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The way students learn today has been greatly changed by the utilization of technology by the teachers making it a lot more accessible and flexible as well. You will find that there are very many different types of technologies that are being integrated in the educational environments and classrooms and they are becoming more popular on a very drastic speed. Today’s teachers are so lucky because they have been given the privilege of teaching students across borders while making use of the internet technology. It’s now very easy for the students in developing countries to have the same chance as those in the developed countries through subscribing for international courses through the internet. Teachers can now use technology not only to teach but also to make educational data reachable to all the students as well as track their performance. Some of these types of technologies used by teachers include projectors, learning management systems, interactive white boards, mobile devices and so much more. Remember these technological tools might differ from the other but they all play a part in shaping the learning system in this 21st century. However as teachers you should know the best kind of technology to use in your class or teaching as it can be difficult at times. Well, in this article we shall make it easy for you to decide the best technology for teachers that you can use in the classroom;

  1. Markup technology: this is one of the technologies that teachers will forever be grateful to because it brings in a paperless teaching in the classroom. They can do this through using the markup app for iPad as the application that will let you properly mark all the exams of your students easily. This kind of technology lets the teachers move into a paperless class in a way that they will be able to assign the tests or exams to the students through the iPad and then the students also will submit in their assignments or exams to the teachers email. That is when you as a teacher will now be able to mark the exam or assignment using the Markup app on the iPad. Through this kind of technology, you will not have to go through the trouble of paperwork while marking exams especially when you have very many students. This Markup app will help simplify a teacher’s job always.
  2. Live code technology: now there are some things that seem so difficult especially when it comes to coding but now with this kind of new technology known as the live code, everyone can now code. It’s because coding has been made easy! So if your students want to learn coding then you can use the live code or encourage them to use it. Another good thing with this Live code is that you can use it to create apps, comics, interactive e-books, websites and games.  This kind of technology has a visual drag and drop interface that lets you be able to see your app as it is being created and it lets you work with less codes and can work with most of the operating systems.
  3. ATOMS express toys technology: if you are a kindergarten teacher, then be assured your young students will love this kind of teaching technology. This kind of technology is built to work in a way as plug-in-play sensors, motors as well as logic blocks designed for kids because it can perform amazing things in your classroom as you teach. This will help the kids learn better while they enjoy the games that come with it and this way make them very constructive as they can build their own toys. It’s said work without play makes people dull and that is why this ATOMS express toy technology will help keep the brains of the kids’ active during the classroom time. It is very good to always good to put together Gamification technologies in the classroom since it keeps the students much more attentive and helps teach them how they can solve puzzles better.
  4. Arch mount technology: this is one of those excellent technologies that can be used to present data in the classroom while using the iPad by teachers. This Arch mount is designed to assist hold the iPad or even a tablet at a level that is raised so that every student in class is able to see what is being presented. The reason why this is a great thing is because you can use your iPad or tablet to do your work since its small in size, this Arch mount will allow it be mounted so every student can see. This is very helpful especially for students that don’t have an advanced digital interactive board in their classrooms because they can use their ipads and it will work in the same way like an interactive display tool. The teacher can also avail this Arch mount to their students to assist them be able to share their research projects with each other while in the classroom. The good side about this Arch mount is that it is very light and simple to carry from one place to the other as it can even fit perfectly in a school bag.
  5. PIXEL technology: if you are an art teacher then you should be thankful for this pixel technology and you should try it out as soon as possible if you haven’t yet. This is basically an interactive LED ART pixel display and it is one of the best ways in which you can make use of a cell phone in your art classroom. This kind of pixel technology will allow you use your smart phone like an Android cell phone to change the images or even the animations and then it will be able to display the pixel art in a way that is so amazing and fun to the students making them learn better. The best part about it is that it contains up to 1,000 LEDs and each of the LED equals to one pixel for a resolution that is of 32 x 32.
  6. OS cubes technology: if you are a teacher that teaches mathematics then it is time you adopt to this OS cubes technology to assist you help the students love and understand math better. Through this you will actually teach them new and better ways of solving the math equations easily. This kind of modern technology is designed to provide the students with a number of solutions to any equation. In the beginning, they might be a little challenging but eventually when you get the tricks behind these math cubes then it will be much fun to solve the math equations in a very creative formula. With this technology, it’s now time to forget about the old thinking of solving math equations.
  7. Multiplo technology: this is a little bit more like the ATOMS express toy technology and yet different as this one is more for the older students and not the ones in kindergarten. It has been built for teachers to assist them help the students be able to easily create robots of their own choice. This way they will be able to learn new and many technological skills since they already know how to use technology in their classroom while accomplishing different tasks. This Multiplo technology will take them to a much higher level by allowing them especially the students that study science and art to be able to learn how to create robots that can be used to assist in solving simple tasks.
  8. EduCanon technology: if you are a teacher, then this is just another kind of technology that you should embrace to assist you make teaching the students easier. So first eduCanon is basically a free service that has been created to assist the teachers to be able to flip their classrooms through adding interactive questions to videos that are from sites like YouTube , teacher tube and Vimeo. This application is very simple to use and it will assist the teachers better their flipped lessons. This kind of app will allow your students be able to create a path and then after take total ownership for their personal learning concepts and this way as a teacher you won’t have so much to do.
  9. Samsung school technology: another way in which teachers can use technology in their classrooms is through the Samsung school technology. This is basically a fully integrated one to one learning package that combines a number of technologies like the display technology and the latest tablet so as to bring about a very interactive and student centric learning atmosphere. The technologies provided in such a class can be freely used by not only the teachers alone but also availed to the students. The advantage is that the teacher has the ability to lockdown all the display screens and also monitors whatever the students are looking at. This makes teaching a lot very easy for the teacher since most of the technological tools are provided like wireless printer, interactive display and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets for the students.
  10. Moodle technology: another way in which the teachers can be able to apply technology in their classrooms as they teach is through this moodle technology. This technology is basically a learning platform that is constructed to provide administrators, educators as well as the learners with a single robust, integrated and secure system so as to create a learning environment that is personalized. It is software that you can download on to your web server and then use it to educate the students better. This way the teachers are now able to construct classes or lessons that are web based assisting even students that are across borders to learn perfectly. It is compatible with a number of operating systems like windows, Linux and Mac.
  11. Edmodo technology: this is one of those educational websites that are very important for teachers especially when they want to use technology in their classroom. What it does is take the idea of a social network and then after refines them and makes it very appropriate for a classroom. It is the kind of technology that will not only allow the teachers but even the students to easily reach out to one another and connect through sharing some ideas, helpful tips and challenges as well. This is an online environment that is very safe and secure as it allows the teacher be able to post messages, grade homework, start class discussions, share class content, materials and so much more.
  12. Iris scan book 2 executive technology: this is one of the best technologies that can be used by the teachers as a way of bring technology to the classroom. It is a very portable scanner that lets you be able to scan things like books and magazines at any time while you are anywhere without you having to rip off the pages or even fold them while trying to scan it. This technological tool will complete the I.R.I.S mobile scanner family and it comes along with the cutting-edge OCR software that is very compatible with both the PC and MAC. Even the students can use this technology as well without having to first be connected to the computer.
  13. Fotoflexer: this is another technology that can be used by the teachers in their classrooms. It is a free online image editing software that is designed to assist you edit the images that you might require to use in the classroom as an illustration about a particular topic or example. This fotoflexer also lets the teacher or whoever is using it to add text or even effects to any image that they are working on. The best part about it is that, it comes with up to 22 languages on it so that you can easily use any of your preferred languages on the image.



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