Technological Advancements And Its Impact on Humanity (Essay)

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Technology has evolved over years  – so when we talk about its advancement, we have to look at past years and track the trend of technological advancements and how they have affected humanity since then. Our grand parents invented knives and spears which they used to hunt for food – they could also make fire using friction &  dry wood. In some parts of the world these tools are still in use and in other modern societies, they have been advanced / modernized.  

NOTE:- All technologies that I have featured in this post will one day become obsolete – meaning that they will be modernized to serve needs of people who will be living after us.

”Human beings are the creators of technology and even the advancements in technology overtime is majorly due to the increasing demand from consumers who are me and you. The only problem is that as we advance the technology we’re using for our personal gains – we forget the harm it can do to us. We only look at the positive side of it and ignore the cons that come with these regular upgrades. Every year people demand for latest tech products – so it forces manufactures to always change / modify how specific products work.”


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When we discuss about the relationship that is there between humans and technology, it means that we have to deal with the interrelation that is among some very multifaceted phenomena like science, technology, systems of society or society and finally the systems of rights that is of a universal nature.

Through technological advancements, there have been discovery and development of a vast number of powerful energy sources like electricity, coal and so on – which has helped us humans to triumph over the barriers of nature. Now it’s no secret that humans have demands and life styles that constantly keep changing and therefore the demand for technological advancements that we use is very high. Most of the things that we use toady have been innovated to improved on our standards of living. For example; the type of mobile phones that we used in 1995 are not on demand anymore in this century – simply because our demands for communication and interaction have changed.

”Self driving car – replacing human drivers” -reduces on human errors…while on the road”


#1 First of all, technology is basically a collection of different things like skills, techniques, processes and methods that are used in the production of services or goods or in the achievement of objectives like scientific investigation and so on. Now technological advancement is improving on some of these techniques, tools and knowledge that were previously there through innovation. In other words technological advancements is basically a technological change, achievement, development or even progress in the overall process of invention, diffusion of technology or processes and innovation. We have seen some of these advancements in technology through the improvements of mobile phones, agriculture, education and so much more.


#2 Technological advancement can also be referred to as technological change which is the creation of technologies and their processes plus commercialization through development and invention, continuously improving technologies and finally diffusing of technologies throughout the society and industries. So if you have a better or just an improved technology then you know you have advanced in technology and this will affect you and other people in one way or another, it could be in a positive way or in a negative way as we shall see later on!”



”Aeromobile’s Flying car ready for use” 


  • Medical and health care technology: This is one of the greatest technologies that humans have created as it deals with saving lives, prolonging, maintenance and even restoration of human health. Today through technological advancements, we now have better health services because the doctors and medical students have now turned on medical technological tools to help then carry out an extensive research on the problems and challenges of health. It is because of this extensive research that we now have new drugs, solutions and treatments that have assisted in curing some of these difficult human diseases and thus many lives have been saved and human life prolonged. This is good news because with the influence of these medicines, now the average human lifespan has increased. Some of these new technologies in medicine and health care include the Smart Phone Ultrasound that is provided by Mobisante in which a USB-based ultrasound probe has been integrated with a smart phone. This kind of technology greatly favors people in developing countries because doctors are now able to image a patient’s liver, eyes, kidney, arteries, bladder and veins and be able to detect easily any kind of infections while just using their smart phones.  There is also the Multimodality Hybrid Imaging Technology that is used to detect diseases like prostate cancer, the Nanocomposite Contact Lenses that is used to treat diabetes, the Artificial Wombs that is used to grow an embryo outside of the body of a woman and then the Neuroprosthetic Chips that are used to prevent seizures and use the mind to control artificial limbs. With this kind of technological advancements, now there is a lot of hope for humanity because of these solutions.


  • Agricultural technological advancements: The agricultural sector has really been changed for better. For the better in a way that the production of crops has been boosted and also there has been an abundant supply of food even in the desert countries as well. Let’s take an example in animal husbandry, people have now moved from selection and crossing to artificial insemination as well as embryo transplant technologies and there haven’t been any worries due to that. Another example is also the advanced sprinklers that are used to assist irrigate big farms. This is very helpful technology especially in very dry and desert countries like Egypt where rice farming is practiced allowing the farmers be able to properly grow rice on large scale with the advanced sprinklers providing water to the rice from the River Nile. Through this technology, now farmers are able to have larger outputs and also produce crops that are of high quality. This kind of advanced water sprinkler can be set based on the time of the day and the movement of the sun allowing the crops have sufficient water at all times. There are also other technologies in agriculture that have been advanced like agriculture biotechnology, artificial fruits, agricultural machinery, organic fruits, GM food, livestock farming, cloned sheep and so much more.


  • Communication technological advancements: Communication is a key factor when it comes to relationships between both humans. In the recent years, communication technology has been upgraded to a better system and it will even be better in the future. A good example is the way how a mobile phone has been upgraded since it was first invented. Previously there were only fixed land lines that people used to communicate with their loved ones, suppliers and even business partners and it was the best way of communication then. However it did have some drawbacks associated with it. For example; the phones were fixed so that meant you wouldn’t be able to communicate unless you where home or in the office were the phone was fixed. However luckily, later on – phone technology was upgraded resulting into the development of mobile phones that can be carried.  Mobile phones and the internet have changed the way we interact with each other – you can carry your mobile phone and communicate with anyone from anywhere. In addition to that – the invention of Smart Phones has made it even cheaper and faster to communicate with each other. Smart Phones use APPS (applications) and many developers have created communication application which can be installed on a smart phone. The most popular communication App is WhatsApp – it can be installed on any smartphone and allow users to exchange text, photos, and videos in real time. Both individuals and business owners have found WhatsApp relevant eases communication.


