharp edges coupled with precise contours.
  • Ergonomically designed handle: This makes the cruZer6 precision trimmer remarkably easy to handle when doing any trimming and styling on your facial hair. Being that this trimmer is smaller than a pen, it will fit in every bag and this makes it the perfect device for use at home and on a trip.
  • Easy to clean: it comes with a fully washable head and combs whereby if you want to clean this trimmer, you will only have to remove the trimmer’s head and rinse it under running tap water. The other good thing is that even the comb attachments are fully washable whereby you are able to thoroughly clean them after removing them from the shavers head.
  • It is battery operated: the Braun Cruzer 6 High-Definition Precision Trimmer uses a single AAA battery as its power source when styling or trimming your facial hair. However, this trimmer offers a great battery life though it uses only one AAA battery and in fact, this practically helps to keep the running cost of the trimmer down. But remember to always keep an eye on the trimmer’s battery-life because even though it may last for a long time, the power behind it will go on weakening. This will depend on the battery type/brand you may use as well. In case you notice that the trimmer is starting to pull as you trim, then it’s probably time to replace the battery because pulling can only lead to ruthless things like discomfort and skin-irritation.
  • It has a nice, little stand: the great trimmer comes with a simple stand on which you place it upright after using it for simple and convenient storage. This stand is small enough and be placed anywhere within your bathroom and it will help to keep the precision trimmer in good conditions even after using it for a longer period of time.
  • it’s a Compact and well-designed trimmer: the Braun precision trimmer really looks stylish and compact hence this makes it very easy to handle and light in weight for absolute control when styling or trimming your facial hairs.

Braun Cruzer 6 High Definition Precision Trimmer

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  • The Braun cruZer6 High Definition and precision trimmer is just right on target when it comes to grooming and styling your beards or moustache. this quality Braun trimmer features a small trimming head with extra-fine teeth and all these make it a versatile styling tool that will offer any man with to customize his looks or style and with precision.
  • In fact this is a perfect 2-in-1 tool that will greatly help any man when it comes to defining sharp beard-styles. The two trimming combs of 8mm and 5mm in length will facilitate for precise trimming of sideburns, mustache and other facial-hair details. The head and combs were also designed to be cleaned with ease whereby you simply have to rinse them under running tap water after using your trimmer.
  • Another good feature on this trimmer is that it’s Compact and this makes it easy to handle in the hands and lightweight for absolute control when styling and trimming your facial hair inorder to achieve that unique style. ThisBraun precision trimmer provides plenty of run time though it uses a single AAA battery hence this implies that you will be able to finish up with styling and trimming with this awesomeBraun tool. All in all, this trimmer will provide you with all you need from a small package starting from trimming your moustache, to the side-burns, eye brows and to the knuckles. Trustme; this trimmer will take on all your small and precise styling tasks.


  • Perfect for men with finer to slightly thick hair types: this trimmer will perform magnificently for those of you with fine hair textures whereby its blades cut through hair fast enough without worrying about any catching or pulling. But in case you have very thick or coarse facial hair, then don’t expect this trimmer to cut through your hair so easily since it’s not that powerful because it uses only 1 AAA-battery.
  • Good for guys who like styling their facial hair: this trimming tool will is a perfect for choice for men who like trimming and styling their beards, sideburns and moustache. in fact it will do the styling very well and with ultra-precision but never try to use it to trim your hair because its capable of trimming thick hair.

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