Pros And Cons Of Using Technology In Society

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Today, we actually live in an age of technology whereby almost everything can be accomplished while using technological-equipment. In fact, technology has greatly changed the way we do things in all sectors of life like health, business and education. Additionally, technology has also improved in the way we communicate whereby today people communicate more efficiently no-matter their location around the globe. However, although technology has a lot of advantages to offer people, it also comes along with some serious drawbacks which have highly affected different communities today. All in all, below are some of the Pros and Cons of using technology in our communities today and you should actually take a good at them inorder to understand the effects of using technology today.



  1. Improved innovation and creativity: with the use of technology today, there has been an increase in innovation and creativity in most essential sectors like the health-sector, business-sector and educational-sector. for example, today business can easily gain access to the global-market using social-media-platforms and through online advertisement programs, hospitals are equipped with new technological-tools that can diagnose and treat patients efficiently while schools are also integrating advanced technologies into their classrooms inorder to make the teaching-learning process more efficient and effective.


  1. Easy access to information: today, people can easily gain access to all the information they need by using technological-tools like computers, smartphones coupled an internet-connection. for example, students can easily get all the educational-content they need online, business use information-systems inorder to ensure easy storage and access to information by employees and doctors can also share information with patients online thus making people’s lives better.


  1. Improved networking and communication: technology has led to an improvement in networking and communication of people today through the usage of social-media platforms like facebook, Twitter, whatsapp and a lot more. On top of that, there are also different online-dating platforms that have helped people to find their soul-mates thus leading to an improvement in the way people live today. Additionally, students and teachers can easily communicate, doctors and patients can also easily communicate and also business and their clients can easily communicate using different technological-networks or platforms.


  1. Technology has created new job-opportunities: with the increasing usage of technology today, new job-opportunities have risen and these require people like; programmers, system-administrators, software and hardware developers, website-designers and a lot more. In fact, without advancements in technology, these jobs would not have existed but still technology has led to the destruction of certain jobs today.



  1. Technology increases on efficiency and effectiveness within a business: with the integration of technology into businesses, companies can run all tasks efficiently and effectively than never before. In fact, today technology is used in different departments of a company which include; finance, human-resource, security, manufacturing and other departments thus leading smooth operations when doing business.


  1. Technology enables businesses to access the global-market: using technology in business actually enables companies to penetrate or access the global-market faster and effectively than never before. In fact, today most companies can easily market their products and services globally using different online platforms and this has actually led to an increase in sales within companies hence leading to the development of most starter-companies. For example, today companies market their services and products using social-media platforms or Google marketing-services inorder to target specific customers and to get a larger customer-base than never before.


  1. Technology reduces on workload within businesses: with the use of technology in business, employees don’t have to overwork themselves when carrying out certain tasks but they instead use technological-tools like; computers and software to accomplish them. For example, technology has played a big role in the finance and manufacturing sectors of companies today whereby automated machines do most of the work and employees just monitor them to make sure that they are operating properly.


  1. Improved communication within business: technological-advancements have actually helped to improve on the way employees communicate within a company and technology even facilitates for improved communication between companies and their clients while carrying out business. In fact, today most companies have customer-care departments which help to contact client’s inorder to carryout business or solve problems.


  1. Improved security within companies: the use of technology in business has actually improved on the way sensitive-information within the company is kept and accessed. In fact, companies use different technologies and software to secure important client-information whereby only the authorized personnel within a company can access such information. This is actually a great thing because companies no-longer have to worry about information-theft as it used to be in the old-days when data was stored in books.


  1. Improved storage and access to business-information: with the use technology within business, company-employees can easily store all the information and even access that data in real-time if needed. This has actually helped employees to work more efficiently and effectively than in the past hence leading to increased productivity within companies.



  1. It prepares students for the future: the integration of technology into education actually helps to prepare students for the changing digital and technological job-market thus enabling them to survive in the nearby future. In fact, if students are well-versed with using different technologies then they won’t find a hard-time fitting or competing for jobs in the future. Additionally, teaching kids how to use technology at an early-stage helps them to develop different skills that will enable them to survive in the future which is actually full of technological-advancements.


  1. Easy access to updated educational-content: with the use of technology in schools, students can easily access all the educational-content they need using their computers and an internet-connection in real-time than never before. This has actually enabled students to learn new things faster and effectively than never before without the help of their teachers or parents.


  1. Technology promotes research and independent-learning of students: the internet actually contains all the information that students need and this implies that they can easily make research on different topics without even getting help from their teachers or parents. In fact, technology has led to an improvement in independent-learning within students hence enabling them to learn more new-things without even disturbing their teachers.