  • Education technological advancements: The education sector today had been greatly changed as compared to the past before technology was integrated in education. These days learning is not only restricted to classrooms and a smart board but rather you can learn a lot through using mobile gadgets, computers and tablets. It has also made it easy for the teachers to reach their students  and offer assistance remotely.  Through this advanced education system, both the teachers and students can now make research on the subjects they are interested in and gain a lot of knowledge.  There are very many technological advancements today that have greatly changed the face of the education sector and among these include the use of tablets and mobile computers in the classroom, education and research, then the use of Smart phones in classrooms, the use of internet especially for long distance learning, the use of smart whiteboards for the purpose of visual illustration in the classrooms, the use of social media to assist students be able to connect with teachers like an example is  The advantage with today’s smart white boards is that unlike in the past, students can now have a more visual illustration on each of the different subjects they learn allowing them to be more involved in the classroom and learn better as compared to using the black board.


  • Internet technological advancement: Another popular technological advancement is through the internet or rather the World Wide Web that allows every single person with a connection to access a network of interconnected network of computers that are able to transmit data among themselves. The importance of the internet is that it makes the world a smaller place to live in and at the same time it makes communication between people from one side of the world to the other not only easier but also much cheaper and instant. You can do this through sending emails, using social networks like Facebook and so much more. Another thing is that today, when you look at the financial infrastructures, the stock markets, strong governments, global news organizations and big corporations you will realize that instantaneous communication is some form of asset that they cannot afford to lose – that is why most of them greatly relay on the internet to get communication done. Through the internet we can now easily interconnect, share information and be able to promote globalization.


  • Improves on the way we do research:- We use various tools when making research on various subjects or topics. However, today I will talk about traditional video cameras and drones embedded with video cameras. In the past, It would be very difficult for a researcher to get close to a volcanic mountain to take photos & video of the area. However, today, armed drones with sensors can fly through / over erupting volcanoes thus helping researchers study active volcanoes in real time.


  • Makes it cheap to explore the world:- It is very expensive to travel the all world. I personally would like to go to each and every corner of the world – but that is not possible because of financial constraints. However, I don’t have to stay in darkness – Google Earth Virtual Reality technology enables me to take a tour around the world using my tablet or smart phone. All you have to do to visit a place virtually is to type in the address / name of that place – click search and zoom pictures in 3D with a VR headset.



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Nevertheless despite of all these positive effects of technological advancements and their effects on humanity discussed above, it also has negative effects and these include:


  • Over dependence on advanced technology: Without doubt, most individuals can do any thing without the assistance  / aid of technology. A simple example is a scientific calculator – before its modernization, students used to solve all complicated equations but during the present day where most of these complicated calculations can be solved by a scientific calculator – students no-longer put their brains to tusk thus becoming to lazy and dependent on tech tools. Being dependent on tech tools affects the way our brains work – not only do we become lazy but vulnerable at the same time. When a tech tool shuts down, most tech addicts fail to do anything on their own.


  • Weapon engineering:- If you have been following news lately, countries like North Korea, Russia and Iran have become a threat to the world simply because they have weapons of massive destruction including nuclear. All these weapons have been made through technological advancement and each of these 3 countries threatens to end the world or destroy another super-power country which tries to inter-fear with their business. African countries like Sudan & Somalia have become testing grounds for these weapons and many lives have been lost in these 2 countries due to endless wars. Syria has become a war zone  – I can’t skip a day without hearing about bombings in Syria – this was is hugely facilitated by advanced war tools which kill and displace millions of people.


  • Advancement of gaming technology is affecting peoples morals:- Video & virtual games have changed the way we have fun. In the past, you had to have a close friend to have some great fun but video & virtual games personalize entertainment thus making people less social than before. The other effect of advancement in gaming technology is increase in crime acts – all inspired by offensive games like Grand Theft Auto Game which involves hurting random people, stealing of cars, shooting and more offensive acts. A player who falls in love with this game will end up doing the same thing they did in a virtual game. Many players fail to separate their virtual lifestyle from real lifestyle so they end-up being harmful to the community they leave in.


  • Loss of Jobs: – Both developed and developing countries are suffering from high un-employment rates and this is highly contributed by advancement in manufacturing & business technologies. Majority of car manufacturing companies have automated their assembly lines – humans have been replaced by robots because they do the job faster and better than humans. Much as this is a good thing for manufactures (because it increases on their output and profits) – it is harmful to the human race. Humans are becoming less important at work and in the manufacturing world.


  • Enslavement of Humanity by technology:- Individuals who are employed in the tech world are more attached to their jobs than their families. They spend most of the time dealing with machines, keeping servers safe and running, inventing new technologies for coming years and so much more. These endless discoveries and upgrades keep them away from the society thus affecting their social life which sometimes leads to stress & suicide.


  • Unfair competition:- Well funded companies have the capacity to employ high-end manufacturing technologies and robots which never get tired of working as long as they are well maintained. On the other hand, companies with less funds resort to massive employment of humans whom they force to work for longer hours so that they match the same output as that of machines – which is not possible because humans get tired. In such a scenario, humans feel oppressed because they work for longer hours with less pay – I don’t blame the competitor who resorts to this method – but it turns employees into slaves. In the long run – workers strike and the owner of the company with fewer funds – runs out of business.



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