What Is The Greatest Upcoming Technology?

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Technology keep on changing daily and time goes by, the world is gradually changing in terms of technology. In fact, technology is good because it has helped the world socially, economically and politically but it also has comes with some drawbacks. So, in the article we are going to list for you some of the greatest upcoming technologies in the nearby future and these technologies are going to change the world greatly.

List Of The Greatest Upcoming Technologies:

  1. Quantum computing: Quantum computing works on an atomic level and relies on the principles of quantum mechanics in-order to improve on computing logic. This technology is progressing everyday and it will help accelerate the development and capabilities of all technologies relying on computing. Additionally, quantum computing will enable us to process an immense amount of data faster than never before. All in all, by embedding quantum computing chips into electronic devices, we will be able to tap into a whole new wave of innovation and practically in every modern technology.
  1. Autonomous Electric Vehicles: Today, electric-cars have already hit the market and are actually eliminating gas-powered vehicles. However, autonomous electric-vehicles are still under development and these cars will have the ability to self drive thus making life much easier than never before.
  1. Blockchain: This is a distributed ledger technology that uses Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to provide a way to record and transfer data that is transparent, safe, auditable and resistant to manipulation. In fact, Blockchain has the ability to make companies that use it appear transparent, democratic, decentralized, efficient and secure. Additionally, Blockchain technology has been designed to provide a layer of trust over the internet its one of the promising new technologies for the future but it may disrupt many Industries in the coming 5 to 10 years and these industries include; Banking and Payments, Cyber security, Forecasting, Supply Chain Management, Insurance, Networking and Internet of Things, Cloud storage, Private transport and Ridesharing, Charity, Government, Healthcare, Public Benefits, Energy management, Retail, Real estate, Online music, Crowdfunding and a lot more.
  1. Automation and Robotics: Accumulated knowledge from the industrial and information technology era has led to the development of automated robotics like AI, robotics, drones, computer vision, sensors and a lot more. These technologies have actually helps to improve on the people live socially, economically and politically. However, automated robotics will lead to a period where all jobs will be lost causing economic dynamics and shifts which is not good at all.
  1. 3D printing: 3D printing is a technology that can forge any digital-design into a solid real-life product. In fact, it’s not a new idea for advanced mechanical industries but it’s a revolutionary idea to have a personal 3D printer because everyone will be able to create their own physical product based on their custom design without approval from any giant manufacturer.
  1. Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality gaming is already here and it can let you mentally feel and see inside a video-game world. In fact, in a virtual world you could turn your head around with ultra-low latency to view the world in high resolution display.
  1. Bit-Portation (Teleportation): This technology involves the conversion of an object into information by scanning it and then the transfer that information to a new location and recreate it into a physical entity again. In other words, there will be 2-copies of an object but each on a different spatial place. In fact, Teleportation can be referred to as “Copy and Paste” transportation. All in all, the results of bit-portation are 2 identical-entities but independent-entities at each end of the line.
  1. Augmented Reality: This technology is already in existence in the forms of simulated experiments and education-apps, For example, with Google Glasses you will be able to view social-media feeds, text, Google-Maps and even navigate with GPS and take photos. However, this technology is currently only available to some developers but some other tech companies are trying to build affordable consumer versions.
  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning: AI technologies are already in existence and being used by big corporations like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. In fact, AI is becoming more dominant in most advanced systems and robotics today.
  1. Voice recognition and Voice Activated UI: The adoption of voice recognition and voice activated technologies has been advancing at a fast pace. In fact, voice-based applications are being developed everyday and the adoption of Interactive voice response (IVR) at call centers and for CRM based solutions are beginning to enhance productivity by allowing computers to interact with humans through the use of voice input.
  1. Bio-Technology: Culturing organs from stem-cells may soon come into mass production hence filling the shortage of donor organs.
  1. Li-Fi (Light Fidelity): This is a visible light communications (VLC) technology which enables high speed, bidirectional and fully networked wireless communication in a similar manner to Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). In fact, technology uses the visible light portion of an electromagnetic spectrum to transmit information at super speeds. Lastly, this technology is going to make internet 100 Times Faster than Wi-Fi.

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