  1. Technology has led to an improvement in online-studying: today, technology has facilitated for an improvement in online-studies whereby different students around the globe can now gain access to high-quality education remotely while using their computers coupled with an internet-connection. In fact, online-studies have greatly helped students who are working and have less-time for going to school.


  1. Technology has led to an improvement in communication within the educational-sector: technology has actually facilitated for improved communication between teachers and students by simply using different online-platforms and social-media-platforms. In fact, today teachers can easily communicate with students without meeting physically in the classroom and this actually saves both parties a lot of time and money. On the other hand, even students can easily communicate and discuss on different topics using different online educational-platforms like; websites that offer discussion-forums to students.


  1. Technology makes education more exciting and fun: using technology in schools actually makes studying more fun and exciting for students than in the old-days. This is because teachers use different technological-tools like projectors and laptops to clearly show students what is being taught and this actually makes students more attentive and active in class. In fact, Technological-tools provide images, videos and graphics, audio-clips and even text to students during lessons thus making education more interesting than never before.


  1. It enables teachers to easily update educational-content: with the use of technological-tools like computers, teachers and professors can easily update the educational-content they provide to their student easily and faster without spending a lot of money than in the old where they used to spend a lot of time writing and spend a lot of money on printing new-textbooks. So, technology has led to a great improvement in the way information is circulates to students thus leading to a creation of more knowledgeable students.


  1. Technology reduces on workload at school: with the use of technological-tools at school, teachers no-longer have to carry big textbooks to classrooms and even students no-longer have to carry bags full of notebooks and textbooks when going to school. In fact, today schools have installed technological-equipment into classrooms like projectors and laptops which help teachers to carryout lessons more efficiently. Additionally, some schools even allow students to go to classrooms with laptops or tablets which actually enable them to gain access to all the educational-content they need in real-time while having lessons.



  1. Improved communication in the health-sector: technological-advancements have actually led to an improvement in communication within the healthcare industry whereby medical-offices can now easily send and receive digitalized medical-information from doctors and patients. Additionally, technology has even enabled doctors to easily communicate with their patients thus saving a lot of time that would have been spent on making appointments and saving money that would have been spent on consulting the doctor physically.


  1. Improved storage and security of medical-information: with the use technology in healthcare, hospitals can easily store all the medical-information of their patients on a secure information-system so that only the authorized personnel can access such information. In fact, this has helped to improve on the privacy of patients in terms of health-matters than in the past where patients-records were kept in books.


  1. Technology has improved on the treatment-methods and diagnostic equipment used in hospitals: with the increasing technological-advancements in healthcare, hospitals are now using advanced treatment-methods and diagnostic-tools to take care of their patients. For example; today, doctors use x-rays and computerized-axial-tomography or magnetic-resonance-imaging scans to see and get detailed images of patients-organs inorder to know if there are any changes in the patient’s body-chemistry and blood-flow. This has actually helped doctors to find illnesses that are hard to find using regular medical-tests and blood-tests thus improving on the health-conditions of patients.



  • Technology can cause distractions at workplaces and in classrooms: although technology is very important in businesses and schools, it can also be disadvantageous at a certain-point because technology acts as a distraction-force whereby employees who have access to computers and internet can easily go onto social-media platforms or gaming-sites and waste most of their time on unproductive activities hence affecting the company’s productivity-levels in the long-run. On the other hand, schools that allow student to use technological-tools in classrooms also find a hard-time monitoring them because students tend to use such technological-devices for unproductive activities that are not even related to education thus leading to a reduction in student’s performance at school in the long-run.


  • Technology eliminates social-interaction between people: because of various technological-advancements today, people no-longer have time to meet and interact socially like in the past. This is because they spend most of their time on social-media platforms, chatting-platforms and dating-websites and this has greatly disconnected people living in the same community.


  • Technology has made people lazy: with the increased usage of technological-equipment today, people have become very lazy whereby they want to just sit and do everything from their computers. In fact, today people can make product/service orders from the internet and then get all they need at their doorstep, people can communicate with each other in real-time without meeting physically and there are also advanced home-equipment that can be used to carry-out different tasks within the house without working-out yourself.


  • Technology requires expensive software-upgrades and hardware-installations: most technologies actually have features (software’s) that need to be upgraded regularly and this can actually lead to additional expenses within a business. On the other hand, technological-equipment keeps on advancing with time and this implies that a company will have to change its technological-tools over time which is costly.


  • Technology comes with security-issues: there are actually a lot of security-issues that come along with using technology. For example, today the internet is full of hackers who can easily gain access to online bank-accounts, social-media accounts and even access to sensitive company-information for their own purposes like theft, vandalism, identity-theft and a lot more. In fact, such security issues make technology vulnerable to use in certain sectors.


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